If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face…. forever. George Orwell . . . putting it to Californians — again!

Here is another place to demand use of the CAFR funds. 

Don’t think this is happening all over the country? I’ll bet it is, or is scheduled to if they can get away with it in CA. ~J

Richard Michael
California School Bonds Clearinghouse
909-378-5401 (Pacific)

In Walnut Valley Unified?
Learn all the scary details the Board is hiding from you.
Oh No!, Not Again! Real Grassroots Oh No! on “O” Movement

 * * *

School Bond (taxes) are added to your property tax bill, and are EXCLUDED from the 2% property tax increases allowed by Prop 13.

Help STOP this insane spending appetite of these elected officials. This has got to stop.

If you think your property taxes are high now, well, just wait, they are about to go up even higher.

[Hard deadlines are coming this week. Please read to the end.]

Not even the paper it’s written on?

Don’t short-change yourself.

In California, your autograph on an ‘Argument Against Measure [fill-in-the-blank]’ could be worth thousands of dollars to you personally and millions or even billions of dollars to your community.

You see, this year there’ll be nearly 200 school bonds on local ballots around the state totaling almost $20 billion dollars.

There are already at least 35 bonds on the June ballot for about $4 billion.

In November, there will be another 150 bonds for about $15 billion more.

When you add the state-wide $9 billion school bond in November, that adds up to a ton of debt.

The people of California could possibly increase their debt by $30 billion in one year. That’s on top of the $200 billion in school bond debt that you’re already obligated for.

That’s where you come in.

Most local school bonds have no opposition in the ballot pamphlet. (Learn why at http://www.bigbonds.com/ )

The schools use your taxes to pay high-priced advisers to devise schemes to trick voters into passing them. Without an ‘Argument Against …’ in the ballot booklet, you’re screwed.

The argument doesn’t cost you a dime. Trying to reach the voters directly when they become aware of it (a week or two before the election) will cost you thousands and thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of time you won’t have.

Right now, I know with certainty that there are local school bonds on the ballot in 21 counties. By Tuesday I may find even more counties with school bonds.

See the live list here: http://www.bigbadbonds.com/ballot-measures-june-7-2016.cfm

The most effective arguments are ones that you, the local folk, make. You know all the scuttlebutt. You can peek behind the curtain.

What if you don’t have a school bond in your county in June? I can guarantee that you will in November. You can help your neighbors, even in other counties, and learn how to beat them when they come knocking on your door.

In my view, stopping local bonds (the bad ones, like these) are more important than putting a politician in any elected office, even the President. These bonds will still be bleeding you when those politicians are dead and buried. Your ‘No’ vote is permanent and directly affects your personal wealth. A politician’s promises are like dust in the wind.

The deadlines for filing arguments are all coming in the next week. I need you to take action now.


1. Volunteer to file an ‘Argument Against …’ in your county or a neighboring county.

2. Pass this message on to everyone you know. If they don’t use e-mail, call them.

3. Call or text me (909-378-5401) immediately so that I can guide you through the process.

4. Sign up to be a watchdog at Big Bad Bonds. ( http://www.bigbadbonds.com/school-bond-watchdog.cfm )

I stopped talking about it a long time ago. Now I do something about it. (See what just a couple of people were able to do right here in Los Angeles county last year —  (http://wvusd.bigbadbonds.com/ )

You’ll have only yourself to blame when the tax man adds the principal and interest payments for these bonds to your tax bill.

If you snooze, you lose. That’s the reality.

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