The feds IN FACT have no jurisdiction to prosecute Bundys – Freedom from Government | Official Website

The 1861 Civil-War era law (H. R. 45) isn’t applicable to prosecute the Bundys and the other protesters. The feds IN FACT have no jurisdiction.

CLICK HERE to continue reading and to understand why this Civl War era law isn’t applicable — as well as to understand what the Constitution says about Article I, Section 8, Clause 17, about which KrisAnne Hall also constantly talks.

[ALSO, be sure to read the comments!!! I know for a fact that the State of Oregon is being run like a corporation, as is the BLM, and in the Comments you will see that others are now realizing this. The only proof I do have in my fists is what is going on in West Virginia (but I have seen the same for Oregon) where Thomas Deegan is also being held, unable to face his accuser — a Constitutional right: Here are ALL the Dun and Bradstreet Reports/Screenshots that PROVE Thomas Deegan’s case!]


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