Headlines, Friday, March 25, 2016

During the night, I had trouble with my heater, and it got very cold! I’m back up and running now, both at home and on my blog. ~J

The Oracle Report, Friday, March 25, 2016

Let’s “load in” some love, shall we, wise owls?  Wings Around the World Meditation (group hug for Gaia Sophia) is set for Friday, March 25, 2016 at 11:42 am EDT/3:42 pm UTC/6:42 pm MSK/Saturday, March 26 2:42 am AEDT.  You can join in then or any time thereafter, since the wave will be in place.



  • Your shield of divine protection
  • Yourself taking flight as a wise owl
  • Yourself taking your place in a ring around the Earth with the other wise owls around the world
  • From your heart, emanate a wave of alignment with love, freedom, and the value of life
  • Feel the pulse circle as the music we are putting around our sphere
  • Repeat what you know in your heart: “Love prevails.”

Please modify this according to your own practice and style.  I will have already prepared the space for the “ring of wings around the world.”  We unite in response to the manipulation of current energetics by forces opposed to a free humanity.

Frank Rich | Stirring Up Mass Panic Is Donald Trump’s Only Hope for Winning the White House – Now they’re blaming the ‘mass panic’ they’re creating on Trump!

Rich writes: “Donald Trump’s fear-driven solutions for dealing with ISIS – more torture, sealing our borders, reducing support of NATO – are as ineffectual as they are incoherent.

FOCUS: Obama’s Nomination of Merrick Garland Is a Lot More Ruthless Than It Looks, by Elias Isquith

Isquith writes: “The first and most important thing to say about President Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court is that it might not work. Not in the sense that Garland won’t receive the Republican-controlled Senate’s approval – that goes without saying, at least until November – but in the sense that Obama’s ‘Godfather’ move might not be the political checkmate that the White House hopes it will be.

The Plan To Cover Up This Economic Collapse Has Been Put Into OverDrive (Video) – Episode 926b I’m listening to this video now, and it is connecting so many of the dots – and as you all know that is an extremely complex job. BTW, these ‘dots’ are discussed in more detail in many of the following stories. 

The Hidden Story of Crimea’s Economic Success – related to the above video

Zerohedge: Refugee Crisis: Using Chaos To Build Power

DARPA Is Using Mind Control Techniques to Manipulate Social Media, by Dave Hodges

FBI Terrified as the Oregon and Bundy Ranch Protesters Fight Back in the Courts!

MAJOR RADIATION LEAK/SOUTH FLORIDA/216 Times Higher than Normal (Video) from BPEarthwatch

Obama and Jagger fly in, but fears grow over who profits as Cuba starts to partyObama and Jagger fly in, but fears grow over who profits as Cuba starts to party

“The arrival of the US president this month marks a further step to reopening the island for business. But many fear this new openness could also be a draw for drug cartels”

FARC Trafficking Humans, Drugs, Weapons – and Recruiting Panamanians As Sex Slaves in the Darien

Meanwhile Kerry is in Cuba meeting with FARC the largest Marxist narco-terrorist group in the world. Why? They are based in Cuba and are associated with human, narcotics and weapons trafficking in Central and South America along with Cuba. The US controversially took Cuba off the worst human trafficking offenders list last August.

Former Castro bodyguard: Fidel Castro and his brother Raul are major drug traffickers into the US. They also protect and provide harbor for FARC:

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death | The KrisAnne Hall Show, March 23rd. 2016 (Video) KrisAnne teaches us the ‘real’ history that led up to Patrick Henry’s famous words – spoken one hundred years ago. It sounds so much like what is going on here. At the moment, all the people today do is talk and protest.

Russian Documentary Shows ISIS Documents of Turkey’s Assistance

ISIS Hits Brussels – When Will We Learn? by Caleb Maupin

The Pavlovian response to the Brussels bombings

Zerohedge: “Why We Need To Beat Russia”, submitted by The Saker

Karadžić Found Guilty of Genocide by Corporate Funded Kangaroo Court

 – Related: Serbian radicals protest in Belgrade against NATO, Karadzic’s 40-yr sentence (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)


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