Reposted with two pluses! SELECTED ARTICLES: Belgium Bombings. Who is Behind the Attacks? by Global Research . . . PLUS, PLUS!


Fake Video Used in News Coverage of Brussels Terror Attacks

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, March 22 2016

Brussels News media Dernière Heure at as well as La Libre reported on the terror attacks by providing a CC Camera Airport Surveillance Video of the terror attacks.

The Brussels Attacks – Another False Flag?

By Peter Koenig, March 23 2016

Three explosions killing  34 people. Some 200 people were injured, according to early reports. Two detonations at Brussels Zaventem airport, one of them the police said was from a suicide bomber, the sign of a Muslim Jihadist – naturally.

Israel Blames Brussels Bombing on EU Imposed “Labelling of Goods” Produced in Israeli Settlements in Palestine

By, March 23 2016

An Israeli minister has said that a recent European Union law regarding the labelling of goods produced in Israeli settlements illegally built in the occupied Palestinian West Bank was a factor behind Tuesday’s bombing in the Belgium capital.

Is the ISIS Behind the Brussels Attacks? Who is Behind the ISIS?

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, March 22 2016

According to the Independent “Isis supporters have been celebrating the Brussels attacks online [social media] as speculation mounts that the group is behind a wave of deadly attacks in the Belgian capital.”

Brussels Attack: The True Implications of ISIS Links

By Tony Cartalucci, March 22 2016

NBC News has already announced that European officials are linking the attack to ISIS, though it is unclear whether or not Abdeslam’s network – which carried out the November 2015 Paris terror attacks – was directly involved.

PLUS: THE LOST HEGEMON: NWO From Clinton To Trump (Video) — F. William Engdahl!!!!!

PLUS: Leuren Moret: Obama in Cuba & Argentina, 3/22, are handover to Jesuits. Putin creates peaceful model

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4 Responses to Reposted with two pluses! SELECTED ARTICLES: Belgium Bombings. Who is Behind the Attacks? by Global Research . . . PLUS, PLUS!

  1. Frank R says:

    Hi Jean………..

    I don’t comment much anymore as I know how busy you are. Please look at this link and video. I meant to get it to you a few days ago. I think it was the MOST DISTURBING video I have seen in a long time. I personally believe you need to post it ASAP for our readers but that is your choice. The implications change absolutely EVERYTHING!

    Much Love and Hugs……………Frank R

  2. Deborah says:

    The Central Bankers And Corporations Are Running The Country: John Titus

  3. Deborah says:


  4. Christie says:

    RE: Belgian bombing:

    This very well referenced article on ISIS includes admission of U.S. complicity (“Exhibit A for a treason trial”):

    Why ISIS exists: The double game (Joe Giambrone, Nov 2015)

    Let’s hope someone follows up on this key article:

    Former Israeli Intel operatives run security at Brussels airport (March 2016)

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