Headlines (late day), Tuesday, March 8, 2015


FBI agents under investigation for possible misconduct in LaVoy Finicum shooting
 Here we go again with ‘craziness! Misconduct in LaVoy’s shooting? Under The Constitution, there was absolutely no reason to even stop LaVoy Finicum, let alone shoot him. He had not broken any law.

U.S. Regime, in Violation of International Law, Sets Up Air Base in North Hasakah, Splitting the Political and Territorial Integrity of Syria

The Syrian Ceasefire Is A Farce: US Establishing ILLEGAL Airbases Inside Syrian Territory!

William Boardman: Romney Throws Hat Toward Ring, Warns of Abyss

Boardman writes: “Mitt Romney, former Republican candidate for president, showed up in public again on March 3 to make a non-announcement announcement of his candidacy before rambling into a semi-coherent, 18-minute speech, the main purpose of which . . . (continue reading)

Catherine Austin Fitts-Criminals Running US Government (VIDEO)

 The government of President Maduro has denounced the opposition’s plans as a US-backed attempt to bring about a coup d’état in the oil-rich country that is home to 29 million people.

SOTT.net Headlines:

Syrian Kurds say jihadists used yellow phosphorus in chemical attack on Aleppo

Alexander Mercouris: Libyan crisis showed US foreign policy is a train wreck

Erdogan’s fantasy: A ‘refugee city’ in Syria, only a devious smokescreen

Terrorists in Kiev shell eastern Ukraine checkpoint, sending Russian journalists into hiding

Yemen has received just 2% of required $1.8Bln in ai

Sott Exclusive: Hillary Clinton’s bluffing. But who cares. She’s a Clinton

Syrian ceasefire bulletin: Syrian truce delegates want a unified Syr

Netanyahu cancels visit to White House, sparking rumors of strained relations between US and Israel

Neocons worried Trump will bring an end to their world order

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