Headlines, Friday, April 1, 2016

The Oracle Report, Friday, April 1, 2016 It’s a MUST READ today, giving us other important dates in the month of April:

Today could prove to be quite momentous.  The intensity of the astrological energetics continues today with complex archetypal elements and one particular event that lights off a time of fireworks.

RT – BREAKING: Turkey is key supplier of weapons, military hardware to ISIS – Russian envoy to UN (Details to Follow)

Other, latest RT headlines:

17 injured as huge gas explosion hits residential building in central Paris (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

Turkey forcibly returned hundreds of Syrian refugees to war zone – Amnesty

German spy services granted asylum to refugees in exchange for ‘questionable’ intel – report

Save us from ISIS or bomb us with chemical weapons,’ pleads Iraqi womanemotional FB video

Xi warns Obama against threatening China’s sovereignty & national interests

Palmyra booby-trap: ISIS had 3,000 bombs rigged, ready to level entire city with one click

Clinton loses it when Greenpeace activist asks about her fossil fuel donors (VIDEO)

CIA leaves explosives on school bus borrowed for training

China proposes $50tn global renewable energy network

Saudi Arabia to set up $2tn mega-fund for post oil era

Ukraine’s economy failing due to political crisis – World Bank

Berlin gets first taste of in-store vertical micro-farms

 * * * 

The Empire of the Petrodollar and the Price of Refusing It

Zerohedge: John McCain Linked Nonprofit Received Million Dollar Donation From Saudi Arabia

Leahy asked State Dept. to investigate Israeli human rights “violations”

PressTV-US Republicans in Saudi after Israel visit

PressTV-‘UN serving as Saudi wing in Yemen’

PressTV-US switches def. doctrine toward Russia What a joke! Do you think they’ve fooled the Russians or the international community with redefining a word?

PressTV-Russia: No deal with US on Assad’s fate

Ukraine should never join EU – Dutch Prime Minister

Assad says ‘Erdogan’s army of terrorists’ fighting in Syria

Bill Clinton on Brexit: N. Ireland will ‘get whacked’ if Britain leaves the EU 

U.S Troops on Russia’s Borders

The Whole World Is Watching Brazil’s Hollow Men, by Pepe Escobar

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