A thank you from ~Jean :)

I am not going to publish/respond all your very kind messages, but you can believe I have read every single one of them.

Today, I am getting messages that others are being similarly attacked, and quite frankly, I didn’t think I fit in their category. Maybe it is because I am ready and willing to publish their work.

Those of you who are sending me private messages, I am not going to answer, because while they may already know your addresses, I refuse to say anything that will make my life worse than it already is.

So, the time has come where some of you – many of you, I hope, are going to have to step to the line, show your abilities to discern, and share the word via your email lists. Just a few people have tried and tried to get the truth out, but the answer is really in the numbers of you who do so.

I hope to be back, but I doubt that it will be for a while, and frankly, I just don’t know. What I do know is if they continue to get away with it, because Americans are asleep, they will continue to strip us of everything we own, even our lives.

Love and hugs to everyone!


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