Headlines for Sunday, March 6, 2016

Since my computer just crashed, even though I’m not quite ready to put this report out, I’m letting it go now . . . I’ll do any necessary editing later. . .  :)~J

 * * *

They shut down my computer just as I was sharing The Oracle Report and I lost a lot. I strongly suggest you take time to listen to Larua’s recording HERE, which briefly explains the Sabian symbols and how the Illuminati use them, ties up and reviews the changes in the past year, and looks through the coming year — even to the astrology of the coming elections. If you consider that absolutely everything is energy, then you will realize the importance of astrology and that it is far more than a party game.

China’s Big Treasury Dump Should Scare Americans -Peter Schiff  The original film clip from Peter Schiff disappeared and is now incorporated in an advertising gambit – and he sidles around what he originally said, which is, as best as I can say it: China has decided to take the hit for owning US Treasuries now and is getting rid of them, while they still have some value. When the fiat dollar collapses, they will not be left with a lot of useless Treasuries that they will have to sell, because it will only drag their own currency down. When the dollar collapses, and the revaluation is done, the Chinese yuan will be far stronger without any dollars clinging to it. Wall Street, of course, isn’t speaking about this.



DAHBOO777 Busted! Grand Jury Finds 50 Roman Catholic Priests Raped Hundreds of Kids  (video)

  – Related: Pennsylvania grand jury finds 50 Roman Catholic priests raped hundreds of children

Donald Trump: secret Jesuit agent for Commander-in-Chief? 

“There you have it; Trump, in addition to being affiliated with both Jesuit Fordham and covertly Jesuit UPenn, has at least three children who are all alumni of UPenn and notorious Jesuit Georgetown University!

“Whether it be Trump, Jeb Bush, Hilary Clinton or even Bernie Sanders that ends up winning the 2016 election, all of these candidates are connected to Rome and all will only serve to implement the tyrannical, neo-Romanist policies of the Papacy and its professed soldiers of the Society of Jesus.”

Bronfman’s Connections to John McCain

  – RelatedElite Zionist with Rothschilds Connection is Dead

DML Unfiltered: Carol Bundy on the recent arrest of her son and others

Special Chechen agents in ISIS (Vide0)  -amazing and heartwarming!

Outright PANIC! :: Jim Sinclair’s Mineset – Romney’s Speech . . . the anger swelling in the American People. . . (I’m particularly interested in this anger.It needs to happen; it is healthy!) Two of my articles on March 4th were about the fact that there is no difference between the two parties, and one even had an explanation of why there is no difference. IMO, these two understandings/feelings have to develop until there is a groundswell that can’t be held back. How long will this take? Some are saying that it might take until the fall, so we have a long way to go.

Americans ‘totally disillusioned’ with US politics as usual — RT Op-Edge I think Trump is a reflection of this fact. He is giving voice to our increasing anger and rage, all healthy in my view.

Which 2016 presidential candidates are members of Council on Foreign Relations?

If Voting Mattered, They Wouldn’t Let You Do It | Zero Hedge

America’s Aristocracy Facing Resistance from American Public Regarding Russia, by Eric Zuesse Washington’s Blog

American Empire Exposed  – by Joachim Hagopian Commentary [and beyond] commentary on the latest US Empire aggression in the South China Sea.  I really like Joachim’s views and the way he writes

– Related:PressTV – ‘US strike carrier group enters South China Sea’

Europe’s Slow Motion Debacle – This article has a lot to do with Moscow, a rampart against the jihadists, by Thierry Meyssan that I published yesterday. Putin understood from almost the beginning that Turkey was the real problem, as they involved Georgia (and Soros) and other areas. What he has successfully done about this situation is the subject of Thierry’s article. Again, I hope you will take time now to carefully read both of these articles.

WikiLeaks: US, Saudis Planned to Topple Syria’s Assad in 2012

KrissAnne Hall’s Weekly videos – stay informed about how the Constitution is being abused!!! . . . work your way through them during the course of the week.

  1. 1

    More Pens And Phones | The KrisAnne Hall Show, March 31st. 2014

  2. What is Liberty Worth to You? | The KrisAnne Hall Show, March 28th. 2014

  3. 3

    Hypocrisy of Loretta Lynch | The KrisAnne Hall Show, March 4th. 2016

  4. 4

    The Real Consequences of Scalia’s Absence | The KrisAnne Hall Show, March 3rd. 2016

  5. 5

    Proving Power Motivation Not Security | The KrisAnne Hall Show Mar. 2nd. 2016

  6. 6

    Victories For Gun Owners & Land Owners | The KrisAnne Hall Show, March 1st. 2016


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