UPDATED Info on D&B reports – Amazing Research compilation on the BLM, Bundys, Federal Overreach, etc.

I have several email addresses and intend to share this valuable compilation. The one email I do not have is that of Sibel Edmonds. Can anyone help out with this?

UPDATE on D&B reports below fromJohn Woolsey. Leonard directed me to it. My thanks to both men:

“Manta” is Dun and Bradstreet’s free search engine. You have to deal with adds, and it used to contain a lot more info, but it gives enough, like what you see above. It’s amazing how many “privately held companies” are run out of your city hall. I’d like to know who “holds” them. search your city. Note how branches/departments are identified. Search your police department. Note how many different privately held companies are run out of your police headquarters that are not even affiliated with your city. Same for the courts. My city has two code enforcement’s, you probably do too. (City) code enforcement, (City) city code enforcement. They have different phone numbers and different managers, but the same main address of city hall.

I knew I also had this research from sometime ago, and finally I have just found it, so I’m adding it in here: ~J

Go to Dun & Bradstreet’s website: www.dnb.com.

Type in “OREGON, STATE OF” in the Company Search/Site Search engine bar at the upper righthand side of the webpage.

Next click on the “Search the site” button.

This is the link to the first page of listings for the OREGON, STATE OF:


Link to page 2:


Additional information on US Government Corporations can be found in the pdf link below:

Here are a few that are listed – all corporations!

US Department of Defense (DOD)-03042139

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)-878865674

Federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM)-926038563

State of Oregon-932534998


 * * * 

My thanks to Anonymous who researched and compiled this info 🙂 ~J

Brief personal note from the researcher: I hope I am not being redundant in stating this, but it should abundantly clear to everyone by now that this is international issue with many key players behind the scenes who are using land-use arguments as a cover to do whatever they please.

I have read stories about other ranchers and farmers who have been affected in multiple states now. The truth is TPTB could care less about the environment – just like the UN’s “green” man Maurice Strong who preached sustainability while stealing water in Colorado to export it for profit. The man was a complete fraud and criminal.

Sometimes the wheels of justice turn slowly, but eventually we will get there!

Background information on Harney County, the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Harney County Hydrology and Geology including key natural resources:

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge:

Harney Basin Hydrology:
“Because of its climate it received sparse white settlement and was largely left to the Paiute until the late 19th century. Settlement pressures and conflicts with the Paiute in other areas of Oregon caused President Ulysses S. Grant in 1872 to create a reservation for the Paiute encompassing Malheur Lake and much of the basin. Growing settlement pressures, in particular the discovery of gold in the surrounding mountains, as well as the interest of white settlers to form ranches in the region, caused the Commissioner of Indian Affairs to abruptly terminate the reservation in 1879. The Northern Paiute would survive virtually landless until obtaining tracts of land near Burns in 1935.”

Harney Basin is one of the least populated areas in the US:

Excerpted list of Natural Resources from the Harney County Comprehensive Plan:

1. Coppers, Lead and Zinc
Harney County has an area in the southern most part of the county in the Pueblo
Mountains that has been identified as an area of significant base metal occurrence
of copper, lead and zinc with little or no production. An ever-increasing copper
demand can be attributed to the development of electric power and expansion of the
brass and bronze industries.
Lead and zinc follow copper in production and consumption in the United States.
Lead is particularly vital to the transportation industry where it is used in storage
batteries, bearing metals and tetraethyl gasoline. Smaller amounts are used as type
metal, solder and in the glass and chemical industry. Zinc’s main use is in
galvanizing, followed by diecastings, photoengraving plates, and dry-cell battery
9. Uranium
Uranium, the basic raw material of atomic energy, is a dense, hard, nickel-white,
metallic element. It is highly reactive and combines readily with other elements to
form a great number of primary and secondary minerals. Uranium has the property
of radioactivity, i.e., the spontaneous emission of radiation (energy).
Total Oregon production has been about 200 tons of uranium from 120,000 tons of
ore, with the bulk of the production from the White King Mine in Lake County.
Prospects and known occurrences in Harney County are near Pike Creek (Kiska)
and Timber Beast.

The geologic structure of the Harney Basin is such that the rocks bordering the central
alluvial plain dip inward from all sides with the drainage flowing into Harney and
Malheur lakes. The valley is made of up alluvium fill, which has been washed into the
valley over time. This alluvium constitutes a ground-water reservoir from which a
considerable quantity of water can be recovered perennially for irrigation and other

All three reports indicated a high potential for groundwater development from both deep wells and the shallower alluvium deposits. In addition to these studies, extensive well logs are on file with the Water Resources Department and a number of studies focusing on specific areas have been published.
(See Ground Water Resources in Harney Valley, Harney County, Oregon, by A. R.
Leonard, U.S.G.S., November 1970; Ground Water Levels 1967-1968″ Bartholomew
and Debow, Ground Water Report No. 15, May 1970).

In addition to these studies, extensive well logs are on file with the Water Resources
Department and a number of studies focusing on specific areas have been published.
(See Ground Water Resources in Harney Valley, Harney County, Oregon, by A. R.
Leonard, U.S.G.S., November 1970; Ground Water Levels 1967-1968″ Bartholomew
and Debow, Ground Water Report No. 15, May 1970).

Malheur County targeted for gold, uranium mines:

A list of some of the mining companies interested in Oregon’s resources:

“Oregon Energy LLC owns and operates uranium projects. It owns 72 uranium lode claims and spread across 580 hectares. The company was incorporated in 2010 and is based in the United States. Oregon Energy LLC operates as a subsidiary of Energy Ventures Ltd.”
Info on Energy Ventures:
Energy Ventures is formally known as Uranium One:
Now Russian ARMZ Uranium Holding:

Mining company Calico Resources is a major stakeholder in extracting gold in Malheur County next to Harney County where according to Ammon Bundy the Federal Government wants to establish a National Monument that would affect 350-400 ranchers:

Background on Oregon Energy LLC’s proposal to BLM. According to this information the project was initially put on-hold due to Sage Grouse habitat concerns:

BLM NonRenewableEnergyDevelopment.pdf map. This BLM map shows the locations of Uranium mining many which overlap the DOD’s interests:

Oregon Geology Study posted by Dr.William B. Mount:

Dr. William Mount discussion on natural gas reserves and other valuable natural resources found in Harney County Studies:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6DCk_MkuIs

Hydrology map for Harney County:

Oregon Department of Water Resources maps:

Harney County Judge Steven Grasty expresses shock about the State imposing a water extraction moratorium in the county.. The State’s Ground Water Manager placed a 5 year well drilling moratorium in Harney County but so far has only made anedoctal statements about the Harney Basin being in trouble. In an interview with Dave Hodge, Ammon Bundy stated that ranchers access to water has been cut off.

Dave Hodges Interviews Ammon Bundy:

Why Is the CIA Taking Over Burns, Oregon?
Dave Hodges
January, 16, 2016

Congressman Greg Walden addresses U.S. House on situation in Harney County, OR, federal overreach in the West:

Roy Potter: Ammon Bundy has found evidence proving fraud in the Oregon Hammond case.

Professor Doom 1 YouTube channel. (Note: Interesting screen shots of comments from Uranium One’s website regarding current events and their interest in the Burns, Oregon situation).
Oregon: Harney County the secret they don’t want you to know:

Agenda 21 Documents and related articles:

Zerohedge – How Feds Got All Western Land and Why It’s a Problem:

UN Biodiversity Treaty and the Wilderness Project:

UN Biodiversity Map:

America2050 Megaregions Map:

Soros and The Gang
By Katherine Frisk on January 9, 2016
“Central to this theme is the ownership of the land and removing populations worldwide in order to control the food system and the resources in any given country.”

Information on Harney County and Oregon State Officials, The Clintons and others:

Who is Harney County Judge Steven Grasty?

Steven Grasty wears many hats. Grasty is not only the Harney County Judge, he is the Health Adminstrator, County Commissioner, Chief Budget Officer and CEO:

Judge Steven Grasty listed as consultant in BLM’s desk guide:

Professor Doom 1 YouTube Channel:
BLM/Oregon: Judge Grasty’s Brother a BLM Agent and scandals of the BLM:

Professor Doom 1 YouTube: BLM Land Grabs & Dirty Oregon Judges

Professor Doom II YouTube Channel: (Judge Steven Grasty is a Freemason).
Secrets of the Freemasons at Oregon’s Malheur Wildlife Refuge

CODGoddess YouTube Channel: Harney County Sheriff Ward worked for the BLM. Sheriff Ward was appointed by a County committee that included Steven Grasty to replace the prior sheriff who had retired. According to the information linked below, Ward worked for the BLM and was a witness against the Hammond’s in the terrorism trial. See the affidavit court document on pg.5. Witness Number 11 testimony is listed as BLM Range Specialist Dave Ward. Also according to Sheriff Dave Ward’s bio on the County’s website he also served in the army in Afghanistan and Somalia:

Sheriff Ward is not a Constitutional Sheriff. He was appointed:

He was appointed by the Harney County Court:

Harney County Fire Chief resigns after finding FBI infiltration. The Chief said he was told he needs to see what his cohorts are doing at the local armory:

Excerpted Harney County Court Meeting Notes and Correspondence with the BLM:

November 2014 minutes reveal the BLM was compiling a database of mineral rights records. Local residents expressed concerns about FEMA doing low level surveillance flights over the area:

Grasty tells the BLM they are unwilling to listen to local input on their committee. A large presence with public comment makes no difference as the BLM is only willing to take written comments. County Commissioner Nichols stated the County is being led by the BLM and it does not matter how many thousands of Harney County residents show up. The BLM is not going to listen:

Grasty expresses frustration and concern with the Forest Service regarding the Malheur Forest plans and the fact the public has not had the opportunity to review it or have any input:

Grasty expresses frustration with all the Federal Agency studies, some thousands of pages long that the county has been inundated with:

Local Harney Count residents express major concerns about Agenda21 and proposed road closures. Many expressed the fact that they did not have input in the processes, the proposal maps are not clear on many counts:

Locals Harney County residents express concerns about grazing, fire control and road closures:

Article outlining concerns from the Hammond’s about proposed road closures and the economic impact it would have to their ranch and the area:

Background on the Sage Grouse issue. Grasty worked against listing Sage Grouse as an endangered species so ranchers did not have to deal with the Federal agencies:

Read Pages 65-70 linked below.
Letters between Judge Grasty and the BLM show the BLM excluded local input, circumnavigated established laws. Read Judge Grasty’s response letter from the US Dept. of Interior, State Office of the BLM to Judge Steven Grasty. Then read the letter Grasty wrote to the BLM regarding the exclusion of 3 counties and the drastic changes made to the original draft of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) in the process to establish a 1.9 million acre National Monument that would span 3 counties starting on pg. 68. Judge Grasty’s letter is addressed to all levels of the BLM: local, state, federal offices and is supported by all 3 affected counties:

Harney County Court Minutes from 2015 with the BLM EIS document attached:

3 area Counties agree to request a supplemental EIS for the Sage Grouse matter:

Grasty denies sale of land to local rancher so BLM gets first rights:

Grasty To Represent County In Legal Negotiations:
“Grasty discussed the BLM’s application to withdraw approximately 1,929,580 acres of public and National Forest System Lands, which are identified as Sagebrush Focal Areas, in Oregon. The proposed withdrawal would close these lands to location and entry under the United States mining laws to protect and preserve greater sage grouse and its habitat.”

A Tale of Cattle, Sage Grouse, and Uranium in Oregon:

Oregon Governor Kate Brown was born in Spain to a father in the USAF. She is an evironmental attorney and Aspen Institute darling. She supported the Comcast-Time-Warner merger in a letter after she received a $10,000 campaign contribution. She was appointed to the Governorship after the former Governor John Kitzhaber resigned over a scandal involving co-chair of the Oregon Renewable Energy Working Group, Cylvia Hayes on February 18, 2015. Brown was appointed to the office of Governor as she was next in line of succession as Secretary of State:

“Cylvia Hayes served as a member and co-chair of the Oregon Renewable Energy Working Group (REWG), which developed the state Renewable Energy Standard, Renewable Fuels Standard, and other clean energy policies. Hayes and Kitzhaber also faced questions over her alleged use of her position as first lady and relationship to the governor to boost the profile of her consulting business. In October 2014, the Willamette Week raised questions about the potential conflict of interest regarding Hayes’ role as First Lady and her consulting work for 3EStrategies. In November the Oregon Government Ethics Commission rejected a request made by Kitzhaber to look into her records. On February 25, 2015, Hayes filed a lawsuit against The Oregonian,[48] claiming Fifth Amendment Rights against the release of the emails and citing from Rosenblum’s order that Hayes had asked for a state email but was ineligible without employee status.[47] On April 3, 2015, under Federal subpoena Governor Kate Brown’s office publicly released 94,000 emails between Hayes and official email accounts for staff members in Kitzhaber’s office.[49][50] As of April 2015, investigations into Hayes’ involvement are ongoing.”

Prominent players in Haye’s email communiations scandal include e-mails to Gabriela Goldfarb – Kitzhaber policy advisor on natural resources:

Hayes background included a grant from the DOE:
http://www.oregonlive.com/politics/index.ssf/2014/10/who_is_cylvia_hayes_oregons_fi.hHayes also received a contract from the Oregontml

Department of Energy:

3Estrategies Website: One of Hayes’ clients includes the United States Department of Energy who provided her with a grant. She also led an Oregon State Trade Commission to China:

This is also an organization that also receives Rockerfeller Funds. Oregon Governor Kitzhaber, Tom Steyer and Clean Economy Development Center of Washington, D.C
The controversy centers on Gov. John Kitzhaber’s fiancée, Cylvia Hayes. She was paid $118,000 by the Clean Economy Development Center (CEDC) to advocate for environmentalist policies in Oregon.

Who is Tom Steyer? He is a billionaire hedge fund manager who raised millions for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. He also worked with George P. Shulz (a major mover and shaker in the Global Carbon Cap & Trade Initiatve) on the CA ballot initiative No on Prop 23:

Agenda21 Planning Behind the Scenes?
Former Oregon Governor Kitzhaber, Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg, Cylvia Hayes and the top levels of government in CA and WA schemed to put a green energy plan together to roll out to the other states:

Brown Administration Tied To Scandal That Took Down Oregon Governor:
“Corruption and scandal resulting in the recent resignation of Democratic Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber, appears to be just the tip of a very big iceberg. The ho-hum media coverage of the story made it sound like just another unscrupulous governor and first lady. But the Kitzhaber scandal has evolved into much more — multiple governors and high-level staff involved in shady green energy deals, with national entanglements.”

Peeking behind the ‘green’ curtain:

Tom Steyer is a key player behind the green energy movement and political elections throughout the country:

Hillary Clinton and the Russian donors who then bought up American uranium production.

Shepard Ambellas
January 23, 2016
Clinton Foundation took massive payoffs, promised Hammond Ranch and other publicly owned lands to Russian’s along with one-fifth of our uranium ore


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