Headlines (late day) Saturday, March 18, 2016

Are You Awake? Or Just Informed, by Zen Gardner . . . What an interesting thought! 

This is a very interesting question, and perhaps a provocative one. With the information explosion drastically influencing so many lives there appear to be many strata of awakening levels arising. Once people start connecting the dots of now available facts and formerly unavailable research, whole new paradigms through which to perceive our changing reality emerge.

What Can Americans Do When Their Vote No Longer Counts? by Dave Hodges

My message this morning is very simple and very short. The American people have been backed into a corner. With regard to the Globalist Agenda, the lights are on and the gloves are off. The People have been clearly told that they are de facto slaves. The People, who are awake and aware, already know that our supposed Republican form of government is a sham and nearly everything government does is a scam. In reality, there is no government, there is only “them, their, those” who believe that they own the rest of us.

For those that think that this site and other sites like this are just “nonsense conspiracy sites”, you were not paying attention to your precious corporate-controlled media (e.g. Fox, CNN) for the past 72 hours. The American people have been told in very clear terms, that their vote does not count, the will of the people is an illusion and we are the slaves that belong to the elite.

Finicum Shooting: Was Bundy Driver/“Bodyguard” an FBI Agent Provocateur

BREAKING: Trump Home Evacuated After THIS Threat! FBI & Fire Department Responds…

Trump defiantly speaks after protest blockade delays Arizona rally

Donald Trump: American Tribune, by Eric Margolis [an official in ancient Rome chosen by the plebeians to protect their interests.]

What Dershowitz, Prince Andrew and Maxwell Have in Common, by Gilad Atzmon

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