DUI checkpoint video goes viral

Published on Nov 12, 2013

. . . and here’s another one, if you have thirty minutes

Published on Jun 5, 2015
On 08/09/2014 in Los Angeles, I went through what looked like a construction zone, only to realize it was an unconstitutional checkpoint. I was not drinking or under the influence of anything else. — more —

I did not initiate or premeditate this encounter as you can see I started the video documentation AFTER I was already stopped. During and throughout this ordeal you will hear and see the cops making up the “rules” along the way. At first, it was a DUI Checkpoint. If that’s the case, why ask for my Driver License? How does showing a license determine sobriety? Then, it was a DUI/Driver License checkpoint, which is unlawful.

Throughout, I was cool, calm, lucid, and articulate. I properly exercised my right to not answer questions. Note the female cop say I was required to have a California Driver License (without even knowing that I don’t live in California) I was threatened multiple times, NOT with arrest but, damage to my vehicle. I asked numerous times if I was under arrest, of what crime I was being accused of and got no response to my direct and appropriate questions.

After exiting the car on my own, you can see the abuse by the cop who had no reason to lock cuffs on me so tightly I have nerve damage to my left wrist and hand. Hear me ask and them say I was under arrest but not say for what charge. Note the cop belittling me when he says, “Make sure you notify the FAA when you’re convicted of a DUI” (This guy already had me CONVICTED of a DUI during this stop without due process, before a trial, before a conviction).

I spent the night in jail, released the next day with a ticket, being charged with two counts of “Refusing to Comply”, even though I actually did, one count of “Possession of Marijuana”, and NO charges for DUI! — All charges were eventually DISMISSED!

These are bullshit checkpoints, and they know it! Don’t fold under their threats!

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