Colorado Confirmation. These Trains are parked for a reason….

Published on February 20, 2016

i went down to the Rail station today, a major junction in this countries Lifeline. International shipping, Trains and Trucking is what keeps stores stocked with goods…. pay attention here.

to help this ministry continue

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7 Responses to Colorado Confirmation. These Trains are parked for a reason….

  1. paleohippy says:

    This may be confirmation of what Clif High says about the “just-in-time” supply system coming to a halt this year. Reference his Jan/Feb/March ALTA reports.

  2. usnveteran says:

    Our government is a ‘creature’ of habit. We are being set-up, again, for something truly nasty. We must remember that a Flag-Flag attack could trigger, so to speak, an onslaught of ‘Executive Orders’ that would essentially endanger our food and water sources by theft of the government. Not only would the scarcity of food instigate riots and other criminalities, there would also be the other excuse of abuse — FEMA Camp imprisonments.

    Additionally, we should start growing our own food, make sure we secure a clean water source, protect our gardens from theft, and the increased appearances of ‘chemtrails’.

    February 21, 2016
    Exposing Obama’s Next BIG False-Flag … Before It Happens:

  3. Robert Owen says:

    Well there is no doubt that the forces of darkness with the Draco Reptilian’s and Satanic group of the Free Mason Illuminati with the Rothschild Crown Templar and the Bush/Clinton/Obama Mob of NAZI ZIONIST, aka “THE TEXAS GANG” have been fighting against the WHITE KNIGHTS and forces of positive love energy.
    All of the false flags and events like San Bernardino staged event is all a bigger part of locking this place down, and or igniting a civil war, because they know as per their social engineering paradigm they set in motion after we began to fight back in the 1960’s, was to use the oldest geopolitical strategic tactic of ‘divide and conquer” from the inside, because they know the vast majority of the American people have been dumbed down so far over time, along with a steady diet of oppression and violence and stripping them of their human dignity and a lifetime where the socio-economic life of the average human being near had the ability to evolve and grow into their higher self, if all your able to have time for, is meet the essential needs of just surviving.
    It’s not that the average John Q Public does not know the difference from what we have as a Satanic Fascist oligarchy, I mean at the very least do your homework and do a survey by channel surfing any typical cable network, and start multiplying how many images and language you see of programs that put violence, murder, destruction as the primary staple of what people choose to view, versus, going back to 1950, and look at all the programing of what Americans saw on a TV back then, and what you see is a distinct change on what is considered a social norm to what people chose to watch as a form of entertainment, and in 1950 it was based on a moral value that honored life and service to others, and now todays programming saturates the minds of Americans with values that honor money, control, violence over people, that is designed to completely desensitize people to what it means to just go out and kill someone, as if it is no different than a walk in the park.
    I am old enough to have lived through all of the changes and be self-aware enough in real time to know what force of evil is at work and who they are.
    These are the most vile and evil entities who have no compunction of setting off an Armageddon, in fact they rave and get their rocks off to see the essence of love that gives life to the universe collapse on itself, by their own hand, to make a mockery of the life force of creation that Americans have lost their soul in large numbers, who would just as soon as stab you to death for a dollar to get an OLD ENGLISH 800 malt liquor, as they would what it means to spend the day with your children on the beach to go swimming in the ocean and playing volleyball together.
    What we have is not what the founding fathers set up that is the opposite of what it means to put life liberty and pursuit of happiness as the highest noble attributes we are able to achieve, it’s simply a matter of everyday being able to have a way to get money that is fiat to just feed your face and keep a roof over your head, that they have lost their stomach for a fight, and worse, the vast population has yet to reach a critical mass of consensus to know and share a common truth, of knowing who the real enemy of the American people is, and it’s us, in our lack of ability to unite in a common bond to defeat, the most evil and corrupt and vile vermin in the planetary systems of this constellation, except to say, we have help.
    The NEW WORLD ORDER is being dismantled and we have been very successful at doing this, after the nations of the world finally came to know that continuing to support the likes of the International sociopathic bankers and the most evil predatory Satanic force on the planet with the Crown Templar with Queen Elizabeth, Bush/Clinton/Obama who were heavily bribed with trillions of dollars that was stolen from the wealth and prosperity that belongs to all Americans, that they have been using as a resource to set this One World fascist government up, but too many nations of the world are not going to buy into this, so they have long been accumulating information through all of their surveillance programs to determine with Facebook, weblogs like this one and 1000’s of others they use to gather information on who to target for their more deeper penetrating surveillance and priority to pick you up, but we have many friends in the WHITE KNIGHTS of the Pentagon, notwithstanding the fact, that all of this, and I am shocked actually that it is not mentioned in this article, this is all about NESARA.
    HW Bush already threatened once before, that if the payouts for the FARM CLIAMS case go forward, that he would use his mercenary forces he has been building ever since the post-Gulf War conflict, for its not hard to find young men who have had their lives torn to shreds in IRAQ and Afghanistan and when they get home are left in the cold and treated like shit, and the get offered a job making hundreds of thousands of dollars from all the theft and corruption in the banking system that gave Bush trillions along with his buddy Cheney and other Texan traitors to that Republic and the CIA/Mossed who care less of killing as many Americans as they can they have no love for. You’re going to have to decide on what your life and your soul stands for, weather you have enough stomach to fight for your own life and liberty and a common virtue to live in truth and honor with your soul and what ultimately comes of the aftermath, for the rest of the world is not going to sit idly by, no different than at Nuremberg when the Nuremberg Doctrine established war crimes and crimes against humanity, where there is no stone we won’t find you who engage in crimes against the peace and love of the universe and why taking orders from your superiors to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity won’t save you from the gallows if you survive it.
    There was back in the 1980s to the 1990’s a comprehensive set of legal cases of farm foreclosures that led to the huge FARM AID CONCERTS that was used to help get donations to help the legal teams who were representing so many farmers who were losing their farms to the Rothschild owned banks, and out of all those cases came a huge investigation by the state and federal courts, and the Congress and the Pentagon, that ultimately went to the US Supreme Court in 1990.
    The US Supreme Court made a number of findings among which millions of people all around the world now known as truth, that the entire same of turning what was a republic into the same thing they did in Germany in circa 1933-45, when the NAZI’s used the German Weimar Republic as the legislative means to destroy it, and institute a corporate oligarchy, just as they have done here, except then as it is now here, it is designed to make it the entire planet, by holding the world hostage, with weapons of mass destruction, and bribery to corrupt politicians who put money above your life, for they could care less what happens to you people, as long as they still have their cushy comfort zones with trillions of dollars in their bank accounts, and that is why the global effort to dismantle a monolith of this great size and monetary resources they have and owning the mass media and all those 100’s who are on their Internet payroll to disburse a mountain of propaganda and misinformation, just like they did with the NESARA accords that led to legislation to reign in the age of prosperity where all of the money they stole from us is coming back to us, when AG Janet Reno used US Navy Seals and Delta force teams to recover trillions of gold and silver and precious metals the Rothschild’s and their NAZI minions had stolen from us over the last 100 years, is now under guard at NORAD as the means to initiate into play with accords reached with the Chinese and Russians to reign in a gold and silver and precious backed currency system, and why the best way we had to stop the ONE WORLD FASCIST ORDER was to cutoff their money supply and we have been very successful at doing just that.
    YES, there is going to be a global re-set of the money system as it comes online, and these Satanic groups just like on 9-11 tried to prevent it from coming online that fateful day on sept 11 2001, where they killed over 50,000 fellow Americans and many of the White Knights in the US pentagon with a done strike, to take those out who were operating the security of the NESARA release of funds through the new computers setup in the WTC, and why the Bush NAZI gang had those banking computers demolished by remote in building 7.
    Do your research my God people and know the truth that this is all about OBAMA BUSH AND ROYHCHILD trying to pull off their last skit of death and destruction, before the prosperity packages go out.
    They tried to murder General Dunford the Chief of the JCS, last week, because the final signatures of the accords to reign in NESARA are in place.
    So you need to be savvy that in the end we are seeing the end of these monsters who seek to invoke FEAR and death upon the American people and have no compunction to kill as many of you as they can in the process, I mean if you cannot outs round peg in a round hole, then take some time off and go fishing and let the rest of those who are taking down these evil Satanic dark monsters down.
    Continental Court System of the united States
    Continental Superior Courts of Record (Records/Documents)

    Change is on the Horizon Part 3 of 3 The Farmer Claims Program

    Change is on the Horizon Part 3 of 3 The Farmer Claims Program

    Chatter: Obama Sought Arrest of Bush and Cheney for 9/11 Treason

    Extra Judicial Notice: US SUPREME COURT filed by Common Law Alaska Superior Court Judge Anna Von Reitz.
    Extra Judicial Notice: US SUPREME COURT filed by Common Law Alaska Superior Court Judge Anna Von Reitz.

  4. Deborah says:

    2/23/2016 — West Coast + EAST Coast Volcanoes hit by Earthquakes – New Unrest Brewing

  5. tim says:

    business is down, most of these locomotives look like they are low horsepower types, so they are most likely stored as serviceable.

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