Headlines (late day) April 5, 2016

I’ve been up since four o’clock this morning with a computer problem – interrupted by a visit to the doctor. Finally, all is in order. . .

I’m just going to leave a few posts and take a break until tomorrow, which will likely continue to be hard day energetically. I really need a break. . . ~J

Wolf Spirit Media Network Click on this site; count down to what I think is presently the fifth green button on the left for Simon Parkes show. Shortly after the 6:00 minute mark Simon makes an astounding statement/announcement.

Full Speech: Donald Trump EXPLOSIVE Rally in Eau Claire, WI (4-2-16) (The part you want to hear starts shortly after minute 48.)

Russian Naval Base at Kuril Islands – a Counter to the ‘Asia Pivot’?

 Frontline tonight on your local PBS: ‘Putin’s way’ . . . Might be interesting to see what they do with this. 

From Sott.net

Best of the Web: Armenian-Azeri tensions: Why they’re happening, and who benefits 

US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher: US politicians still view Russia through lens of Cold War paradigm

Flashback: US effectively the biggest tax haven in the world

Best of the Web: Pepe Escobar: Panama leaks a ‘limited hangout’ psy-op set up by US intelligence

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