Headlines, Saturday, March 26, 2016

 – There will be no Oracle Report until Monday  🙂 

I am going to release all comments on any posts having to do with Ascension. As a result, if they like, those who are interested can enter into discussion.

Is there much news that is new? I find there to be very little. What I do see is that the criminals are really hitting hard with ISIS, with the old, fearful theme: We’re coming for you next. Now, they’re threatening England, and of course, eventually it will hit the good ol’ US of A.

Instead of focusing on this insanity (because I hope you all know the routine of the cabal by now that can be traced back to 9/11 )  —

 — I strongly suggest that you listen to Alex Collier’s March 18th webinar ($3.99 US). The information he shares may well be a game changer and change the timeline completely. It also seems to be the root cause of the hyperactive, fear-creating quality of all these ISIS attacks we are now seeing across the planet. Remember: ISIS = USA.

If you are truly interested in ascension, however, I think it is wise to let all the so-called ‘news-as-distraction’ go for a bit in order to view this webinar, since only you can decide if it has value for your personal ascension. Alex begs us several times to value ourselves enough to ‘work on ourselves’, because he says there is still time to get the job done: the Universe is sending in incredible energies to support us. I can personally vouch for this, but since this is not about me, that story is for another time. 

Click Here for the link to purchase the audio. 

 * * *

Alex Collier’s links list from his eighth live webinar…

To see Alex Collier’s analysis of this data you must listen to his amazing revelations regarding Nibiru shared within his eighth live webinar available on Video-On-Demand from Monday March 21, 2016.

“To date your information about the Nibiru system has not only been spot on, but head and shoulders above what everyone else in the contactee community has offered. I can tell you on a personal level your information is deeply appreciated. There is a wonderful community of people tracking Nibiru now and I am very impressed with their methodology,  creativity and maturity of observation.” – Julian Metter

Link #1 from Steve Olson A series of photo studies of the Allskycam in Australia seems to be showing a clear shot of Nibiru and its 4 moons, as shown in early NASA photos…difference here being it is in our backyard. We see the HALO from space now, that isnt going away, and more photos.

Link #2 from Big Asian Package Blog I bring back the hexagon hypothesis after testing an instance of the hexagon-appearing sun with a camera rotation test. There’s also footage of a gigantic pink cloud that despite moving quickly across the sky does not change shape. Finally, there is footage from 605 in the evening of the eastern horizon & it appears to be lit from below the horizon.

Link #3 – from Shill Killer:

Link #4 – from Shill Killer:

Link #5 – from Jeff P:

If You Would Like to, Please Donate to Alex Collier, Anything You can Afford will be Appreciated

* * *

Posts that presently fit with the Ascension discussion:

 The post that started this entire vein of inquiry — and referenced Alex Collier: (Rainbow Phoenix: Voice of Cosmic Consciousness in .pdf form)

From SaS: Enabling the Obvious Or I can’t believe it’s not butter and it isn’t! by SaS

From SaS: The BIG QUESTION Do we really know what’s going on? (A follow-up to “Enabling the Obvious”) By SaS

Dr. Steven Greer : Hillary Clinton Knows the Truth about UFOs

Zerohedge: Who’s Anti-American?

 * * *

Does it make sense before ascension to understand how we’ve been ‘messed’ with regarding how our government works/should work? KrisAnne Hall exposes it every single day.

Declaration of Independence P1 | The KrisAnne Hall Show


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4 Responses to Headlines, Saturday, March 26, 2016

  1. Captain says:

    While the rumor that “Soros bought out Marlin (gun manufacturer) and is shulting it down” seems maybe – not true – yet. Nevertheless, he, in fact, ownes the companies that are buying up gun and ammo makers in USA. A scary step…https://www.truthorfiction.com/cerberus-soros/

  2. Susan says:

    This was a fascinating interview, thanks so much for sharing it… there is soooo much going on lately, my head is spinning…. it is a huge challenge not getting caught up in all the drama, nevermind even in my own little microcosm… I am noticing (especailly at night as I start drifting off to sleep) a shifting (or crashing??) of the dimensions…. very difficult to describe and am wondering if anyone else is noticing this, too… I am also looking forward to hearing James Gilliland tonight and his take on the current energies… If anyone is interested, here’s a link:

    Thank you Jean!!!

  3. DavidG says:

    There has seemed to be two worlds for a long time now, the old and the new. They obviously are conflicted. We see the ‘same old’ Dieing for attention and the ‘new’ just getting on anyway, with astonishing results. How is that for change?
    I tell people, we are in a brand new renaissonce, you just can’t see it because your nose is against the grindstone. In retrospect the change that has happened here in the last few years will be measured in magnitude of earthquake measures, years from now.
    Jean, you have been and are instrumental to the ‘thought of man’ perhaps I should have used the terminoligy ‘mankind’ but no. It really makes no difference if we are going to present an argument with the concept of ‘Man’….. Hum..Man. In the beginning there was the word.

    Much love to you

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