Updated with two videos!!! Vaxxed: A Historical Turning Point? – The Thinking Moms’ Revolution . . .How exciting!!!

The Thinking Moms’ Revolution

Tonight we witnessed yet another watershed moment in the history of our movement. At each twist in the wind, we are propelled and re-energized to share the truth with the world. It has been impossible in the last 18 months to get mainstream media or the government’s attention to an issue that is arguably one the most important of our time. In August of 2014, Dr.William Thompson of the CDC admitted that he and his colleagues had committed scientific fraud and covered up crucial evidence linking the MMR to autism 10 years prior. But that just changed tonight.

The movie Vaxxed was screened tonight amidst so much controversy and media bashing that it’s a wonder the play button was ever pressed. But thankfully the Angelika Film Center stood up for freedom of expression and ultimately the First Amendment.

Anyone who has been following the CDC whistleblower story from the beginning will be familiar with the premise of this film. We have covered it at TMR and have supported many other groups’ efforts to try and get media exposure for this story over the last 18 months to no avail. The reason for this is set out in the film. The facts are too difficult for anyone to dismiss, although we implore the public to call for them to be investigated thoroughly and completely.

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and let me add the following title from Natural News via Dave Hodges: 

Depopulation test run? 75% of children who received vaccines in Mexican town now dead or hospitalized March 25

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This second video gives more detail than the first one. Look at the pressroom, and how empty it is! Listen to the Rep. from Florida’s full speech,

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Ex-Obama General Defects, Reveals Sick Obama Plan for America’s Future (VIDEO). Do you think Flynn has the full picture? I don’t, but I hope it’s a beginning.


Pastors serving government over God.

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