Sheriff Richard Mack & Sibel Edmonds Discuss Oregon, Federal Tyranny & Political Persecution

Published on Feb 20, 2016

In the latest development involving the Burns-OR Standoff case, the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training is asking the state Department of Justice to investigate Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer after receiving numerous complaints from the public and others, including dispatchers and the John Day police chief. The Department has released eight separate complaints, including ones from a 911 manager and the John Day police chief, alleging misconduct by Palmer, and raising alarm concerning Palmer’s association with leaders of the refuge occupation.…

CSPOA assembles Sheriffs, Peace Officers and Citizens who understand the grave implications of our eroding Constitutional protections. Whether it’s an illegal checkpoint violating the 4th Amendment, 2nd Amendment intrusions affecting your defense of your home or family, or ANY other infringement of your freedom, CSPOA is on the front line defending your rights and Liberty.

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2 Responses to Sheriff Richard Mack & Sibel Edmonds Discuss Oregon, Federal Tyranny & Political Persecution

  1. katandpaula says:

    thank you Jean for posting. I have followed both Sheriff Mack and Sibel. Great update!!

  2. Deborah says:

    Utah Sheriff says “I WILL deputize everyone and Arrest Federal Agents!”

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