Headlines, Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Oracle Report, Saturday-Sunday, March 19-20, 2016

Saturday’s energy encourages us to aim for the ideal — that which would be most desirable in given situations.  We are a traumatized species, and as trauma “victims,” we have eliminated notions that good things could happen.  We dare not engage the process.  Who wants to get their hopes up when they were dashed a long time ago?

Hopes, wishes, and dreams are an innate part of being human that has been “written out” of our nature via archontic interference.  Today, as the Sun completes its revolution around the zodiac (from our geocentric or Earth-based viewpoint), it leaves us asking us about ideals of greatness.  What does that conjure for you?

The best guidance for Saturday is to let our imaginations run wild. 
. . . 
What we remember Sunday is that shadow sides begin to come closer to the surface for the next month.  People will project their cognitive and emotional dissonance onto others.  People’s fears are brought to face.  Defensiveness, especially if the status quo is disrupted, can be expected.  Things will begin to move very fast, as Aries likes to rush forward. 
. . .
It is definitely getting interesting.  More so, even, when you consider that Sunday the Sun will be discharging the first degree of Aries and the Sabian symbol of “a woman has risen out of the ocean; a seal is embracing her.”  This speaks of emergence into, again, concrete manifestation.  The Universe seeks to bring us back to life.

This weekend, we want to think about, find, or create what is majestic, what is ideal, and what is rising inside of us.  How are things setting up?

 * * * * * UNCONSTITUTIONAL Global Police Force ‘Strong Cities Network’ is TREASON! This video  is so very related to this extraordinary post from yesterday:  REPORT SHOWS UN WAS BEHIND LAVOYS MURDER, Video – Call of Duty Goddess 

Zerohedge: Illinois College Will Stop Arresting Students For Passing Out Constitution

Hillary and the Arrow of Time

Zerohedge: “Only Bad Choices” Left For GOP – Trump, Supreme Court Put Party In Turmoil

PressTV-US has become 3rd world nation: Trump

PressTV-Rabbis to boycott Trump at AIPAC

PressTV-‘US steps up Afghan bombing campaign’

Carter defends $583bn defense budget by saying Russia is now ‘number one challenge’

Was Putin’s Withdrawal from Syria a True Surprise?

NATO Firms Equip Field Hospital for Saudi Jihadists in Syria, by Eric Zuesse

PressTV-Libya rejects UN-backed unity Cabinet

Australia Still Reluctant to Disclose MH17 Information – A very well written article, describing the many, many flaws in this investigation. I wonder how the families of those deceased must feel with the games being played? 

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