Headlines, Monday, March 14, 2016

There is so much news, it is impossible to keep up with it. In preparation for posting I read many articles, so if I put it up on my blog, I think it is important. After that, you must choose.  🙂 ~J

The Oracle Report, Monday, March 14, 2016 

Today, things “mature.”  People, places, situations, conditions, feelings, and reactions move from one level of development to another – a higher one, a wiser one.

In many ways, things mature to the point of being  “reborn” today.  The Sun is discharging the energetic of “the purging of the priesthood” (clearing and resetting, particularly spiritual understanding).  Mercury is discharging the energetic of“an Easter promenade” (celebrating the new).  Saturn is discharging the energetic of “an Easter sunrise service” (joining together for the new).  That is a lot of energy for rebirth.

Rebirth means transitioning from a state of degeneration or immobility to a state of regeneration or mobility.  Ways of being and behaving, thinking and acting, feeling and responding change today.  All of this aims to take things to the next level.  It applies to everything, as energy is pervasive.

Adding further data about the day’s energetics . . .

Message from Montague on Sunday 13 March 2016

Jeanette Finicum Press Conference 03-09-16 (Video)

Jeanette Finicum Press Conference Q & A 03 09 16 (Video)

‘We want Cliven free!’: protesters make noise at scene of Bundy court hearing
“Cliven Bundy’s trial is set for May 2nd.”

Breaking: 1 Presidential Candidate [Trump] Just Changed His Position On An Assault Rifle Ban no date on this article. Is it propaganda? 

‘Politico notes that one of those “flips” was reversing position on his prior support for banning the civilian ownership of common semi-automatic rifles and pistols that Trump and his fellow Democrats have long demonized as “assault weapons.”

Donald Trump on Thursday night said he no longer supports a ban on assault weapons, another in a series of policy reversals during the Republican debate.

Trump and ’60s Propaganda: Strategy to Launch North American Union? | The Daily Bell

Analyzing the current political scene, a strange trend has become evident to us.

Here we’re seeing Donald Trump involved in a broad-based, elite propaganda campaign using violent change-making tools from the 1960s.

The goal? To help build what is known as North American Union.

If that sounds crazy, just take a look at what’s happening…

Money, Power and Oil. Exposing the Libyan Agenda: A Closer Look at Hillary’s Emailsm by Ellen Brown I believe Ellen has nailed this!!!

Zerohedge: Russian Support For Iranian Oil Output Increase Sends Crude Crashing Below $37

Zerohedge: Rigged Democracy – Nearly 10% Of Democratic Party Superdelegates Are Lobbyists It looks like it’s rigged so Hillary simply can’t lose. ~J

Zerohedge: The Defense Of The Oligarchs: MoveOn.org‘s “Simple & Utter Brutishness”

Bix Weir: Rumors of the Deutsche Bank Derivative Implosion Confirmed (via email)

Knock, Knock…
Who’s There?

and it begins now…

This week begins the 2nd half of March and the lead in to massive 1st quarter bank write-downs. The Rumors of the Deutsche Bank Derivative Implosion have been confirmed by the pending sale of $1.1 TRILLION in derivatives to the “3 Horsemen” of the USA derivative implosion: JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Citigroup.

JP Morgan, Goldman Said to Discuss Buying Deutsche Bank Swaps


“Deutsche Bank AG, the lender exiting some trading operations, is in talks with JPMorgan Chase & Co., Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Citigroup Inc. to sell the last batches of about 1 trillion euros ($1.1 trillion) in complex financial instruments, people with knowledge of the matter said.”

Did you notice how Citigroup is a bidder but was left out of the title of the Bloomberg article?

That’s because this deal will put the American TAXPAYER on the hook for another $1.1 Trillion in toxic derivatives!

All of which will have to be paid out BEFORE the FDIC pays out any other insured deposits including YOUR checking and savings accounts!

Effort to Silence CIA Assets Begins with Tarkhan Batirashvili, by Seth Ferris

Abu Omar al-Shishani or Omar al-Shishani is the most senior military commander of the Islamic State’s (IS) Military Wing in Syria. His leadership position within the IS follows the death of the former commander of IS forces, Abu Abdul-Rahman al-Bilawi al-Anbari, who was killed in Mosul in early June 2014. Al-Shishani is an extremist and fanatical Islamist, uncompromising in his support of the IS which is complemented by experience in warfare (due to his involvement in the wars with Russia in the Caucasus region) [American trained and equipped] which [apparently] has added to the respect and support he had among IS fighters.

Batirashvili is effectively the Minister of Defense for the Islamic State. According to prison records, and sources in Georgia who know him personally, he is also a CIA asset. Analyst William Engdahl has described in detail how ISIS militants have been trained by the CIA in Jordan, and its funding provided by Gulf countries.

As a result of this relationship with the US Batirashvili has enjoyed the proverbial nine lives, having frequently been reported dead, mostly by Russian media sources, but reappearing alive and well like clockwork. On 4th March he was, yet again, reported dead as the result of an airstrike. However, just as this article was going to press the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which claims to have a network of observers within Syria where the air strikes occurred, told news media that he had merely been “seriously injured” by strike, and is now in hospital in Raqqa.

Boris v Barack: London mayor accuses Obama of Brexit ‘hypocrisy’ — RT UK 🙂 

Tokyo furious after US sailor arrested on suspicion of raping Japanese tourist in Okinawa

Tanks for nothing! US-backed Syrian rebel division attacked & looted by Al-Qaeda affiliate

  – Agenda 21 Explained for Dummies (Video)
 – This is Agenda 21 California – Government Driving Folks off Their Land (Video)

James Jaeger: How DC Destroyed Hollywood and What Must Be Done

Don’t worry – the anti-Zika GM mosquito is safe, says the FDA

 * * *

Russian court rejects Google’s anti-monopoly appeal — RT Business

Russia opposes any sanctions on Iran over missile tests

Zerohedge: Russian Support For Iranian Oil Output Increase Sends Crude Crashing Below $37

– Related: Oil slips from three-month high as Iran snubs freeze
  – Related: CNBC – Oil falls 4% as Iran dampens hopes for output freeze

U.S. Government backs fascists who want to destroy Russia, by Eric Zuesse

Turkey Would Soon be Submerged into Chaos, by Alexander Orlov

While the ceasefire in Syria agreed upon by Russia and the US is being successfully implemented, the possible Turkish intervention in Syria that at some point seemed imminent is being gradually pushed aside from the front pages of the international media. Yet, everyone understands one thing – without Washington’s approval, Ankara would never dare to intervene even if it was supported by Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Qatar. Yet, those three states have found themselves in no position to embark on a new military adventure due to the dire internal conflicts provoked by the Saudi oil dumping strategy and aggravated by their involvement in the protracted bloody conflict in Yemen.

EU-Turkey Migrant Agreement: Bad Deal for Europeans, Bad Deal for the Turks

Why Would the EU Make Business With Erdogan’s Violent Sultanate?

US embassy issued warning on impending attack in Ankara 2 days before Sunday blast

 – Related: Turkey blocks Facebook, Twitter following deadly Ankara blast – reports

Central Bank of Russia shouldn’t take orders from the financial elite

Saudi crown prince received a French honor for “countering extremism & fighting terrorism.”

Iraqis find Saudi supplies, weapons destined for ISIS

Saudis walk out of Arab League meeting after Iraqi minister’s comments

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