Leonard and Alicia visit a real Constitutional Sherrif (an email sent to a friend, that describes the experience)

(via private email, with permission)


Just to let you know …Leonard’s and my trip to Northern California to meet up with Constitutional Sheriff John D’Agostini …to advise him that he is NOT under the oath for the Constitution for the united States of America….but rather the USA INC CONSTITUTION that doesn’t even exist “in law” or “at law” went BRILLIANTLY!!!

After he got his head wrapped around  that fact…

I asked him to recite his oath to us…and while he was doing so…when he got to the part that he repeats “protect and defend” the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES 

Leonard said “STOP RIGHT THERE”…”That is where the fraud in your oath lies…as there is NO such document “in law” or “at law” ANYWHERE in the world!!!

Leonard went on to explain to him how there were only two Constitutions that exist:

The Constitution “for the” united States of America ( dejure aka  “original contract” aka Rule of Law aka “Supreme Law of the Land)

The Constitution “of the” United States of America (defacto aka “fraudulent aka deceptively altered contract with words taken from the “original dejure contract”)

Gotta tell you Buddy…The color went out of his face and he immediately rolled his office chair to his desk where he quickly retrieved a parchment copy of the Founding Fathers “original contract” Constitution…(pre-altered) and while he gingerly and with much respect for the document began to open it ever so carefully as to not rip or damage it…Leonard said to him: “John…read the title of that document in your possession.”  As Sheriff John read the title of that document: “The Constitution “for the” united States of America”…it appeared to us that the wind was knocked out of him and it took him several minutes of silence….which we allowed him…as he wrapped his head around the FRAUD he was under …

We actually felt so bad for him…because we know what that bullshit fraud did to us when we all found out as well…

Anyway…to make a long story short…Not only was he receptive and believed…as we had brought him many documents to prove everything we were saying….He asked us questions on the remedy of his situation and how he was to set his position straight by getting out of his fraudulent corporation oath…that does NOT afford him the powers he thought he had as Sheriff…afforded to him by the “original contract” The Constitution “for the” united States of America….

It was HUGE my friend…We told him as we were leaving his office that after he addressed the situation he was in and got the ball for remedy going…That We would have his back…all he needed to do was call for us and we would be there in a FLASH!  We also told him to please watch his back from here on in…as the information we had brought to him would now put him in danger if he tried to do anything about it…and to surround himself with the other Constitutional Sheriffs in California for back up…when he brings this forward to the FRAUDULENT FOREIGN AGENTS he would have to address and bring to the carpet on this issue….He agreed….He even went as far as telling Leonard and I…after he was flabbergasted when we told him what had transpired in West Virginia …when Leonard and I tried to serve a lawful federal process to the ABOVE THE LAW Queen Latifa wannabe….Magistrate Robin Waters….

It is all good, friend … and we must hang on to our Faith and really believe that God is with us in this most honorable endeavor to Restore our Republic’s Rule of Law…He has shown us many times over …that those of us that are fighting for His Truth…His Light and His Way…walk in His Divine Intervention…and for that very reason…Thomas may just walk out of that satanic  den on the 15th of this month…We shall keep the faith on that one…and we will see…

Watch your back ,my friend…We are ALL under major defacto surveillance over all of this…. 

Love and Miss you much 

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