Alien Message Warning on Live Television

Even if this is a fake, it says precisely what I have recently been trying to say. ~J

Published on July 2, 2013

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28 Responses to Alien Message Warning on Live Television

  1. lecox says:

    It is clear to me that this is a piece of artistic work. However, its creator is not credited in the video. This carries on the basic message of those known as the Ashtar Command, connected with the Galactic Federation of Light. It has been claimed that these are false entities, and that’s probably true. I don’t know why someone feels it necessary to communicate in this way instead of directly. Corey Goode has given us one possible explanation. But he is government-connected, along with many if not most others “sharing information” of this variety.
    I don’t trust ET. Some would not trust anyone but ET. I guess each one has to make up their own mind. The least you can learn to do is trust yourself.

    • Jean says:

      Does what they are saying, however, make sense to you? Do you understand it? Hugs, ~Jean

      • lecox says:

        There are many perfectly ordinary human beings who can tell me much the same thing. Why rely on the Ashtar Command for my information and advice?
        The whole New Age concept of “spiritual development” is too thought-based and body-based to actually deliver spiritual development. They’re not really telling us what spiritual development is, and my guess is that they are actually afraid of real spiritual power.
        To make it clear: I think that real spiritual development should be in the direction of being able to operate exterior to the body and immune to threats directed at the body aimed at shutting you down spiritually.
        I think the biggest threat to happiness is slavery, and that we have already become so enslaved that most of us have lost any knowing sense of spirit. Our slavery is to our own bodies. Taking our freedom back is not simply a matter of meditating more. It requires a lot of work, including working with other people and coming way up in one’s own confidence in one’s ability to help others.
        These messages “from the Light” are interesting, but they are grossly incomplete and misleading. I’d like to hear us talk more about freedom.

        • Jean says:

          I have no interest in relying on them, Larry. Instead, I’m asking people if in spite of where it is coming from they can discern whether or not the message is valid. Hugs, ~Jean

  2. paleohippy says:

    I could do that with the ubiquitous PRC-46 (military) radio and do a lot better job than this phony ET. British accent. The message is to disarm. Who goes first? Actually, “who’s on first? Who’s on first” (Abbott and Costello).

  3. Tracy says:

    Here goes again, first attempt “internet crashed”…..hmm
    The message makes sense – “trust oneself” look within (are you part of the problem, well then get out of your own way and be the change) Message received loud and clear. I’m with Lecox don’t feel comfortable with E.T./E.D. per say or perhaps it’s more reflex from going down the rabbit hole to find “bad deeds” from the dark t-shirt E.T./E.D. against my will. I trust myself,
    I trust my CREATOR ….everything else fits “somewhere” in between. Call me a cynic I’m O.K. with that label. This video also reminded me of the “announcement” (links to follow) when I found this video a few years back I wondered was this for “real”….the only part I can get behind is the statement “when all the governments fall” —- well GLORY DAY affirming that day will be soon for the “highest good and benevolent benefit for ALL” in all Kingdoms of CREATION. We are a ripple in the HEAVENLY CREATION what happens on EARTH affects ALL CREATION. That is indeed “deep” and well worth pondering. Thanks for posting this Jean matters not if above is real the message was received – WE ARE THE DIFFERENCE, OR CORRECTION WE ARE THE EXPRESSION OF CREATOR. 😉 🙂 — w/video of the announcement

  4. Frank R says:

    Hi Jean………….

    I UNDERSTAND IT! I especially understand the “BRITISH” accent and the “PROJECT BLUE BEAM” connotation and the “LAY DOWN ALL YOUR WEAPONS” that goes along with the message.

    I especially liked the “THEY LIVE” style break in on the broadcast on TV. SURE I UNDERSTAND IT……….I UNDERSTAND IT’S BULLSHIT FOR THE MINDLESS AND BRAIN DAMAGED.

    Hugs………….Frank R (aka -won’t be fooled again)

  5. TONY LANE says:

    hello again jean, I meant to add that the message does make sense, as you say, also at the end of the 1952 film THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL the alien GLATU delivers a message that it cannot be tolerated that the harmony of other planets be put in Jeopardy. otherwise it will be reduced to a burnt out cinder. hugs-Tony

  6. TONY LANE says:

    this video seems to have triggered some of my earliest memories, there is a lot of stuff about at the end of the forties and early fifties that gets classified as a hoax without there being absolute and concrete proof, but in those day’s of limited radio and very little TV, we had gossip and rumours of many things, and one of the rumours that my father got through his workplace in a hostel as a head porter in Covent Garden, this rumour was about an Air Display that was either in CANADA or EUROPE but we could not get exactly where, only what supposed to have happened well this Air Display was interrupted by a display of UFO’S that went on for ten minute’s or more then stopped and a message was given out all over the area, at the end of it everyone who had a camera and I mean everyone had them taken, by some kind of intelligence, this was 1950, but what is odd is that the message that the aliens gave out is very similar to the message of GLATU in The Day The Earth Stood Still. this is all I can remember because I was thirteen years old at the time my father told me. if these things happened then it cannot happen today because there is so much technology out there to block it out, anyway I don’t know and maybe as children we are easy to impress. HUGS–Tony

  7. Spencer says:

    RE: As to the potential ‘hoax’ and the much maligned “Ashtar Command:”

    “Even a broken clock is right twice a day.”

    This is about as close to the Corey Goode message as you can get without cracking open the “Ra” material. And It was transmitted/created/edited many years ago. Regardless of what we think the origin of the message is, it is important to consider the Ra Material and the law of confusion and free will. Much of what we have been shown, and what we are going to be shown, as “disclosure” must have an element of ‘plausible deniability’ to allow us to have an “out.” Without this “out” our freewill is being violated.

    So I wouldn’t expect undeniable evidence to appear until we have, as a collective species, come the the conclusion on our own that we are not alone. Until then expect everything to be convoluted to allow us the freedom to say to ourselves, “I don’t know – that looks like it could just be a _________. It’s probably just a hoax.”

    That is… unless the ‘Grubbermint,’ as David Wilcock so affectionately calls it/them, decides to come completely clean. At this point all bets are off. Then we can expect plenty of hard evidence considered admissible in court.

    So I guess my point is this – Our “Other” consciousness has the ability to tune into our conscience. Listen to this conscience. It wants to talk to us and help us. When I hold this message up to my conscience and see if the traced pattern lines up with the original, guess what? It matches up quite nicely. It doesn’t try to give me a date that a shift will occur; it doesn’t tell me disaster is coming; it doesn’t tell me which currency to buy low and sell high; it doesn’t tell me “they” are here to save me. Is it uplifting and Joyful? No. This is the only red flag to me. It does have a hint of fear attached to it which seems to be geared towards pulling our attention into the message a bit more than if it were funny or joyful. However – the main message is exactly what I feel I should be doing with my life. Be more loving. Drift away from war. Don’t feed parasitic politicians and rulers. Consider positive spiritual growth as a method to evolve into the new cycle. Contemplating all of these ideas make more sense to me than just trying to decipher whether or not a picture of a “craft” is really a craft or just a hub cap someone flung up in the air to get a good picture. It makes me ponder… What if all discussions regarding ETs, that are not focused on us evolving towards freedom, increased freewill, Love, and spiritual growth, are just negative oriented distractions? What if? It definitely makes me wonder.

    • paleohippy says:

      I’m a way-back-when RA student and I got a lot of good intel from it. But I still can’t get past the Law of Confusion. I have either evolved past the need of it or I am just your usual anarchist. I don’t like being “confused” and I don’t like the feeling it leaves of being jerked around for somebody else’s agenda. My end thinking always comes back to the Twilight zone episode “To Serve Man”.

  8. Alex says:

    The message is a good one. The means are dubious. We can not find truth if we shroud it in obvious trickery. In that sense people will be too embarrassed to discuss any truth contained here in.
    I’ll explain what I mean,

    If the message is real and these are aliens here looking over us then we can deduct at least two things:

    1. They are prevented physically, spiritually or morally from contacting the greater masses.
    and or
    2. They are behind all the control.

    Keep in mind that this is under the assumption that there are actually aliens here.

    If there are not aliens here then we can deduct at least two things:

    1. This is made by a person who has a wonderful message that no one will listen to so he chose to use this method of “a message from aliens” to get people to actually listen and think. (Which is deceptive, never works and turns into cult like scenarios)

    2. This is a good message that humanity needs to hear and it was made deliberately in this fashion to discredit it’s meaning by associating it with crackpots and aliens.

    So I guess what Jean is saying is absolutely the right way to look at this.

    If it is a fake, Look at the message they are trying to discredit. Does it make sense?
    If it is real. Look at the message they are trying to relay. Does it make sense?

    Common denominator — regardless of source — Does it make sense?

    Anyway… just how I look at it.

    Peace all!

    • Jean says:

      I agree . . . we often need to keep our buttons from being pushed, we can say to ourselves that this looks like a hoax, but the message seems to be a good one. Thanks and Hugs, ~Jean

  9. katandpaula says:

    well, we have been hearing for a long time that this would happen. start to come over live T.V. to give us messages. HMM!! Have you ever of Dr. Sam Mugzzi? Many utubes of her and her guests that are contactees. This is similar to what they are saying is going to happen.

    • Jean says:

      This happened back in 2013, and I’m just wondering if any of you can see that it’s propaganda, to see that there is value to these words. Or, are your buttons pushed and you jump right on the negative? Hugs, ~Jean

  10. General Zé says:

    This ´message´ is total bullshit.
    The Ashtar Command, Galactic Command, Galactic Federation, Galactic Federation of Light, Galactic Warriors, Light Warriors, Light Workers, Eastern Alliance, Light Forces, Brotherhood of the Star, The Resistance, Positive Military (WTF?), Positive ETs, Templar Group, Dragon Group, Cobra and other scum, they do not put food on my table. They do not put fuel in my tractor. They do not heat my home. They do not pay my bills.
    >>> If they were real, they just disclose a FREE ENERGY GENERATOR / ZERO POINT ENERGY GENERATOR for us Gentiles. <<<
    But no, instead ´they´ just send ´love´ messages to give us ´hope´ as we remain slaves day after day after day (ad infinitum).

    They also give us ´warning´ messages about our evil leaders as if we are plain stupids and do not see the obvious hell and misery all around us.
    The same BS, the same hypnotic mantra – ´love/hope´ message folowed by one ´warning´ message, not necessarly in this order.
    And this fraud, this slavery, this deception is going on for thousands of years.

    I am sick tired of all this alien crap. These alien faggots can shove their ´love´ messages and ´warning´ messages up where the sun, the moon and the stars rarely shine.

    • Jean says:

      I’m well aware it may be BS, but have you looked at the content? Do you understand that it has value – forget that the guy sounds like an Englishman, etc. Is the content of value, or are you not able to see beyond the hoax?

      • paleohippy says:

        Looks like me and the General prefer to throw out the baby AND the stinking bathwater. I can make up my own love messages. Their messages are worthless… something like sweetened gunpowder propelling a bad bullet. A little honey to make the sauerkraut go down easier.

        • Jean says:

          Well, I think that particular message made good sense, even though I really don’t trust it’s source. I think yo need to know both …Hugs, ~Jean

    • Spencer says:

      It’s your own heart. If any of the free energy stuff comes to pass it will be icing on the cake AFTER we have already conquered ourselves and dealt with our own individual darkness. But as for your anger General… just as it has been proven – “It’s always darkest right before dawn.”

      Seeing your comments actually allude to how close we really are to turning the corner. This is because frustration arising from being mistreated and deceived for so long with no justice in sight will lead to us finally taking responsibility for our own downfall. It will help us sift through the lies and realize the answers lie within us and that we have to band together to slay the beast, both internal and external.

      Long/short of it? It will prompt us to get out of our seats and take action. Discovering the lies is only the first step. This is the awakening, yes. However, just because one is awake does not make one courageous. The brave surface naturally after a good churning and are the ones who overcome fear and can navigate Medusa’s piercing gaze.

  11. TONY LANE says:

    this video was copied from the BBC ARCHIVES of the TONIGHT PROGRAMME OF 1957 and not 2013 because I saw it at age 20 years, in 1957 when it was first seen. and many other people who had a TV and they tuned in from six o’clock would have also heard the message, and it was not printed up on the screen and not all the people could hear it clearly, it was only later that they managed put together some of the clearer parts, but there was quite a lot that they could not, and there is no way that you can get a recording of the show that evening without that message being on It. you can check it out, CLIFF MITCHELMORE was the host of that show and all of them over the next four years. and if I was dreaming then a few hundred other people were also. sincerely–Tony

  12. TONY LANE says:

    I would also like to add that the man on the screen is CLIFF MITCHELMORE, but the voice talking at the beginning of the recording is not CLIFF MITCHELMORE’S voice, and also in 1957 there were only 2 channels in the UK and they were BBC I and 2 and it was black and white not colour. and I do remember when it started it was FEB 1957 and I had just turned 20 years. and the TONIGHT programme was mostly a news show with light hearted events. five days a week.

  13. Cindy says:

    Haha, where’s toto??

  14. Susanna says:

    A lesson in how the media uses NLP for the manipulation of the public , things we should always watch for in any article alternative or mainstream .

  15. Sharyn says:

    We have been waiting a long time for disclosure to the general public. Is it possible this speech given in the most popular mode of communication is valid. The message rings true for me even if it comes from my next door neighbor. I do believe life will go where it needs to in order for change to occur. Let us believe there is enough Light to bring our existence forward not backward.

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