Donald Trump Declares Undying Love for Uneducated US Voters / Sputnik International

Do you remember back when Bush deified the uneducated? So look what happened to them: they got dropped almost out of society, and then we get angry because they have to be on food stamps. Where is our respect for such people that we would allow this to happen to them. They are unable to think clearly, are for the most part emotionally immature, and seem to follow the loudest voice.

How did this happen?

We made it very easy for them to be uneducated, didn’t we? While I’m a firm believer that a practical high school education is perfect for many, many people to get a good job and work in a good economy, because these are the people in my past experience, who have their feet on the ground, not the college students who have been deliberately trained not to think  for themselves, but to go to another special authority to find out what they think, believing they will know all the answers, which unless they think for themselves they simply do not. They only know what the have been told/taught they need to know to get a good job. They know nothing of the truth, so it’s easy to cop out, especially because they are living a very good life, the only one they know.

These people, so many with PhDs. have been trained NOT TO THINK, or not to think  OUTSIDE THE BOX. So now we have both sides of the coin totally helpless, and without any understanding that we are in a battle about personal sovereignty. Neither group can understand it — only us, it seems, who for our own sanity live ostracized lives, because we have trouble being around these sleepy, often deep-in-ego sheeple. The stories I could tell, but that is for another time.

Also, allow me to add that too many of the people who don’t belong in a place of higher learning go on to college, which only prolongs their childhood and puts them into debt enslavement – and they often don’t even know quite how it happened to them. We have even made this possible – and, yes, I say we!

So what can we do about it. Sit on the sidelines, be do nothings as we are in many other situations?

It’s a free choice planet.



On Tuesday evening, after easily winning the state’s Republican caucus with 46% of the vote, Trump spoke at a rally at the South Point Hotel and Casino, and bragged — albeit bizarrely — about how diverse his base is.

“We won the Evangelicals,” Trump said. “We won with young. We won with old. We won with highly educated. We won with poorly educated,” he continued, “I love the poorly educated! They are the smartest people, the most loyal people.”

His closest competitor in the Nevada race, Marco Rubio, came in 22 points behind the former reality television star, with 24%, while Ted Cruz came in third with 21%.

Based on an algorithm called the Flesch-Kincaid readability test “that crunches word choice and sentence structure and spits out grade-level rankings,” the Boston Globe previously scored all candidates’ announcement speeches, and found Trump’s to be the lowest.

In comparison, Bernie Sanders speaks at a 10th grade level, while Cruz is at 8.9, and Rubio at 8.6. 

An entrance poll conducted by CNN found that Trump had 57% support among those who had only a high school education or less, a whopping 37 points higher in this demographic than any other candidate.

Trump Wins Nevada Republican Caucus With Almost 46% of Vote

“What the hell is caucus?” Trump asked at the rally. “Nobody even knows what it is. Just vote.”

These were not Trump’s only rather unpresidential moments of late. When a protester was being escorted from a Las Vegas event Monday night, Trump declared that he wanted to punch him in the face.

“There’s a guy, totally disruptive, throwing punches — we’re not allowed to punch back anymore,” Trump said, in another moment where the line between the film Idiocracy and reality became blurred. “I love the old days. You know what they used to do to guys like that when they were in a place like this? They’d be carried out in a stretcher.”

“I’d like to punch him in the face, I’ll tell ya,” he added.

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6 Responses to Donald Trump Declares Undying Love for Uneducated US Voters / Sputnik International

  1. megan says:

    Yeah, the uneducated are only the smartest when they believe what liar’s tell them or else! and are indeed loyal to the same liar’s! Why? Because they are uneducated of course and stupid into the bargain not to mention undiscerning to boot! That’s why he “loves” them and laughs his socks off at their idiocy. He is one sarcastic and ego inflated cretin. Different mask on the same face. Oh, and the mask just slipped, did anyone notice at all? Is anyone awake out there? To punch the protesting man in the face for exercising his right to free speech! Sounds like the same old jack boot on the back of the neck to me, same old, same old god complex!


  2. Debbie says:

    I can’t help but wonder if this business about Trump supporters being uneducated isn’t just part of the mind control and manipulation the establishment is desperately rolling out to malign him – trying to equate it to “only stupid people vote for Trump”…I know dozens of Trump supporters personally, and the majority of them are college educated and a third of them own their own business…so they are both educated and successful, I make this distinction because the colleges seem to be turning out graduates who are not so much educated as they are indoctrinated into the communist belief system – they show no signs of being successful or ever creating anything meaningful…….but they will be good slaves who don’t think for themselves..
    Jean, I thought I might counter your many vicious attacks on Trump by linking to some other commentaries that offer a tad more honest assessments of Trump, I would not be so disappointed in you if you were just saying that politics are useless and voting is useless, but the fact that you are day after day attacking Trump is making me question your intentions…why not attack Cruz or Rubio, Sanders is a communist, Hillary is a career criminal, felon – lots to pick on out there in the field…in fact if you are going to enter the arena with an interest in dissecting candidates and opinionated pieces, why not tell us who you would vote for since this does obviously occupy your time and attention…it’s cop out to say you aren’t interested in politics or that in your world voting is of no point, and then give so much blog space to smearing one candidate you obviously don’t like……..

    • Jean says:

      Debbie, you are clearly entitled to believe what you believe. Let me ask you if you have ever heard any response from The Wealth Watchman that is based in anything other than 3d? Let me hear if you have ever heard anything from Engdahl in the same vein. These are two men for whom I have the highest respect, but in my opinion they are both falling off the rails. I’m assuming you have spent time doing healing work, so I’m wondering why you don’t see what I see. . . How can you possibly thing this outrageous creature would make a good president for our country? Where there is smoke, there is fire, surely, and there is plenty of proof.

      If people on my blog feel this way, then surely they haven’t done their inner work, and they will get what I believe is a very immoral President. I urge, once again, for everyone to consider doing their inner work.

      As I”ve said, no one has to visit my blog. Go elsewhere if you question my intentions, and, Debbie, perhaps you really need to do so. I see what I see, and I”m sorry you don’t agree with me, but I accept that fact. Hugs, ~Jean

  3. Debbie says:


    you are kidding yourself if you think that your attacks on Trump aren’t totally 3d…..that any involvement in the political process isn’t totally 3d including ….if you ignored it altogether I could understand, you can just flip me off and tell me to go elsewhere, no big deal – it’s easier than explaining yourself for being so 3d that you bash Trump……..he is outrageous – maybe so, he certainly is different from the polished, smooth talking, con men we usually have running, but he is the ONLY candidate talking about vaccine dangers, the only candidate talking about working with Putin……the only candidate taking on the establishment all the way around. Over the years I have watched you throw yourself behind one charleton after another…so, its quite possible your judgement is not always on high………if you have proof against Trump let’s see it…………the PROOF, not just lame accusations …..proof, Jean….I think you need more work on healing….because obviously you are still quite bitter and cold inside – far, far from heart centered as you preach…………

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