The Three Forms of Transformation, by SaS

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The Three Forms of Transformation,
by SaS

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4 Responses to The Three Forms of Transformation, by SaS

  1. Spencer says:

    Another must read. Great correlations between the Ra Material, Bible and other truth-seeking texts. SaS is sharing some relevant opinions with backup that help further explain resurrection, ascension, incarnation and reincarnation. If you don’t want to spend the time and effort reading all of the Ra Material yourself, then these are the best relevant cliff-notes I’ve ever seen. ***READ THIS ESSAY!***

  2. lecox says:

    WHAT IF…Just what if, this is the “new religion” that we have been told the NWO wants to take over across the planet?
    In all this talk of a loving Creator, higher “densities” (and lower ones), and the “guardians” watching over planetary populations, I see no firm evidence that any of it is true. All I see is another belief system, populated with new words and concepts aimed at captivating a science-savvy and spiritually-minded audience.
    Are we really so ashamed of what we have become to abandon the possibility that…we created ourselves?

    • Spencer says:

      To try and answer your “what if:”

      If it is all just a repainted old “hooptie” that is designed to be “the great deception” or some sort of diversion…

      Then the underlying message of all these texts and suggestive writings, which state that it is a great idea for us to become loving and non-warlike and treat our neighbors as ourselves, is truly hogwash. So if they are fundamentally wrong, then the main message of understanding and compassion are bunk. That is really the only major suggestion which these texts all have in common. Many minor details, which are continually bickered over, are actually not nearly as important as the fundamental message contained in all positively oriented material passed down through the ages. That is, at least, the ones that can stand the test of time and tribulation.

      • lecox says:

        It is a great idea, I suppose, for us to become loving, non-warlike, and observe the Golden Rule.
        Understanding and compassion are also great, though could be considered higher virtues. The Ra material emphasizes Service to Others, which is also a great idea.
        But…we know these things already. You don’t have to preach these values to most people, because most people can see from living that it works better that way. Who do you have to preach these values to? The criminals that never observe them, except on a pretense, for mere show. And as far as I can tell, none of these teachings successfully address that.
        So they offer a “place” you can aspire to go to where this will not be a problem. And if you follow the rules, you might get there. The rule breakers will never get there, for sure. Yet, how long has it been now that we have had to share this universe with the rule breakers? 25,000 years? 25 million years? Or maybe 25 billion?
        Boots-on-the-ground data indicate that, while some form of “ascension” has been offered to people for thousands if not millions of years, for most of us, it never happened. That it has happened for some is just a story. I have no living evidence of that at all. What I have living evidence for is the existence of technologically advanced societies. Maybe even a few that still know how to do telepathy. For goodness sake, most animals can do telepathy! But what about operating external to the body, or totally without one? I have living evidence for that ability, too. But do the teachings mention it as an obvious goal for those who want spiritual freedom? I know of only one that does, and it is never quoted in these forums.
        So, who benefits from a calm, peaceful, loving and non-warlike population? Business managers, who don’t like the expenses associated with repairing damaged property and replacing lost workers, and criminals, who like to be free to do as they want, unopposed. Most of us would agree that peace works better than war. Yet, many of us would find total calm boring. Competition gives us something to do. Free of a body, competition becomes much freer, too. It becomes little more than a game of skill, with only minor personal repercussions beyond loss of face. Our marriage to biological life has been the greatest inhibitor to wide, sweeping, high energy games…and the greatest source of leverage against us for the criminally-minded, who factually aren’t able enough to honestly win any game.
        In the context of a biology-based society, the ancient teachings have something valuable to offer. If they didn’t, we wouldn’t still be talking about them. To call them merely marketing campaigns of a stream of long-past conquerors is perhaps a bit too crass. But it could, essentially, be the truth. And I have living evidence that it is much closer to the truth than many other explanations of how it came to exist. So I think these teachings are worth a good hard look. Do they really give us the understandings we need to change our situation? Do, they, in particular, tell us about the origin and correct handling for the criminal mind, which has created for us, on Earth, the scourge of psychopathy? Likewise, what are we to do with the destructive ETs? Love them out of existence? (Not a bad idea, but how?) So I find these teachings limited, and think this is because they were never designed to liberate anyone, but only to placate the masses by giving them goals which they could work towards for an eternity, but never actually achieve.

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