Special announcement: NoMoreFakeNews expands: big news Boom!, by Jon Rappoport, March 31, 2016

Get ready for a blast-off, folks.

In addition to everything I’m doing here, I’ll be going live on Jimmy Church’s very popular radio show, Fade to Black, every Thursday night at 7:30PM Pacific Time (California time) — starting this evening, Thursday, March 31. I’ll be doing a half-hour report every week.

It’s called the NoMoreFakeNEWSROOM.

Here is the link to the NoMoreFakeNEWSROOM page (you can listen live from this page).

* Archives to all Fade To Black shows are on youtube at “KJCRFadeToBlack”, then click on videos.

* Follow Jon Rappoport on twitter: @jonrappoport

* Follow Jimmy Church on twitter: @jchurchradio

* Twitter hastags: #f2b, #NoMoreFakeNEWSROOM

I’m excited—that’s an understatement.

For years, I’ve been looking for a way to do radio on a regular basis, while continuing to write. Nothing seemed quite right. Now, here we are. I would say the sky’s the limit.

I’ll give it everything I’ve got. The news behind the news behind the news. And more…

Hope to have you there. Feel free to let your friends know.

Turns out Jimmy and I are both long-time fans of late-night radio. I grew up with a few of the greats in New York: Al “Jazzbeaux” Collins, Jean Shepherd, and Long John Nebel. There’s something about the radio space at night. Wide open and brimming with possibility. It’s inspiring.

I’ll catch you in the NoMoreFakeNEWSROOM at Fade to Black!

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