UPDATED – The Best Headlines I Came Across in The Last Week! Friday, March 4, 2016

UPDATE: I hope you are all carefully reading my posts and just haven’t gotten to Jim Stone’s statement yet, because to those of you who have written me about Newt Gingrich’s video, you will see it there 🙂 ~J

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I’ve rested and dealt with things here. I’ve been keeping track of various story threads that I believe are important, and here are articles/videos that I have selected that I hope will be meaningful to everyone.

Also, I have been aware almost from the beginning that they are knocking down my number of hits, but I now understand that is is because that makes me harder to find on the Search Engines. If you want people to learn what I’m sharing, you are going to have to make a point to tell them to check out my site, and I do welcome that kindness on your part.

I am no longer going to publish comments, but if you have information or a link to share, as always, I’m grateful if you will leave it for me. What interests you all is really important to me. These stories will come out, maybe not every day (and remember this collection is from a full week), but you will see them exactly as you see them today. I feel like they have real ‘meat’ in them, and I hope you’ll agree. I am not going to ‘answer comments’ anymore, because I did read them all, and this has become too much for me, especially with the amount of information that is now flooding the internet.

So, I hope you will all continue with me on this strange ride we are now on! I send love and hugs to everyone. ~Jean

The Oracle Report, March 4, 2016

The Awakening Nears Critical Mass – Zen Gardner

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***The “War on Terror” is a Massive Zionist Fraud

***Dr. Steven Greer: Beware of the Fake ‘Alien Invasion’
 This brief video really, really clicked with me!

***Veterans-for-Trump leader arrested for Bundy-ranch standoff  This man intends to speak to Trump to inform him of what is really going on in this situation. I think we will learn a great deal from Trump’s response about the sort of man he might be as President. I don’t think this is a situation he can or should duck!

 ***Jim Stone Shares Trump’s Platform Note: There is a video here that may disappear. As I glanced at Trump’s Platform, it shows he knows/expresses very little of what most of us know is reality. He has a lot to learn. I prefer Bix Weir’s words yesterday that go something like this; Prepare to vote; by the time the election arrives, this crew will be gone. I pray he is correct.

Bundy family members arrested in Utah on federal warrant, March 03

 ***Moscow, a rampart against the jihadists, by Thierry Meyssan This rather long article explained to me Putin’s view of the Syrian situation/Turkey situation. It is different from what most think and explains the moves he has made. It gave me more clarity about what he is attempting, so far successfully, and why this cease fire is important.

 * * * 

In 1993, Noam Chomsky delivered the Zika secret, Jon Rappoport Mar 04

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Reality Check: No Matter Who Wins The White House, The New Boss Will Be The Same As The Old Boss | Zero Hedge (Politics Today Is Not About Democrats and Republicans). Learn what else it is NOT about, and why!

The Two-Party Illusion | Zero Hedge

The Stupid Things People Do When Their Society Breaks Down | Zero Hedge

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Panel: World Pedophile/child sacrifice network based on Babylonian system includes 2016 Trump, Clintons, CIA, Popes, Monarchs, Churches, NewsInsideOut

* * * 

New Blockbuster Evidence, Clinton Responsible for the Death of Ambassador Stevens | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

Judge Warns Hillary “Should Be Terrified” After Justice Grants Email-Staffer Immunity | Zero Hedge

‘Supreme Leader’ Trump and the Wall Street Mullahs – American Herald Tribune

 * * * 

EXCLUSIVE: Turkey ‘protects & supplies’ Al-Nusra camps at its border – Syria’s YPG to RT — RT News

Erdogan’s son abandoned Bologna over ‘security’ reasons – report — RT News

Russia and Turkey Move Closer to War with Assassination Ploy (updated) (I don’t think I agree with Duff’s premise, but it is time for you to decide. I don’t think Putin will allow a ‘ploy’ to lead him into a war 🙂

* * * 

Washington refuses to reveal details of cooperation with Dutch investigators over MH-17 — RT USA

Nobel Prize winner tells Obama to stay away from Argentina on US-backed coup anniversary — RT USA Is this the same reason that the Pope will likely not be going to Argentina until April or May? Is there a problem here? Things not quite working out?

‘Critical mass’ reached to freeze oil output – Russian energy minister — RT Business

Chemical terrorism now a reality, extremists getting real warfare agents – Lavrov — RT News

Japanese PM suspends construction of controversial US base in Okinawa — RT News

DML Unfiltered | KrisAnne Hall discusses BLM land grabs – I really like the work DML does!

Latest videos from KrisAnne Hall for Feb 27, 2016:

KrisAnne’s most recent videos. I advise you to watch any of them you are able to get your hands on – forget the date, because the topic is absolutely  pertinent


  1. Putting Power in the Political Elite | The KrisAnne Hall Show, Feb 26th. 2016

  2. 2

    Feds Back Down To Sheriffs’ Demands | The KrisAnne Hall Show, Feb 25th. 2016

  3. 3

    How Much Regulation? | The KrisAnne Hall Show, March 14th. 2014

  4. 4

    FBI Seeks Unlimited Search Power | The KrisAnne Hall Show, Feb 24th. 2016

  5. 5

    When Our Government Persecutes & Prosecutes Liberty | The KrisAnne Hall Show, Feb 23rd. 2016

  6. 6

    Money and Politics | The KrisAnne Hall Show, March 12th. 2014

  7. 7

    DOJ: Combating Domestic | The KrisAnne Hall Show, Feb 22nd. 2016

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