Headlines, Saturday, March 12, 2016

Thomas Deegan’s AUDIO HEARING – I don’t know how I can make this more important to people than to put it at the top of my postings today. It is vital that we understand what Thomas has done in this hearing concerning the STRAWMAN, about which many of you have read. We must understand the idea of a STRAWMAN!!! This criminality is so blatant it sickens me! If you Google strawman, you will find nothing but the fact that it is a fallacy!!!

Here, however, is a link I hope you will explore, because it teaches us so much and includes information about the STRAWMAN. If you will listen to KrisAnne Hall’s post, just below, you will see how insane our country has become, so, yes, as responsible citizens we need to know the truth of what a STRAWMAN is! If you have a better link, please share it. This is the best I can do today! Now, it’s up to you!!!

I believe that Thomas Deegan’s case is completely tied into Amon Bundy’s case, and I think we need to understand this. How many will do their homework to understand? I’ve tried and tried to get people’s attention on this situation, but it never takes hold. Thomas already has the answers Amon Bundy needs!!! 

I suggest you listen only to the second audio, because this is where Thomas states the ‘truth’ so clearly . . . yes, it is slow getting started, but this is all about saving our country!

From Leonard Harview:

The links provided below are from a hearing held on March 1, 2016.  What I gather here is a clear and blatant act of treason, sedition, and fraud in the factum, and fraud in the execution by the purported Wood county, West Virginia circuit court judge, Jeffrey B. Reed. 

As you will witness, Thomas eviscerates foreign agent and purported judge Jeffrey B. Reed, foreign agent and purported assistant prosecutor Rogers, and Thomas’ foreign agent and purported public defender John Oshaway with their blatant violations of the original contract ie: the Constitution for the united States of America. Thomas has put on the record that this kangaroo court does not recognize the supreme law of the land and are clearly warring against the original contract they purportedly have subscribed and taken allegiance to and defined as the oath of office. 



 * * * 

The Oracle Report, Saturday-Sunday, March 12-13, 2016

. . . As these themes are “set upon the table” this weekend, give some thought to the state of your will.  This is divine masculine inside each of us.  Let’s take up our will and our desire to set the table of the future the way we want it.  How do you want your life to be?  How do you want the world to be?  Envision it and believe.  Higher forces are listening.

Happy Willpower Weekend, everyone!

(A digression:  Interestingly, does it seem that the divine masculine is not showing up or does not look like what we’ve been imaging for eternity?  Has chivalry been much misunderstood?  I posit that chivalry is not Lancelot in all of his ruffles.  Chivalry is the raw power of will to pummel that which is beneath contempt.  Chivalry is visceral.  And it is breaking its silence.)


Translation by Google: All of us possess the spark of divine creation that God has given to each of the living creatures. Humans most developed in consciousness are still children at the mounting of Evolution; but each of us has the intelligence and the creative power to tune into God! Mistakenly people are waiting for something fantastic, supernatural, magical, in the world and in their lives to happen.

Want to perform Their dreams individualists since They can not donate if being unhappy with Their designs frustrated … They hope in God and Jesus, in Buddha, Krishina Allah … forgetting that every day they can perform minor miracles in Their Lives and in the lives of others. Small actions that together with the efforts of each swell to a gigantariam too large for the planet Earth and the cosmos, transforming everything! .. We are small Messiah! by TheRosa9611

Pope calls migrant crisis an Arab Invasion  –  says Europe must discover her cultural roots

New Evidence Shows Foul Play, Cover-up by FBI and OSP in Shooting of LaVoy Finicum – DOJ Opens New Investigation Do you really believe the DOJ will conduct an impartial investigation? C”mon!

Pope calls migrant crisis an Arab Invasion  –  says Europe must discover her cultural roots

Roberts Unilaterally Overturns SCOTUS Opinion | The KrisAnne Hall Show, March 11th. 2016 – BTW, In case you are not aware, KrisAnne was in Burns, Oregon teaching people there about the Constitution. Amon Bundy – and group – studied with her. I’m learning so much from her.

Armed Patriots Stand Against Feds!!! Video

Feds Refer to Pete Santilli As A SHILL, Cliven Bundy Refuses to Enter Plea

Donald Trump Closing Remarks – AMAZING! Let’s Come Together Remember, that talk is cheap! I was sick when I head Donald say he can act Presidential whenever he wants, and my response is, “Oh, yeah?” Is being Presidential just an act that one puts on like a costume?  Please do not misunderstand me, because I think Trump is playing an important role right now, but do I want him as President? Do I want chaos? Right now, that is what the question is for me.

A reader also comments: Re: The defender of Trump’s’ finishing sentence states: “If you want to see a true reflection of a man, look at his children. Need I say more?” Well, I have looked at his sons. These are spoiled conscienceless “men” who think it’s not only OK to slaughter one of the few remaining elephants for “sport” but who have, indeed, done so – and proudly. THAT’S what Mr.Trump has raised. Congrats, Mr. Trump.”

Soros Funds Hispanic Move against Trump

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