Industry lobbyists target Dr. Maryanne Demasi (here’s how to help) . . . from Take Back Your Power

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Hi Jean,

On Saturday, I sent you a link to watch “WI-FRIED?” on ABC Austrialia. It was an excellent, courageous investigation of risk from EMF and wireless radiation. The bad news? The show’s producer Dr. Maryanne Demasi has been attacked by industry lobbyists. And the situation has escalated since her Huff Post rebuttal.

The wireless industry has now teamed up with show “Media Watch” in what appears to be an organized attempt to suppress the truth and get her fired.

She is going up against a huge industry who is very financially motivated. And she needs our support.

Please take a moment to post your comment here, stating your support of WI-FRIED?, and telling “Media Watch” what you think about their collaboration with lobbyists and suppression of science.

Please take a moment to go on the Media Watch website. Scroll down to the comments section, and tell them what you think:

And tweet your support to Dr. Demasi @MaryanneDemasi

Let us see clearly through the illusion of industry rhetoric, lies and propaganda. And let’s turn up the volume of truth.


Josh del Sol

* * *

PS. Feel free to include a link or two in your comment. Here are 20 great resources that clearly demonstrate harm:

1) 34 Scientific Studies Showing Adverse Health Effects From Wi-Fi:

2) Several thousand studies that indicate a biological effect and/or harm:

3) Radiofrequency science charts to visually compare studies, radiation intensities and biological effects:

4) Apple manual states to keep your iPhone away from your body at all times:

5) Study: Mobile phones are cooking men’s sperm:

6) Brain surgeon Dr Charlie Teo warns against mobiles, wireless home appliances:

7) American Academy of Pediatrics warns: Limit children’s exposure to cellphones:

8) More than 60 international warnings on Wi-Fi and microwave radiation:

9) A List of Teacher Unions and Parent Teacher Organizations Taking Action On Wi-Fi (USA, Canada, UK, etc):

10) TED Talk from a former Environmental Engineer in Silicon Valley:

11) Insurance giant Swiss RE has given electromagnetic frequencies the HIGHEST possible long term risk rating:

12) Another insurance giant, Lloyd’s of London, will not insure anything wireless:

13) Risk Management Magazine – The Invisible Threat: Radiofrequency Radiation Risk

14) US CDC retracts cellphone radiation warning following pressure from industry lobbyists:

15) WHO involved in suppression of additional science showing harm, since 2011:

16) Study Uncovers How Electromagnetic Fields Amplify Pain in Amputees

17) CEO of 1 Billion-dollar U.K. company speaks out on microwave sickness:

18) Dozens of specific scientific abstracts that all show harm:

19) Solutions: Reducing Wirelesss Radiation and EMF

20) Solutions: Reducing Your EMF Exposure





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2 Responses to Industry lobbyists target Dr. Maryanne Demasi (here’s how to help) . . . from Take Back Your Power

  1. enki says:

    The Silicon valley executives send their children to a school in which computers are….NOT ALLOWED.

    • Jean says:

      Hard to believe, but they aren’t going to allow us to experience the good life. Are you also aware that they will continue to take fine, life-enhacing supplements, but will deprive us of ours. The program has already begun on a TV Program, which is nothing but Propaganda – called Frontline. Sign up their announcements, and just see what they send you.

      Thanks, Enki, and hugs, ~Jean

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