Heartwarming Story Of A Nurse Cat Who Looks After Sick & Injured Animals In A Shelter



This is just a simple heartwarming story to hopefully make your day! Rademenes is a little black cat that has miraculously escaped death after a very close call caused by an upper-respiratory infection. He was originally brought to an animal shelter in Bydgoszcz, a city in Poland, to be euthanized, but against all odds, this little black kitty survived. Now with a second chance at life, Rademenes has decided to give back, and spends his days taking care of other animals in the shelter that he was originally admitted to. Workers at this shelter jokingly call this friendly kitty one of their “full-time nurses,” as he provides love and comfort to sick and injured animals. Read on for more of this heartwarming story!

Rademenes is often seen cuddling up and caring for the sick animals that come into the shelter…


He is known to spend extra time and give extra attention to those animals that are recovering from surgery.


What a caring and loving guy! I notice whenever I’m sick or upset, my cats seem to know and give me extra attention.


This furry, black creature will often lick and clean out the ears of the animal patients at the shelter. 


So sweet…


These animals are so lucky to have Rademenes by their side! Hopefully he can continue on providing comfort and love for years to come!


Much Love

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5 Responses to Heartwarming Story Of A Nurse Cat Who Looks After Sick & Injured Animals In A Shelter

  1. enki says:

    Soo sweet and caring.
    I have heard it said that animals have little …SOULS !
    Rademenes appears to bear this out.

  2. Tracy says:

    Awwh….Wonderful, such a beautiful “heart and soul” Kitten Kat 🙂

  3. Evelyn says:

    I feel fortunate to have recently been able to witness multi-animal care for each other. The dogs care for the cattle and the cats and the other way around. There are a few personalities that don’t quite match up. I have never seen any take a gun to one another. They just gave berth to each other, perhaps a hiss or a growl.The one animal that was noticeable was a cat raised by humans and because he sprayed in the house, it was time for him to find a new home. He likes his human contact and he has social issues with the other animals. It does make me wonder how we humans have been raised and on the effect we have on others. I actually didn’t think that all the different animals could get along like I have watched them do. The cows licking the cats. The cats playing with the cows. The dogs licking and caring for the cats. Also the relationships between the same species. And yet the one raised in the house with humans has the social issues. It really makes me wonder.
    Hugs and great story!

  4. What a sweet story. Thanks for posting Jean. Our old cat Max could be empathetic towards his sister Marcie’s distress calls (but then he could also jump her, just to play like human siblings). I witnessed his empathy so many times; I used to say he was an enlightened being. They have personalities and souls just like we do; only maybe more sensitive sometimes!

  5. Wonderful! Something I needed to be reminded of today.

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