Headlines, Sunday, March 20, 2016

PLEASE NOTE: Abel Danger.net – After all my hopeful thinking this morning about Trump, this site, which I’ve learned to trust through past personal connections, pretty much shoots it down. Maybe Trump’s role is simply to expose the criminality. With all these criminal connections, and no demonstration that he is a leopard who has changed his spots, can he really be trusted as president?

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Laura Bruno’s Blog: Timothy Glenn ~ 2016: A Call to Creatorship

My friend and colleague Timothy Glenn is back with a long awaited article about 2016. I find his timing interesting, given that many of the New Year’s tarot readings I did for people indicated that 2016 wouldn’t really ramp into “the new” until late February/early March.

Dear Russia Insiders! Time To Hit the Newsbud Crowdfund Groove! by Pepe Escobar – Announcing and Important Alternate News Service!

The Mexicanization of the United States by Chris Hedges

Transgenderism: Dangerous Child Abuse 

The “transgender” mental illness currently favored by the establishment and pushed by the controlled media is exceptionally dangerous for children, is child abuse, and must be stopped, the American College of Pediatricians (ACP) has announced.

Going Beyond the Obvious Horror: The Lessons of Flint

How Obama and Congressional Republicans Intend to Pass TPP Into Law

Creation of US State Dept. propaganda agency will shred basic constitutional freedoms, affect alternative news sources

Wikileaks 2012 Killary email: Secure Israeli hegemony, destroy Syria

Meet the ‘Human Rights’ front groups that have been waging information war against Syria For some people, these groups may come as quite a surprise!

If at first you don’t succeed: Pentagon says new effort to train Syrian rebels to consider ‘prior lessons’

PressTV-Obama: US, Iran have major differences

PressTV-‘Trump must end US support of Israel’

U.S. Air Force’s Ability to Deliver Death But Not Food Is A Choice

US deploys more troops on the ground in Iraq to fight ISIS

RT-Op-Edge: ‘Turkey and EU make refugees a matter of bargaining – a violation of int’l treaties’

Russia Steps up Airstrikes as Syrian Army Prepares for Final Assault on Palmyra

RT-Op-Edge: Putin’s Syrian strategy: Not following playbook of American exceptionalism

RT: Mass rallies, fireworks, Putin visits: Crimea marks second anniversary of reunification with Russia

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Soros-Obama-Merkel-Erdogan Win Control of Europe, by Eric Zuess

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13 Responses to Headlines, Sunday, March 20, 2016

  1. wolf727 says:

    You may or may not want to publish this, Jean, but I put it here just in case.
    Nickelback one of my faourite bands – Canadian – came out with this revolutionary song. I was a little surprised they made this song. Does it mean they are aware of what is happening and want to spread the message? I hope you are well.


  2. usnveteran says:

    [Just want you to know, that I can’t always access your page directly — I believe, not sure, that WordPress/Con-cast block some of your links with a ‘denial of service’ action. No matter, I have found a few ‘work arounds’ to that problem.]

    Not sure what to believe about the ‘Trump phenomenon’ – I don’t have trust in everything he says. Especially with the NDAA and Patriot Act extensions. He has said that he would keep the NDAA, however, I don’t think that he or most Americans are aware of all the shenanigans contained within both of these legislations.

    There were 84-86 Senators who voted for the NDAA-Patriot Act (and should all be voted out of office) and secretively passed it – presenting 621 amendments to it. That’s right, 621 amendments. I haven’t been able to sort out who voted for each amendment or when they voted for the amendments, after POTUS cherry-picked and vetoed some amendments, only to have the amendments rewritten and again submitted just before passing it.

    H.R. 1735 – National Defense Authorization Act Fiscal Year 2016:

    House Passes 2014 NDAA; NSA Surveillance Will Lead To Indefinite Detention:

    Bigger, Badder NDAA 2014 Quietly Passed The House And Senate … :

    Maryland has had a corrupt and rigged voting system. I don’t know if I’m going to bother to vote, it has been a very humiliating experience at the voting centers. There was no voting booth privacy to cast my votes, my disc was snatched from my hand on one occasion, and I was not allowed access to the ballot box to cast my vote (the supervisors said it was their job to do it for me) and the new voting center is much further away in an area without public transportation or safe public access.

    • Jean says:

      Thank you for these links and for the information about my site. . . not much I can do about it until the wind changes 🙂 Hugs, ~Jena

  3. jaydoubleyew says:

    To quote you from above: “Maybe Trump’s role is simply to expose the criminality. With all these criminal connections, and no demonstration that he is a leopard who has changed his spots, can he really be trusted as president?”
    Jean, please comprehend DEEPLY what I am saying: NO ONE can be ‘trusted’ as President.
    The ENTIRE STRUCTURE is based on criminal, murderous fraud.
    I keep wondering WHEN will you and other readers stop trying to ‘fix’ a system that was DESIGNED to do what it is doing right now.
    ALL ARGUMENTS ‘WITHIN’ the structure of ‘the system’ are DESIGNED to have all of us chasing our tails FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE as that is, in actual fact, the ONLY ‘safety net’ possessed by the criminals. We must NOT vote. We must STOP using THEIR REPRESENTATIONS OF VALUE ($)– literally. Many will not survive. We won’t either UNLESS we make EVERY EFFORT to do this. STOP USING DOLLARS FOR ANY TRADE. If you receive a pension, or other ‘stipend’, work as diligently as possible to GIVE IT UP, as quickly as possible. No one wants to hear this, therefore, I’m usually ignored when I say this.
    “IGNORE-ance is bliss” as they say… Until it’s not…
    With deep respect,
    Jennifer Williams

    • Jean says:

      I’m going to ask you to define exactly what you mean here, Jennifer, because I don’t understand. DO you mean that no one, not even a man like Putin can be trusted as President? If so, why not?

      How do you think we are going to make this transition? I’d like very much to hear your thoughts from a practical standpoint. It seems to me most of the planet is still in vyer much of a 3-D state, so that is why I suggest that I would like to hear your practical thoughts. My life’s experience has been tortuous, but I’m gradually getting there; and there haven’t been any miracles, just my closer allignment with source, and gaining the understanding I need from within.

      Are you saying we will make this transition to a perfect world very rapidly? Don’t we have the responsibility to at least clean up this planet, which we have allowed to almost be destroyed? What about the people who are totally asleep? What will happen to them as they are shocked in a way I can’t imagine? Will they suddenly be able to deal with no government at all — with no money? What will be their ability – or lack of ability – to respond emotionally to these sorts of events? What if these people have developed no ability to discern the truth? What if they know nothing about the truth of life on our planet? We are told we must know this truth, so it never happens again, so I again ask you to explain your thinking, because I think it will be very helpful. I think these are some reasonable questions, and I am sure there are more, and you can see I really want you to explore this thinking of yours for us.

      It seems to me you are predicting that a shift will take place, as described in Chapter 18 (second Volume) of The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life. . . and this may be correct, but how do you know this is so when so many are saying this shift will be entirely different?

      Thanks in advance for your response, and I’m happy to publish it.

      • jaydoubleyew says:

        Hello Jean. I responded approximately 24 hrs ago but have seen no evidence of f/u from you. I in no way wish to rush you, only to insure that you indeed received said response.
        With gratitude and respect,

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