Many Russian Christians Are Furious About the Meeting With the Pope

While the recent Pope/Patriarch meeting in Havana, Cuba generated very little interest in the West, it became a topic of heated public discussion in Russia.

Mainstream opinion – both religious and secular – heralded the mission as a sane call to terminating repression in the Middle East, and support for traditional values irrespective of their origins.

But a significant minority of Christians are furious. This is a representative example from a popular blogger.  He is a former major in the General Staff Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU).  

He argues that the meeting was a deliberate attempt to foment a schism within the Russian church, as a way to weaken and destroy Russia, and that it is succeeding, because many bishops and lay people have now lost trust in the patriarch.

On February 12, 2016 a historic event took place: Pope Francis and His Holiness Patriarch Kirill met in Cuba,  paving the way for the reunification of the two Churches – the Eastern and Western.

No doubt other Orthodox Churches will join the Uniate (the act of unity) between the Catholic and Russian Orthodox Churches. There is still time left before the all-Orthodox Council for all Orthodox Church leaders to meet with the Roman celebrant, who is also a Jesuit.

Thus the Vatican can finally become the Church of Freemasonry: Templars, the Society of Jesus, the Order of Malta and Opus Dei, which henceforth will determine the policy of the Orthodox Churches.

Is that good or bad? For the Russian Orthodox Church it is a sign of end times, according to Jesus: 

“And I say unto thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” (Gospel According to Saint Matthew, Chapter 16, Verse 18)

In other words, the Russian Church that has kept the apostolic tradition until this day, would not be destroyed, would not be an abode for heretics like the Catholic Church, but would stay alive until the last day. How can this be possible, since the Uniate was signed with the Catholics, signifying the violation of apostolic rules and the decisions of the Ecumenical Councils? This can only be explained by the mighty works of God that are beyond human understanding. 

Preparations for the meeting of Pope Francis and the Patriarch of Moscow Kyrill started long before 12th February 2016, according to the chairman of the Department of External Church Relations, the Metropolitan of Volokolamsk, Hilarion  before his departure to Cuba.  

Federico Lombardi, the director of the Holy See Press Office, confirmed that they have been preparing the meeting for several years. The head of the patriarchal press, the priest Alexander Volkov was even more candid about the upcoming meeting, saying that he expected a joint declaration to be signed as witness to the unity between our churches. The subject of the Uniate would also be discussed, hopefully initiating a new stage of relations between the Russian Church and the Catholic Church, a new page in the relationship and new joint endeavors.

They prepared for the meeting of the Pope and the celebrant of the Russian Orthodox Church for several years, agreeing on various documents and the text of the joint declaration. The Vatican and the Department of External Church Relations of the Russian Church were aware of that and supposedly the church hierarchy also knew, but ordinary people – the millions of parishioners of the Russian Orthodox Church knew nothing.

Why were preparations carried out in secret?

Why were the documents not discussed at the meeting at the Council of Bishops held between 2-3d February, 2016 at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior? Or was there no need, since it had already been agreed by the church hierarchy? 

Or maybe they were kept in the dark? It’s hard to believe that, because the agenda of the 350 member Council of Bishops was to approve the materials of the Pre-Council Conference of the leaders of the Local Churches held in Chambesy, signaling approval of the activities of Patriarch Kyrill, giving him a vote of confidence for the upcoming meeting with the Pope, where they would sign the Uniate of the two churches.

Consequently the bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church were aware of what would happen next and fully approved the Uniate with the Catholics.

What treachery, what a betrayal of millions of Russian believers!

Anyone who doesn’t understand these events should not doubt Metropolitan Hilarion who said that the leader of the Department of External Church Relations called the fundamental dogmatic differences between the Eastern and Western Churches ‘details’ which can be neglected.

To realize what these ‘details’ mean, one needs to read the words of St. Theodosius Pechersky, one of the founders of Russian monasticism, on the Christian faith and the Latin one, dated 1068: 

“Be not appealed by the Latin faith, do not follow its custom, and avoid its Communion, and all its teachings, and abhor its manners.

You must neither fraternize with them, nor bow down to them, nor kiss them, nor eat or drink with them from the same dish, nor eat their food.

And the episcopacy kept their concubines and went to war, and conducted services with wafers, and kiss no icons or relics of saints, but they kiss the cross, depicting it on the ground and trampling it underfoot.

And they place the dead with their feet westwards, his hands along the body. And they have many other evil deeds; their faith is corrupted and full of destruction.

Even the Jews do not do what they do … If someone praises another’s faith, then he is a blasphemer of his own faith. If he continually praises both his and another’s faith, then he is practicing two different religions, and is close to heresy.

You have rejected the apostolic commandments and teachings of the Holy Fathers and accept the untruth and faith that is corrupted and full of destruction. Because of this, we were rejected. Because of this, it is no good for us to either live together with them, nor share the divine mysteries with them – neither they join ours, nor we join theirs, because you serve the dead body calling upon the dead Lord.

For we conduct the service with the living body of the Lord, seeing him alive, sitting to the right of the Father. And then he will come to judge living and dead.

You are dead, you sacrifice to the dead and we make a living sacrifice to the living God – pure, immaculate, and we will have eternal life. 

Here are some of the heresies of the Catholic Church, which Metropolitan Hilarion called ‘details’: 

1. Filioque – the descent of the Holy Spirit from the Father and the Son and thus human nature of the Savior and His suffering on the cross are denied, leaving Jesus Christ only his divine essence,

2. The infallibility of the Pope as the Priest of God on earth,

3. The Pope may, at his discretion, unilaterally change the tenets of the Christian faith through the right of succession from the Apostle Peter. The keys of the kingdom of heaven shown on the Vatican coat of arms mean that the Pope is entitled to absolve or forgive sins, 

4. The distortion or simplification of the liturgical canons, the communion of parishioners only with the Body of Christ and yet only with unleavened bread, not yeasted dough, while the priests take communion with the Body and the Blood,

5. The gradual replacement of the God-centered religion with a self-centered one, where not God, but a human is the center of the universe naturally results from the status of the Vatican as the state authority connected with the Christian religion where the government is foundational. 

6. Thomas Aquinas: “Christ is fully and completely in the mystery and power with every Pope”, i.e. a Pope shares God’s will and they jointly manage the Church, practically replacing Jesus Christ. From the Catechism of the Catholic Church: “The Roman archpriest in virtue of his office of Priest of Christ and pastor of the whole Church, has full, supreme and universal power over the Church and the right to exercise it forever”, emphasizing the monarchical power of the Pope. 

Accepting even of this non-exhaustive list of catholic heresies as ‘details’ exposes Metropolitan Hilarion as a philo-Catholic, if not a secret cardinal of the Holy See, finalizing a secret mission, which the head of the Department of External Church Relations conducted for a  long time, often meeting with the Pope.

The final document of the meeting of Pope Francis and Patriarch Kyrill signed in Cuba on February 12th 2016 includes these important provisions:

– By meeting far from the longstanding disputes of the “Old World”, we experience with a particular sense of urgency the need for the shared labour of Catholics and Orthodox,

– We share the same spiritual Tradition of the first millennium of Christianity,

– Notwithstanding this shared Tradition of the first ten centuries, for nearly one thousand years Catholics and Orthodox have been deprived of communion in the Eucharist,

– Orthodox and Catholics must learn to unanimously give witness in those areas in which it is possible and necessary,

– Differences in the understanding of religious truths must not prevent people of different faiths from living in peace and harmony,

– We call upon Christians of Eastern and Western Europe to unite in their shared witness to Christ and the Gospel,

– It is clear that the past method of “uniatism”, understood as the union of one community to the other, separating it from its Church, is not the way to re–establish unity,

– In the contemporary world, Catholics and Orthodox are called to work together fraternally in proclaiming the Good News of salvation.

My Conclusion:

1. Catholic and Orthodox priests and bishops can now participate in a joint Eucharistic canon, flouting apostolic rules,

2. The aims and objectives of a collaborative effort between Catholics and Orthodox are not clear, since these goals were different from all eternity. Presumably, the Masonic-Jesuit Vatican will never back down from its proselytizing, with all Orthodox Churches coming under the Vatican for that is the very nature of papal authority, 

3. They can only bear witness to the truth if there are no doctrinal differences between Catholics and Orthodox. It makes no sense to hope that the Pope will lessen his power in order to accept the dogmas of the Eastern Church, therefore, it means that the Orthodox churches will accept the dogmas of the Vatican,

4. It is clear that the authority of the Russian Orthodox Church that signed the Uniate with the Vatican, will encourage the signing of the Uniate by the other Eastern Churches, hoped for by the Holy See, aware that today it is not Patriarch Bartholomew but Patriarch Kyrill who sets tone in the Eastern Church,  

5. It makes no sense for the Vatican to sign the Uniate on the same terms, with the absorption of the Local Church, which might cause a schism and other disruptions. It is much easier to sign the Uniate as a way to unite the Churches, preserving the covenants, traditions and calendar, gradually replacing the orthodox covenants with the Catholic ones through Pan-Orthodox and Bishops’ Councils, as well as by creating new catechisms and typikons for the local churches.

From all of the above you can see the dangerous path that hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church have followed by signing the Uniate with the Catholics who are much more powerful and strong and able to completely destroy the ROC in a few years together with Russia, because our country is inconceivable without the Orthodox faith, the only force holding the Russian State together.  

But ‘the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it’. From now on, our country will experience a period of tremendous turmoil and division. It is obvious that some of the bishops who abstained at the Council, cease to commemorate His Holiness Patriarch Kyrill, thereby creating a schism, but that’s exactly what Jesuit expansion in Russia needs. Because the weaker the Russian Church is, the easier the Vatican subjugates it. Also, there is no way to obey the decisions of Patriarch Kyrill for those who still retain the faith and loyalty oaths taken at ordination.  

The primatial visit to Cuba will result in a split in the ROC. The break-up of the country will inevitably follow – whether it be the separation of Siberia, the Southern District, the Republic of Tatarstan, the Republic of Bashkortostan and other regions, together or separately. Whether it will be the creation of new principalities, the integrity of Russia will be disrupted from this day since the purity of apostolic succession in the ROC has been broken.

Our Church and the country will have to go through many trials to cleanse itself and appear as a new, young power of  Russian Orthodoxy and the Russian spirit under the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the holy martyr Tsar Nicholas II.

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21 Responses to Many Russian Christians Are Furious About the Meeting With the Pope

  1. Birgit says:

    You can’t make Peace with the devil and Kyrill is probably not clever enough to not be manipulated.

    Lots such youtubies of Lucifer-worship in the vatican.
    Russians should Kick out Kyrill and quickly rip the contract into little pieces!!!

  2. megan says:

    For this to have had any chance of happening the Russian orthodox church hierarchy must have been infiltrated and be nothing more than Jesuit whores! They are probably worshiping baphomet in secret as they deceive the people. This has obviously been planned and happened a long time ago. They were just waiting for the time to be right to make their move. Will this weaken Russia? We will have to wait and see.


  3. harri says:

    Access To Information As Basic Human Rights‏

    Young Gorillas Spotted Dismantling Poachers’ Traps For The First Time


    How many time we as humans need to be taught severe lessons, in order to stop killing each other and instead, for a change, just coming to some simple, common, sensical and peaceful satisfying settlements?

    For instance, when looking toward history’s repeating patterns, we could be obviously shattered and mindfully paralyzed in understanding – how much hatred against own species – actually exist out there.

    Being rude and scoffing on breed of its own is simple unparalleled:

    – Britain’s bombing of the Yemeni city of Harib in 1946, noting that the UN Security Council condemned these actions in its Resolution 188 “pointing to the incompatibility of reprisals with the purposes and principles of the UN Charter.”
    – In 1983, the United States carried out an armed invasion of Grenada. The General Assembly, in its Resolution 37/8, called these US actions ‘a flagrant violation of international law.’

    – in 1986 the United States carried out an attack against Libya and in 1989 invaded Panama. In both cases these actions were met with condemnation from the UN General Assembly, which qualified them as a violation of international law

    – UN Charter were registered by the International Court of Justice as well. “For example, in the first in its history decision on the 1946 case of Corfu Channel the court recognized that the UK had violated Albania’s sovereignty. The ruling on the 1986 Nicaragua vs US case is well-known. The court pointed out bluntly that the US had violated Nicaragua’s sovereignty and the norms of non-interference in internal affairs and non-use of force”

    – invasion of Iraq in 2003. Then came Libya where “with allegedly disinterested outside help the fire broke out that destroyed the state leaving ashes and chaos in its place,”

    – Palestine, Korea, Vietnam, 9/11, Drones together with undeclared wars, Guantamo illegal torture and detentions of innocent people, Kill List by President Of USA against own citizens, Iraq, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Yemen, Syria…

    – UK, US, Jesuits and Vatican blocking perpetually Collateral World Accounts of Dragon Ancient Families (millions of gold metric tons ready for distribution, to all people of the world, since founding of Non Alignment Movement), UK and USA printing money out of tin air, making West in general artificially as reach, stabile and in abundance

    Mindless hard hitting against self, against common good, common respect, with appalling pollution and mass extinction upon mother nature. Crucially, instead of brain and logic as combine natural symbiosis, we as species are left only with some remnants as by -product of wide -ranging wars, with devious, defected cold breaks in our heads and huge blocks of traumatized stoned -hearted zombie’s chest.

    What a great waist of time, pity and shameful as a specie accomplishment!

    Awakening to these insights, to these life’s callings could be for some of us very hard to recognize, accept especially in cases of curing and healing processes. That’s the point where this term ”Iconoclastic Principle As Emotional Reaction Of Facing Truth” comes very appropriate, as marking spot and smudge ahead on horizon.

    emotional maturity denial

    We have to develop emotional maturity to overcome our reflexive reaction to indulge in denial

    In that context grateful responsive apropos is been cease and cut loose, while seeing some monkey’s specie race dismantling harmful traps, set up by the way, by our breed. Notwithstanding and concerning for his own forsaken selfishness, ape in the picture above, stood up for his brothers and sisters. Instead of minding his own business and moving on, he rather uphold great deal of empathy, compassion, moral duty and to me – a decent degree of spiritual maturity as well!

    Apes that are destroying traps, on it’s own, for the purpose of liberating fellow being – is serious hard cold fact – that many humans hypnotised into parties, dance, sun, sex and fun, ”blinded by the light” so called religious followers and specially ”don’t think negative” screaming creamy girls and boys – should to be a shamed of!

    Truly sometimes, picture makes more than thousand words and if you don’t get It now, probably one day, you will arrive on a level -understanding, that you need to be recycled time and time again, till your home work of respect and empathy toward all species – ones and for all is done.

    Picture teaches us that animals are like we a sentient beings, persons with feelings, with equal natural rights to have shelter, food and access to resources of this planet as we have. We are not creators of apes, pigs, chickens, dolphins, fish, sheep and cows so due to this fact, we cannot take their life from them ! Life is sacred and must be honoured and protected by all means, against villains, incarnated evil and sneaky dark forces.

    Apes Hell In Rijswijk, Holland: Big Pharma Tormenting Chambers

    Conscious sharing of these pictures and similar inspirational insightful ”all telling devices” should to be heed and take care of, despite all contrivances. Zillion dollars expensive campaigns of all sociopaths out there, would never stop inspired spirit to seek and find the truth to some genuine truth seeker.

    Today at our turning point in time, we as species decisive and in want of getting rid of imposed onslaught upon us, we should coherently – start working together toward each other, as this young Gorilla in the case – and start aspiring for the ”Access To Information, Access To Truth As Basic Human Rights” as vital most insightful, most important potential binding factor and call we have today!

    ”Access To Information, Access To Truth as Basic Human Rights” should to be a tool of dismantling centuries old invisible trap, ”Powers That Should Never Be”, behind closed doors inventing, time after time the rest of us, generation after generation were falling in. With most horrific devastating shameful consequences and untold human’s, flora and fauna sacrifices, casualties and pain.

    ap 1

    Everybody, together, bound trough the common goal, as much as possible and all over the world, demanding Access to Information as unalienable essential Humanity Right. Essential and necessary pertinent to evolutionary progress on all levels.

    We will ask for it not just because of its true message, but notable, because of the Justice. We, The Free People of The World are the constituent ingredients and designers of any Constitution in the world and as such are entitled to Know, to Understand and to Act accordingly. These basic postulates create scene where fundamental reality becomes more clearer and certainly demanding.

    The grimy villains, on the other side, malignant parasitic Privet Corporations, with non-transparent tactics, obfuscations, coercion, together with the inventing help and cohorts of criminal Lobby/Bribing mechanism, had been for decades managing perpetual fear based wars, all around globe, without any insight for cease and desist of all incurred violence, injustice and unlawful crime.

    This party by it’s own dark non-transparent nature, cannot be privileged to be Constitutional Ingredient of expressed conscience and The Will of The Free People and should to be removed as soon as possible from all Legislative, Administrative and Executional posts and influences.

    “I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country….Corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.”

    – Abraham Lincoln, Nov. 21, 1864

    Constitution as organic Highest Law in the country could be changed any time ”From the People and By The People” while on the other hand, Privet Interests, Secret Societies, Washington DC, Vatican, City Of London DC, soil where the Banks are situated, should to be acknowledged and recognised as un-constitutional usurping entities.

    Alien fragments, without cause and effect within socio-economic structure anywhere in the world, without any power for binding agreements, due to the fact that they do not serve Democracy, Transparency, The Whole and Free Will of The People.

    We will no more allow anywhere existence and deposit of ”Secret Documents”, provided and accessible only for a few privileged. Neither tolerate of any hypocritically members of secret society, with bizarre given oath, pretending to be in service of ”People for The People and By The People”.

    Anyone who gave oaths and allegiances to these abominated fraternities, cults while in the same time pretending to be of Service To Society could be persecuted to the fullest extend of the Law, in a clear breach of Transparence, considered legally as treason and as such as detrimental to the Service Of All.

    This is very simple and it must be like that, as the Natural Laws are Transparent and very simple too! The innate simplicity as embodied everywhere as truthful cellular vibration of the Father Universe and the Mother Nature!

    ”Access To Information” PLUS ”For The People and By The People”, you mean that?!

    – The Truth will set us free from Privet Corporal Interest that trumps our Constitution, trumps our organic protections and Laws for the sake of so called ”security”.

    – Access to Information will never allow Chemtrails and prevent any mass Vaccinations without independent safety researching evidence, tested on Humans safely and responsible. It will make possible punitive sanctions and claim damages against Big Pharma, for any side effect and injury made in the last 70 years, that must be for the change, by the Pharmacy self paid.

    – The Truth by its nature will free us once for all, from any undeclared wars, that bribing Lobbies for the sake of Privet Interest, were previously tormented many innocent nations on the globe. Punitive sanctions will be imposed for ”all Rockesmellers, Rottingshields and usual suspects” of all size and denominations within Anglo-Saxon satanic universe and as such will be redistributed to inflicted countries as means of upholding of Justice.

    – The World that is free of secrecy will pave way for implementation of prohibited Free Energy generators, Replicators and structural societal changes that flows from it’s responsible, incrementally introduction that as paradigm shift naturally abundantly entails and follows.

    – Access to Information as recognized Human Right will serve greater All Inclusive Collective Inheritance and will be free of charge, as our bodies at our birth are free of charge, air we breathing; that mainly due to its virtue, astute character will lend pertinent tendency toward unity of all diversity and recognition of coherent society on this planet.

    Let this small introduction becomes prelude and small seed, that can be set to rest for a while, at the bottom of the fertile keenly affiliated hearts and minds. For benign gentle and salubrious ones, that with ease traversing across galaxies of duality and division, telescoping inside -out as kaleidoscope into the hands of innocent child.

    Thank you for reading. Thank you for considering to take a part and cherishing contributional idea of this unique potential manifesting co-creating collective good. Let the fingerprints of destiny do the rest.

    All the best and wish you supermassive Service to all!

    Nourishing Hearts Flourishing Life’s,


    ‘One Million Children Meditation’ – Prayer For Peace

    Child Cries because Parents Are Killing animals


    • Jean says:

      Harri, your comment on emotional denial as a lack of maturity is very, very important. After all, what are all the people who are allowing the people in our country like Ammon Bundy and team and Thomas Deegan involved in – REALLY? Everyone read, listens, follow, but no one ACTS. Do they think this is going away automatically? Apparently so! Hugs, ~Jean

      • harri says:

        Yes, I know Jean I am meeting lots of people that are unable to face the reality, they just responding according mainstream media or political correctness angle. We need to embrace plus and min in all faces in order to overcome incarnational cycles. Here is additional great concern of mine for Amsterdam and Referendum on 6 April 2016:

        Demonstratie van PEGIDA bij de Stopera in Amsterdam

        Comment: At this point I truly doubting and swinging in the sense that ”this” still cant be true. What is going on here, and what ”THIS” really means, let me explain! False Flag Attack is CIA coined term where the Government create and execute nep event, in order to produce mental emotional and physical reaction within public domain. Cases are abundant; Reichstag in Berlin set on fire by some patsy Dutch -mentally ill person ( historically proven ) and than Communists suddenly got tag as terrorists so that agenda of invasion could be executed; Charlie Habdo In Paris,

        Sandy hook Shooting, Ankara latest blaze as pretexts for invasion into Syria and fighting Kurds officially ( especially order by Erdogan self to not publish pictures of the dead bodies ! ), list is going on an on…Considering my personal witnessing of fire drill of Amsterdam’s main Municipality in the city ( never seen before even steward on the street told me never saw it in Amsterdam ) and than seeing these two videos above, I found it very much interesting and peculiar, that maybe in connection with 6 April 2016 Dutch Referendum on Ukraine ( that will be massive No vote ), could be indeed potential terrorist attack in our city too?!

        When we look how PEGIDA is organized in so short period of time ( very suspicious ) in whole EU so that synchronistical in many countries protests will be launched – together with opposing leftist so called good guys – well than you should never doubt that evil dr Soros and usual suspect Illuminazi mafia is been on the deadly terrorist game again.

        In the video self Mayer of the city removed PEGIDA from the protest place, although permission was given and in ”ordnung”, still on the pretext of being to close to leftist protestors they were removed eventually by the Police force to another location (Central Station). But the fact that they were there in front the building where I was two weeks before witnessing drill in the same spot I found this quite amazing.

        Now, since the new flux of refuge will be starting arriving very shortly and start pouring ”eur-opium cities” again, certainly wouldn’t be most beneficial outcome for the ruling elite Bankster’s mafia and their secret Coudenhove Kalergi – ethnic forcible mixing plan – with European indigenous sovereign nations, when some sudden explosion or terrorist act would make increasing tensions and accusation on the account of migrant will come so that chaos and ORDES AB CHAOS can prevail in their designed sociopathic mind-frame?

        For the real answer to this particular dilemma we will not have to wait so long, that date is almost here… M

        • Jean says:

          Your information is so helpful in giving us some real facts. . . Thank you and hugs, ~Jean

        • jaydoubleyew says:

          I appreciate your candor and level of knowledge. I also know English is not your first language, yet you use it well. Can you see that even the very language itself was created as part of the over-all ensnarement? To be asked in a court of law ‘do you understand?’ once the ‘charges’ have been read aloud to the individual, then, as soon as they respond that ‘yes, they understand the charges’ then IMMEDIATELY the ‘curtains open’ and what proceeds is a performance on the Grandest Scale. For to ‘stand under’ the statements of another is to give them authority over you. This is, by it’s very substance, counter to all natural life on this planet. It CANNOT ever BE that we can GIVE our true under-standing to any other—-only can we create and participate in a System that allows the ILLUSION that it might even be possible. I AM searching for the threads of possibility to weave together a cloth of comprehension for my fellow humans at this time. Your insights and perspective are immeasurably valuable.
          With Much Gratitude and Respect,
          Jennifer Williams

  4. harri says:

    Comment: Some time back I postulated that in order to start WW3 Fascist State Of Israel need to invade the major mosque in Jerusalem and with other concentrated in syhronisation artificial events, should be long awaited Albert Pike’s WW3 pretty much visible. Before that time, some unity of all Christians must be observed, somehow and after seeing this photo and Skull And Bone symbol on the wall, that stands to most outrageous satanic dead impersonifid active sociopath’s principle, we can logically deduce that there is something very nasty very dirty at display in the back ground, behind shining and promising friendly façade. I hope I am wrong but these are the facts; Skull And Bone symbol were insignia on the cap of SS officers in Nazi Germany and were the most cruel gestapo black robe people you would encounter at that time. The symbol of rebirth and recycling in the esoteric rings were the symbols of Phoenix that were known to be opposite to symbols of dead cult Skull And Bone insignia. That one guy wear black robe and other white robe is too suspicious due to the fact that is the symbols of the ”Freemason” ( another secret society ) and visible everywhere now in EU on the streets and uniform whether is that police or maybe some Municipality representatives. Especially new Amsterdam uniforms for ”Handhaving” people are very much disgusting and piercing. M

    Kremlin Welcomes Historic Meeting Between Pope Francis, Patriarch Kirill

  5. jujubean says:

    Thanks so much for this material, Jean. It was a very suspect meeting indeed and this info only confirms my belief that the Vatican represents the Freemasonry, Jesuits and probably even the Money Power Cabal in that it has the power to direct the energies of catholics on a global level. We can only hope that the Light Forces ( both Russian and non) can find a way to short circuit this destructive effort and preserve Russia.
    The West will stop at nothing to undermine and tear Russia apart. It is most unfortunate that Kyril agreed to the meeting and the agreement. He must have been under considerable threat/pressure.

  6. JT says:

    This would not happen if the white ethnic group valued their KIN. Kin is the answer to human survival as well as its abundance.

    The top down want destruction of Kin. The bottom up, value Kin, and desire its preservation.

    You will not access this via google without logging in, however, Martin has spared us this, for even just a while.

    Putin supports THE KIN of Russia. Apparently the MK public in the usa are believing that only high school educated like Trump. Is it real or is it memorex? Sorry, even if true, hi schoolers are joined by some phds. That spells bottom up. We are who we have been waiting for?

    Slithary may become famous for the shortest term ever? Oh, because of recount. Dont misuse my words.

  7. JT says:

    This heneghan is garbage. I merely post for the photo of the white hat between the two bushes.
    Is the evidence that we must beware of white hats, and notice the da vinchi esque v pattern challice. Oh damn, i spend too much time on the intenet of Things.

    I dont really think you should post this. But maybe it is a moment of fun in a difficult day

  8. Harold says:

    In the above, you say the following:
    “On February 12, 2016 a historic event took place: Pope Francis and His Holiness Patriarch Kirill met in Cuba, paving the way for the reunification of the two Churches – the Eastern and Western.”
    I see no indication that this meeting took place on said date. What gives?
    Can you provide links concerning said meeting? Thanks.

  9. Jean says:

    I don’t trust this site, anon. It is co-intel. I need information that can be automatically deemed honest, not info I have to guess about . . . sorry and hugs, ~Jean

  10. Harold says:

    Good to make your acquaintance, Jean. And thanks for the quick response.
    They actually did meet 2/12/16 as the article indicated would occur.
    “The two religious leaders, guests of a Communist government” Fancy that!
    More links:
    P.S You have an interesting blog. Will visit again for sure…:-)

    • Jean says:

      Harold, right now I’m running on fumes. I’ve been doing this for several years, and it’s finally getting to me. I’m sorry, but I can’t anymore do all that I’ve been doing. I’m having to pare down my posts, etc., or I will have to take a vacation, a break. Hugs, ~Jean

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