A quick late day note from ~Jean, along with a couple posts

For the first time in well over a year, the pain in my body has receded, allowwing me to rest. I cannot tell you how much I need to do this. Until I feel better – and I can only hope this is a good sign – I am going to listen to my body – and rest. ~J

Now, on to this post:

RT: Ted Cruz wins citizenship battle, eligible to be president – Penn. Supreme Court

Allow me to suggest that we needn’t believe the PA Supreme Court. It all appears to be very high sounding, doesn’t it. But the Constitution makes it clear if he can run or not, and it seems he cannot! I’ve been looking for several days for KrisAnne’ post on this subject, because it also contains some very learned words from another lady, as well, that prove this fact – and I can’t find it. I hope she will post it again.

Who else do the GOP have to run? They are selling us Ted Cruz, maybe because that is the only one they have left. Now, after finishing off Trump, they need a candidate, and I feel they will then begin to go after Bernie Sanders, in order to get Hillary Clinton ‘in place’.

Bernie’s words are all too true, and while at the moment I believe he’s on the right track, who really knows. I think I’ve said, “Let’s wait and see.” Time will tell.

Breaking: Sanders Supporters Just Filed A Lawsuit Against Bill Clinton For Election Fraud

61 Criminal Commuted And More Federal Duplicity | The KrisAnne Hall Show, March. 31st. 2016 

. . . and guess whose crimes were commuted? What a value system we have running our country!

(I also must put in the caveat that education, if managed honestly without the cabal, needn’t cost much at all. Nothing in our lives need be unreasonably expensive!!!!! Maybe the older people remember back when a popsicle cost a nickel at the local corner store, and a college education was in direct relationship to that ‘little’ cost. Do you understand that they have been steadily freezing us out by raising our costs for EVERyTHING? No, it needn’t be so!)

CNBC: Oil, taxes — and big problems for Russia’s economy, published in reality by Reuters and AP. The people who haven’t done their homework and believe this ‘stuff’ are in for a big surprise!


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