Headlines, (late day), Friday, March 18, 2016

‘Bundy gang’ member arrested for threatening to shoot federal cops I feel certain the continued use of the word ‘gang’ is no accident.

 * * * * * REPORT SHOWS UN WAS BEHIND LAVOYS MURDER, Video – Call of Duty Goddess – Please check the links left on the video! 

Yes, it’s getting very late in the game . . .

Let me say here that I listened to Thomas Deegan’s trial ‘live’ yesterday, and I see no chance that he will be freed. The trial was controlled so that the entire story was never told. I feel certain the jury was selected for their lack of knowledge of the greater picture. Only a few words of condemnation were permitted and under the circumstances it was easily an open-and-closed case. The fact that in 1945 the American population was declared by law Enemy Combatants was completely avoided, even though Thomas mentioned it. I’m fairly certain that it went right over the heads of the jury. Of course, the fact that since 1933 US troops have actually pledged their allegiance to the UN was never introduced. (I published this info on my blog quite a while ago.) Even though Thomas tore the testimonygiven by the officer against him apart, there was nothing permitted to be introduced that might give the jury a fair picture. I was sickened! So many times lately, I feel sick to my stomach. My heart aches! When are people going to wake up? When? 

Liberation from programming, by Jon Rappoport, March 18, 2016

 * * * 

The Trump Rebellion – Suicide Of The GOP… Or Rebirth?

Wikileaks Reveals [Hillary] Clinton’s Plan to Overthrow Assad to Help Israel

Romney Birth Certificate Remark Sets Off Firestorm …

Mitt Romney’s Mexican Roots

Romney’s Birth Certificate Evokes His Father’s Controversy

Zerohedge: WTI Crude Slides Back Into Red For 2016 As The Fed And Oil Remain On Unsustainable Paths


Chelsea Manning reveals anti-whistleblower ‘insider threat’ surveillance program

* * * 

French politicians, intellectuals agree Russian pullout from Syria means Russia is not an aggressor

Groundwork laid to defeat ISIS in Palmyra, Syria – Russian military

Turkish gambit: Ankara wants €6 billion & visa-free travel to EU for hosting refugees

The Kurds: Turkey-NATO Genocide? by Phil Butler

‘Democracy, freedom and the rule of law’ have no value, Erdogan says 

 * * * 

LEAKED: Big Business and Washington to have final say on EU trade laws under TTIP

Russian reserves increase by $2.1bn in a week

Russian Stocks Hit 8 Year High – Up 55% Since White House Said “Sell”


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2 Responses to Headlines, (late day), Friday, March 18, 2016

  1. Tracy says:

    Jean, Please forgive me I wasn’t (fully awake) when reading your statement. I replied thinking you were speaking about the last mp3 recording of Thomas’ visit to court. I now realize you’re saying he went back to court and you “attended” or listened to a live recording. ** Do you have a link to the recording that you might post. I’ve been to the hudok.info site and don’t see any new posting of same. Thank you if you would touch on this at some time for your comments. 🙂

    • Jean says:

      No, Tracy, I don’t have a link. It was live, and now it is gone. I’m hoping we will get some sort of a recording, but I rather doubt it. The whole trial was so ‘weak’ – on purpose. It was totally simplistic. If Thomas said ‘this’, it meant ‘that, with a whole lot of pertinent information left out. I don’t know how I can better state it. I was appalled at the treatment of the situation by the prosecutor, but I think they knew it was the only way they could pull off such a travesty of justice. As soon as I get some info, I will publish it. 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

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