Several thoughts from ~Jean, March 9, 2016

I have several thoughts I would like to share with you.

1.) I know that many of you are diligently learning the truth about what is happening on our planet, but I have to say that for a couple of reasons I can no longer help you with your questions. More than a week ago, I finally reached deep back into my past, to my very beginnings, and in the middle of the night, I experienced my first experience of life: I was conceived into a toxic womb, and my first experience of life was SHOCK. It came to me as two huge shocks (felt like electricity, and since everything is energy, I believe it was). That afternoon, all I could do, as a result of those two deep shocks was to sleep. A short time earlier, I’d gone through the experience of my mother’s attempt to abort me. Then, finally, I had to experience them both together, because that is how it was for me. As the pain left my body, the pain was almost unbelievable, and I felt ready to throw up as I realized that this is what our infants suffer, silently, without our awareness, as they now so often die an early death. It was all so terrible for me, as I realized unlike what we have been taught, life begins at conception.

I’d already been taught as a result of the emotional healing work I’d done that our bodies can’t tell the difference between reality and memory — and obviously, this was a memory. I therefore have had the task of confronting this memory and teaching myself that My inner child is terrified forever of those experiences, so it has been up to me to parent her, as the adult in the situation, and protect her in her fear. . . This is not a therapy session, so I’m not going to take this any further. It’s a long, tough path, but it has freed me the way drugs never could. Besides that, I’m in touch with the essence of who I am and am no longer living as an Agenda 21 person. 

So because I’m coming back from these terrible experiences, experiences I almost feel I was not meant to survive, and trying to get stronger, I’m not answering comments, not now, and I doubt I will again.

(By the way, I’ve come to the conclusion that karma is a lie, just as are the fearful teaching of the church. Nobody ever deserves what I have gone through and what many others have had to survive – and maybe didn’t – because of karma. Karma, IMO,  is simply another method of control to keep us in our places.)

2.) The other reason is that there is enough information out there about what is going on here on our planet, and if you don’t have a pretty good idea now, I think it’s time for you to slow down and do some thoughtful reading. I could suggest about 5-6 phrses that would describe the entire picture: Satan worshipers; pedophiles – to create terror on the planet and her grids; have no concern for human life; greedy and into control; want it all for themselves. What more do we need to know?

While I’m interested in following the collapse, I’m no longer interested in every gory detail. While I’m interested in calling them on their lies and — now— confusing statements, the fact is that they have lost!

Today, when I listened to Catherine Austin Fitts interview HERE, I liked her outlook and I agree with her. While she didn’t say it, I don’t believe we are going to be rescued. She gave many practical ideas about how we can save ourselves. Why should ETs save us? You have heard me say many times that I believe there are ETs there, but that we aren’t ready to meet them. We cannot move to a higher dimension unless we are emotionally mature, and I do not see that we are even close to being ready! 

I do believe in ETs, but I also believe that when we are ready, they will show up.

If you believe in people like Corey Goode, who has a history of MKUltra, this is your choice. About Ben Fulford: When I published the article today about the almost total destruction of Japan, I was sickened by his continuous words at the beginning of Fukushima that there was no radiation fallout, and etc., etc., etc. When you leave me articles without vetting them that are clearly co-intel, and fear mongering, I’m not going to comment anymore. I’m simply not going to publish them. I’ve been over this many times — and I’m perfectly fine if you want to visit those sites, etc. but I’m done with them.

Catherine speaks simply about the financial situation, she has confidence in the American people, and she believes the changes need to be made at the State and local level. She believes we need to return to the Constitution . . . and that if we all get to work, we can do it.

I totally agree with Catherine, and I’m ready to move on, to find out even while we watch the demise of the cabal, what we can do to take back our country. As I listened to her words, I couldn’t help but think about the CAFR funds . . . just a sample. of things we can do at a local level. I’m not going to provide leadership in this effort; I’m too old, but I will happily disseminate practical information.

Thanks, Catherine, for giving me a light to follow!

Hugs to everyone,




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