Global Freedom Movement Presents Misconceptions of Democracy with Nicole Paul

A reader has shared this post – for the second time – urging me to release this long video. I’ve been overwhelmed for a number of reasons and haven’t had the time to give to this. I trust the timing of the universe, and I’m grateful that this reader ‘nudged’ me nicely once again to please check this out. As I’ve listened, I think this post has the greatest value . With a day of either insane news (which I’ve chosen to ignore) and with a lot of focus on Syria that only makes it clear where the United States is heading — in other words; with a day in which there is almost zero news, serendipitously, this a great video  for me to share with everyone. . .  ~J

Here is what else this reader has shared that helps understand this video’s important on a deeper level:

You can read here what GFM says about this interview on the Episode’s archive page:

Our interviews with Nicole Paul will be among the most important GFM Media will do. Why? Not merely because she brings a wealth of specialised expert knowledge to the table (as many of our other guests have), but because with Nicole, we are about to  unveil what may be just about our last hope if we are to stop the rampantly spreading tyranny around the globe and employ a realistic workable solution.

Nicole’s unique background and insider knowledge of the legal system and government places her well to effectively strategise solutions that are workable and acknowledge the realities of the situation we face..

This episode of GFM Media with Nicole Paul is essential study and preparation for an effective intervention strategy to be disclosed in non-public domain discussions. Spread it far and wide if you value what tattered shreds are left of true freedom and unadulterated truth.”

Here is a short Bio’ of Nicole Paul on the Global Freedom Movement [GFM] page:

This is the link on GFM that is mentioned at the end of the presentation for being considered for further information regarding this opportunity:

Nicole returned to GFM on the 14th Feburary and in this episode in relation to the first presentation, specifically focuses on the enforced Vaccine Agenda regarding what must be done now, and is an example for other issues:

In the disinfo, misinfo, mania, disparate and conflicting efforts, noise, utter corruption, plus the many competing compromised “good-guy” agendas this is a very clear voice, and a clear direction in desparate times where we have run out of time.

Once again, you may appreciate knowing.

Yes, dear Reader, my thanks and I do appreciate ‘knowing.’

January 13, 2016

Nicole Paul reveals the misconceptions of democracy. Recommended specifically for those from the sovereignty movement, Ubuntu groups, political parties, seceded nations, first nations tribes, marginalised areas of society, low income earners etc.

Have you ever felt frustrated by a lack of understanding about law, your rights and what it all means and how the government gets away with making legislation we (the people) don’t agree with? If you feel like you’re constantly hitting your head against a brick wall by trying every avenue of activism at your disposal; from petition signing, submission writing, and meeting with MP’s – yet nothing is changing – we implore you to listen to this.

In our confusing and often frightening times, the need for truly empowering FREE & INDEPENDENT MEDIA has never been more necessary. At Conscious Consumer Network, we aim to provide a LIVE broadcast network especially dedicated to the brave souls who speak the TRUTH and provide SOLUTIONS.
Thank you for your interest and support of Conscious Consumer Network. You too can play your part in assisting to create a FAIR, PEACEFUL, SUSTAINABLE world through education and information dissemination. Help keep CCN on the air by supporting our FUNDING CAMPAIGN

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2 Responses to Global Freedom Movement Presents Misconceptions of Democracy with Nicole Paul

  1. Frank R says:


    I seem to remember one of the last Malhuer (sp?) Refuge holdouts just a week or two ago on a phone interview screaming at everybody NOT to listen to …..was it CCN? As they were completely NOT telling the truth. It may or may not have been this network but I definitely remember hearing it. Do you know the audio I am talking about?

    The point is we should verify that somehow. Maybe one of our readers will remember as I don’t always download everything.

    Aside from that I will say another “THANK YOU” for this post which gets an A+ from me as I have been harping about MEDIA CONTROL for 8 years now. We just need to verify that holdout from Burns on what he said……..I am sure he said CCN and not CNN. Can you help?

    Hugs………..Frank R

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