RT: ‘Don’t demonize Israel’: Canada passes anti-boycott motion

Published time: 23 Feb, 2016 23:33

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. © Chris Wattie

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. © Chris Wattie / Reuters

The motion passed on Monday by a 229-51 vote, CIJ News reports. The bill was introduced by members of the Conservative Party and won support from Liberal Party members. The motion calls on the government to condemn attempts by Canadian organizations, groups, and individuals to promote the BDS movement, claiming it“promotes the demonization and delegitimization” of Israel.

BDS is a global grassroots movement that is trying to pressure Israel to “comply with international law and Palestinian rights” through the boycott of products and companies that profit from violating Palestinian rights. It also includes Israeli cultural and academic institutions.

Inspired by the successful BDS movement that aided in ending South African apartheid, its supporters believe the movement is the only way to push for a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Speaking after the vote, the National Council of Canada Arab Relations said, “At its core, the vote on the anti-BDS motion would go against the spirit of Freedom of Speech, a right enshrined in Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Democratic governments do not ordinarily attempt to dictate the political views of their citizens. NCCAR Chair, Gabriel Fahel, reminds us that ‘freedom of speech and conscientious objections to buying products from countries that contravene international law are core values of a free and democratic society.’”

The CEO of the Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs, Shimon Fogel, however insisted that the boycott movement “does not contribute to peace and is not pro-Palestinian.”

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu © Emil Salman

Boris bows to  Bibi: UK obeys Israel’s demand to remove pro-BDS posters from London Tube

“It is discrimination based on nationality, and it harms both Israelis and Palestinians alike by driving the two sides further apart. The BDS movement is a fringe movement and is outside genuine peace efforts,” Fogel said, as quoted by The Times of Israel.

Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is likely to continue former Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s close ties with Israel. He is against the BDS movement, and tweeted his opinion in March of last year.

Students at McGill University in Montreal passed a pro-BDS motion on Tuesday.

In 2014, Trudeau spoke out in favor of Israel’s right to defend itself during Operation Protective Edge, acknowledging the suffering of Israelis, but not that of the Palestinians, 2,200 of whom were killed during the 50 day conflict.

Israel has pushed back against BDS efforts, accusing its promoters of “anti-semitism.” AP recently revealed that the Israeli government had allotted $26 million for a covert cyberattack on the BDS movement, which would include “flooding the internet”with pro-Israel content and monitoring Muslim activists online.

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11 Responses to RT: ‘Don’t demonize Israel’: Canada passes anti-boycott motion

  1. SacredPeaks says:

    Jean, Trudeau is just another Fartican/Davos GMO poster boy! Selling off the planetary wealth at fire sale prices like Nieto in Mexico! Anyone could have predicted this by just looking at the 2016 occult Economist magazine cover. Sickening, just sickening! Expect more to follow folks! Expect more of the same evil BS until we wake up and work together to defeat them!

    EW: The World In 2016 The Economist Cover Released! DECODE Starts Now

  2. Pierre Elliott Trudeau, father of Justin Trudeau, put Canada into debt slavery with the international bankers. In 1974 Pierre fraudulently gave power to the private banks to print money at interest. http://mohawknationnews.com/blog/tag/1974-canada-bank-act/

    Justin Trudeau was selected by the cabal to finish what his father started … whether Justin succeeds or not depends on us collectively.

    • enki says:

      “Justin Trudeau was selected by the so-called “cabal” to finish what his father started…….”

      Well looks like …..HERO lawyer Rocco Galati…might be doing the job for….. Just-TIN !


      The court filing is intended to restore the ‘Bank of Canada’ to its original purpose of …INTEREST FREE LOANS…to government in respect of “human capital” expenditure – health, education, social services – and/or infrastructure.

      ‘Rocco Galati Bank of Canada Lawsuit’

      • Jean says:

        Thank you so much Enki! Hugs, ~Jean

      • jaydoubleyew says:

        Hello again, enki… You never did answer my question as to your kin-folk—
        But I digress…
        Such a stupendous action— wholly ignored, since the message and the messenger are one and the same.
        Please note that it was LAST February the filing and court proceedings took place. I remember it well for I had a very dear friend who just happened to be in Toronto and decided to attend. The same friend, Jean, who did the PDF distillation of AVRs ‘You Know Something is Wrong When…’
        Tell me enki, do you believe actual enforcement and implementation of the filing described above and others like it, can actually come without The People, in actuality, awakening to the Truth of the creation of money in the first place? I ask in all sincerity. I am looking for dialogue about what Jean’s blog is statedly for: Co-creating our future on planet earth–
        And I sincerely hope you are not a conversationalist of soliloquies …
        With respect–
        Jennifer Williams

  3. Ann Magoon says:

    As a Canadian, I am ashamed that my country has taken such a position.

  4. jaydoubleyew says:

    And as well remember this young girl from Canada–SHE knows and comprehends the Truth…

    Until we ALL wake up and Real-eyes it’s the VERY USE OF ‘THEIR’ MONEY that enslaves us, we CANNOT evolve. All this running around claiming this or that ‘right’ is equivalent to the winnig football team ‘running down the clock. The Birth-certificate scam and what exactly are ‘mutual funds’ and ‘treasury bonds’ is a topic we ALL need to absorb ASAP in order to survive… ALL OF US…
    With respect,

    • jaydoubleyew says:

      One more VERY salient point: learning the DIFFERENCE between a ‘democracy’ and a ‘republic’. Just like the ‘two constitutions’ bait-and-switch, ‘they’ have us ‘fighting for Democracy’ when all along it has been the nice, new world for oligarchy. Our attachment to and LACK OF comprehension of the very words we use is LITERALLY KILLING US.

  5. Stan Squires says:

    I am from Vancouver,Canada and I wanted to say that the Canadian gov’t should be condemned for not supporting the BDS Campaign against the apartheid Israeli gov’t.It is well known that the Canadian gov’t supported Apartheid in South Africa until close to the end of it. Now it is supporting Israeli Apartheid the same as it supported Apartheid in South Africa.The people here in Canada who are working with the BDS Campaign will continue to do so despite this reactionary Bill against the BDS campaign.The majority of people in the world supports the Palestinian People in their fight against Israeli Apartheid and that support will continue until Israeli Apartheid is overthrown.I works with the BDS Campaign and I will continue to do so.

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