Headlines (early), Thursday, March 24, 2016

I have more news, but I need to be off my computer for a bit. I will be back before the day is out. I feel what I am publishing is extremely important.  ~J A Reader left what I think is actually a link to this page, but I can’t access it. The above link is from Jim Stone, and it is still available, and I think it is the same link. Immediately my mind asks if Trump really said those wonderful sounding words twenty-five years ago! Be sure to scroll down to this title: One of the most important videos you will ever see

Obama’s 3-23 3-24 Argentina Antarctica Visit (Video), by  Mr. Cati  Note: Published on Mar 15, 2016

This video report discusses briefly the upcoming key ritual dates of March 23 and 24, while reporting on Obama’s Presidential trip to the southern most tip of Patagonia Argentina, the tip that meets Antarctica. Since the timing and the location are key ritual elements of a mega ritual discussion, a brief discussion is offered.

Coming False Flag Events – Cosmic Awareness – 
(Rainbow Phoenix: Voice of Cosmic Consciousness in .pdf form)
This post is quite amazing and what it tells me is that contrary to Mr. Cati’s video — but still ‘must know’ info — the cabal has been forced to change its plans. Much of what it says relies on Alex Collier’s post, which I’m in the process of listening to, and which makes perfect sense to me. I’d lost track of Alex for a long time, and I’m glad now to be back in touch.

In case you also want to listen to Alex’ post, here is the link: 


ISIS attacked Brussels? The US created ISIS? Therefore? by Jon Rappoport

I want to acknowledge two researchers and reporters, whose work cuts deeply into the ISIS mirage: Tony Cartalucci and Brandon Turbeville. In a half-sane world, Cartalucci would be the international editor of the New York Times, if the Times were a real news outlet.

If we accept the premise that ISIS attacked Brussels, then the next question is: what is ISIS?

Who is behind it? Who supplies it? Who funds it? Who sustains it?


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