Thomas David: House of Deegan

Published on Feb 21, 2016

This was supposed to be a bond revocation hearing but administrator Reed changed it to a motions hearing catching everyone, including the prosecutor, by complete surprise. Another in a string a lawless moves by poser (Judge?). He was heard to say that “I rule as I see fit” when questioned why he made this change. Rogue Courts operated by and for the Esquires. It’s a club and you’re not in it. He is being Railroaded for a thought crime and having the nerve to exercise his right to “Free Speech”. Why, you may ask? Because this, and every other court in the land can and will do as they damn well please. All are now taking their lead from the Federal DOJ. Also because you, the people, refuse to stand up for your inalienable rights. Thomas has and is standing firm but without the support of “we the Sheeple”. Find out more at

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