The REAL Reason Donald Trump is Dominating (and it has the Globalists Terrified), The Wealth Watchman

FEBRUARY 24, 2016  •  NTS

Brothers, for months I’ve been silent on the ongoing electoral process in the US election for President, but by no means does that mean I’ve not been carefully watching it or have strong feelings about it.  On the contrary, I’ve been very energized by watching what’s been developing, and all the huge implications it has going forward.

Today I’m silent no longer, and am going to weigh in on the extraordinary political movement we’re now witnessing.  Ladies and gentlemen, the Trump campaign is set to steamroll the entire GOP nomination process, and become the Republican nominee going away. This is giving the incomparably corrupt GOP political machine daily nightmares! And this newest headline from Nevada just sent their terror into overdrive:

Trump Wins Nevada Caucuses

Folks, Trump’s message is resonating everywhere! From the northeast, to the heart of Dixie, to the Silver State out West: Trump is the name everyone’s talking about, whether they like him or hate him.

The man is fearless, I mean, he even crashed a stump speech last night which Zionist shill, Glenn Beck was giving for Cruz, in mid sentence!  Look at Glenn’s hilarious face, as the crowd listening to him, suddenly all shifted to the other side of the room!  Glenn was totally alpha’ed! #Priceless

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3 Responses to The REAL Reason Donald Trump is Dominating (and it has the Globalists Terrified), The Wealth Watchman

  1. lmerkabaman says:

    Donald Trump does not terrify the globalists. He is the globalist dream ! He is globalism personified. If he terrified them , he would not be getting the top headline every single day as they own the media. Every time we even talk about Trump, the world gets a little sadder and a little dumber, zombified.

  2. kathyet says:

    Can’t get the links up…

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