Headlines, Monday, March 28, 2016

Zerohedge: Does The United States Still Exist? by Paul Craig Roberts. Paul address the trashing of the Constitution. This info may be in a form somoe of you like better that KrisAnne’s efforts. 

Declaration of Independence P2 | The KrisAnne Hall Show,

Zerohedge: Marc Faber Warns “Gold Will Be The Most Desirable Currency” As ‘Terror’ Spreads 

 * * * 

No peace for Donbass: Kiev deploys 40,000 military personnel to the ‘demilitarized zone’

Fidel Castro Slams “Illustrious Visitor” Obama’s “Honeyed Words”, Cuba “Needs No Gifts From The Empire”

 * * * 

Assad: Liberation of Palmyra proves Russian coalition more effective than US-led efforts in Syria 

 * * * Saudi Arabia Uncovered: ITV documentary (Video) exposes the West’s original ‘Islamic State’

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