Donald Trump Does Dramatic Reading Of ‘The Snake’ | MSNBC

Who do you all think is the actual snake? ~J 🙂 Make sure you are absolutely sure! Snakes are deceivers! ~J

Published January 13, 2016

At a campaign stop in Cedar Falls, Iowa, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump uses a dramatic reading of Al Wilson’s 1968 song to warn of the dangers of taking in refugees from Syria. “The Snake” tells the story of a trusting woman who invites a snake into her home and saves it from the cold, but is later tricked and bitten by it.
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15 Responses to Donald Trump Does Dramatic Reading Of ‘The Snake’ | MSNBC

  1. Deborah says:

    The REAL Reason Donald Trump is Dominating(and it has the Globalists Terrified)
    Jean……….Be sure to read ALL the comments under his post…….They are ALL very interesting!!!
    Hugs ~ Deborah

  2. Spencer says:

    When reflecting on parables of the past, the follies of the present are laid to bare.

    It inspired me to write something spontaneously today that I will share here before elsewhere…

    “A Path Far from Smite”

    When we push hard for a world so rich with wise,
    We find ourselves surrounded by compromise.
    Only to find our home cold and dry
    As we ask ourselves how and why.
    But when we wake to discover a path narrow and of anOther,
    It feels so warm and calm much like a babe’s mother.

    But when I skipped down the path seeking the middle,
    I discover that of one playing a fine fiddle.
    When he plays it for me so bright,
    He distracts from that is right.
    Once I see his true intent,
    It is almost too late to repent!

    For when the fiddle is laid down,
    I plainly see his smite-filled frown.
    He claims that I have no choice ’cause it is too late,
    But in my Heart I hear a different fate.

    It is quite faint and seems so foreign,
    But to it’s distant brilliance I must strive ’til the mornin’
    Cause when I return whence I began,
    I find the babe’s Love once again.
    It’s Like she knew I would come back,
    So now the fiddle seems such a lack
    Compared to M’Other I cannot look back.

    And now the path I careen to the right,
    So long cold, mischievous and vicious night.
    Where this ends from here may be a distant former fright,
    But now I’m warm in M’Other I cannot be but pure delight.
    Cares and fears have sloughed away,
    For nothing fairs better than today.

    Look back not to hear the fiddle,
    Nor seek that compromise of middle.
    ‘Cause what lays ahead of bright path from here,
    Is nothing short of pure Freedom and gone is all Fear.
    Content is my heart now that I see,
    Brilliance stays and I invite thee!

    ~ Spencer

  3. Debbie says:

    This is why I will be voting for Trump…from Jim STone this morning:
    China does not want Trump

    Here is one for people who think Trump is some sort of limited hang out – China does not want Trump, because they believe he will finally defend the U.S. with a U.S. centered economic policy. Trump wants “Made in the USA” to become a household item soon. And that has the Chinese scared.
    The Jews also do not want Trump in, they want Hillary because relative to Trump, Hillary is cheap and it will not take so many shekels to buy her off. Not that Trump could ever be bought off, but I am sure that if that was ever to happen the price would be three digit billions. At any rate, Hillary is partly cheap because she has no soul.

    But lets get back to my initial point – China does not want Trump. And I can tell you why, beyond economic policy –

    Let’s compare this situation to two high school football teams, team China and Team America. Team China has had, at Team America, a bought out coach that has sold every single play that was planned by Team America for the past 30 years. Team America’s bought out coaches have also back stabbed the American players repeatedly, to make them easy to beat out on the ball field.

    Team China has never said a word about what the next play would be or how it would be fielded, all the while they had a traitor on the American side, telling them play by play what America would do, so they could make plans ahead of time.

    Additionally, the coaches on the American side gave China all the sports technology they needed to hit the field as prepared as possible, technology that team America spent centuries developing, all handed to team China by Coach Hillary, Obama, Clinton and even Bush, to make good and sure that team china had everything it needed to kick team America’s butt. In exchange, team China lined the pockets of the team America coaches, who could care less if team America even existed, let alone won a game.

    Trump, for all his faults, will probably be a great ball coach who will never speak a word about the next play, and will actually fight to win. He cannot be bought out, he is far too wealthy, and that has team China scared. For the first time in decades they will not even know which player on Team America will do the kick off, and they will be face to face with their greatest weakness: the inability to think their way through a play without being told how to do it ahead of time.

    China has had a cake walk with communists in America handing them everything on a silver platter. They are going to lose that if Trump becomes President, a lot can be said about Trump, and the words “chinese” and “communist” would be no where to be found.

    The Chinese do not want Trump.
    The Jews do not want Trump

    The vaxxers do not want Trump.

    The illegals do not want Trump.

    The New World Order does not want Trump.

    That is a pretty good list. And it is bigger than that, but that is enough to pretty much say it all.

    • Jean says:

      . . . and Debbie, how do you feel about this statement? Is it accurate? Hugs, ~Jean

    • Jean says:

      Debbie, have you noticed how myopic Jim Stone is about some things? As I’ve watched him it seems he has a blindspot about things political: He doesn’t like Putin. He’s going to vote for Trump. He’s terrific about researching false flags . . .

      I’m not so sure the NWO doesn’t like Trump, are you? I think we’re being suckered big time. The American people are so desperate to be heard that they hear only what they want to hear, and when the chaos hits really hard, it looks like all the unawakened people are going to be suckered big time into voting for Trump. Same with Bernie Sanders . . . he is a freemason, right along with Donald. Why is everyone accepting anyone at all who is running now! It is perhaps our chance to turn things around, and everyone is willing to accept those who are allowed to run. I can almost guarantee you that Trump will not be assassinated… I think most people are playing into their hands.

      When I think that many smart people like Engdahl and even the Wealth Watchman are going way off target, except that Watchman seems to have it lined up financially in 3D. What neither of these people, and many others don’t have – have you noticed? – is any spiritual background. We are leaving many of them behind. People on my blog are realizing it. People who live in 3D don’t understand this and apparently can’t even recognize it when it is pointed out to them. Trump may have it right, according to the world the Wealth Watchman lives in, but neither Trump or he has ever spoken about this in spiritual context – and this, IMO,’trumps’ everything. If people don’t understand what I am trying, trying, trying to say I think it’s because they don’t really understand the times we are in. Less and less can we depend on the views of these people. This is not the second time Engdahl has ‘lost’ it. I didn’t bother to publish that post . . .


  4. Good parable. Perhaps we should be careful of our own projections. Does wishing it so, make it so? Trust and fear are so powerful for us. Do politicians use both for collecting power? If so, why do we give it and give in?

  5. Spencer says:

    Oh I forgot to take a stab at the “snake.”

    I think there are two snakes… one he is consciously calling out and the other is subconscious. One is China. The other is the Republican Party.

  6. If it is true that humans only ever talk to ourselves ask yourself why The Donald was drawn to the snake story?

    As history clearly reveals …
    1] Flesh and blood living humans have ‘no’ idea who we are voting for and
    2] Funding and voting for politicians make us complicit in their improper and offensive actions.

    Ponder if you will:
    There are only TWO directions The Donald can take toward a successful GOP nomination. Before those directions are delineated, it’s very important to understand the following conditions and qualifications that ‘every’ president after John F. Kennedy was forced to meet and comply with–without exception.

    First, that every serious candidate, from both of the main political parties, are compelled to sign a contract not to prosecute the war criminal U.S. presidents who have served before them. This stipulation is both non-negotiable and binding throughout their term, should they be elected. Every U.S. President is actually recruited for their ability to sell American warmongering the world
    over. This type of salesmanship is, BY FAR, the single most important trait that a presidential nominee can possess.

    • Jean says:

      . . . and has Trump signed this document? Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • Jean.

        It is likely that psychopaths running this planet will do everything they can, to ensure Trump never gets close enough to have to make that decision.

        • Jean says:

          I’m sorry, but I don’t agree with you. Both Trump and Sanders are freemasons. Time after time, weve been lied to by these people and suckered by them, just like Canada was by Trudeua. If you read my last posts, I think we are being HOAXED big time. The American people have been put into such a state, that they will accept anyone, without checking his credentials seriously and deeply, especially if they are thrown into a financial collapse and all the other ensuing chaos with vaccines, drugs, and etc. They simply have no idea what is going on, and they will jump aboard, to the cabal’s delight!!! Most of them are no longer fit to elect a President. Hugs, ~Jean

          PS I’m sorry, I view the video that was 18 seconds long, and I can’t imagine that he has anything else much to say.

          Hugs, ~Jean

  7. The Rise Of The Anti Establishment Trump by Larken Rose

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