The main topic is Albert Pike’s letter. If you have any interest . . . 🙂 I also ask you to remember that humanity has the ability to change this timeline, and I believe it is. ~J

Published on Feb 16, 2016

Russia,Syria,Turkey,Iran and Saudi Arabia. The Perfect Combination for Disaster. Our Websitehttp://www.BPearthWatch.Com
The Albert Pike Letter,…

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2 Responses to WORLD/CLOSE TO THE EDGE/UPDATE – BPEarthWatch

  1. ilmatar10 says:

    Its we,the people who decide which timeline we choose.. I dont buy to these doomsday prophesies.. really, we must concentrate to the positive timeline, its our responsibility to create us a future we wish.. So.please do not fall into this kind of stuff. Instead do your own part. be it praying, speakimg to other people. blogging. what ever suits you best..

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