Headlines, Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Oracle Report, April 6, 2016 – 

This last day of the astrological year’s report is abbreviated, as I have a special audio message that I will post later today.  This recording is not the New Moon in Aries Overview, but some things that I want to discuss before this year ends.

As the last day of the natural year (the year as counted by the cycles of the Sun and Moon), it is truly New Year’s Eve.  A new alignment with the Earth and new energetics for the upcoming year starts tomorrow.

* * *

Does this well-written astrological article I received via email from Alpha Life Trends ring your bell?

This week, April 3rd through April 9th, brings a connection with Moon and intuitive Neptune, which accentuates the spiritual elements of our journey.  The new month of April is universally a FOUR month, which prompts plans, goals and organization to enter into the day-to-day activities.  Tuesday Mercury shifts into Taurus, which brings in a strong earthy element as need to become efficient and expand the practical elements needed to organize and plan.  Ultimately Mercury will reach 24 Taurus at the end of April and turn retrograde, to revise the plans, to organize the pursuits in a different way, that emphasize the more practical matters.

Early Thursday morning, Sun connects with Moon to bring in new beginnings, as Sun and Moon connect at 18 Aries.  These new beginnings promote the new focus that is a major part of this year, with spearheading the directions and pursuits that are geared to bring about change and a shift of focus.  The fact that Moon also connects with Uranus brings In the changes on the winds that are blowing in situations from a different direction.  The new energies are moving away from the old situations as the new winds signal the time to sail in a different direction.

Friday Moon connects with Mercury, as new plans are made and a new course is charted.  This becomes the new focus that pulls away from doing things in the old ways, and emphasizes using the intuitive connections to shift new directions.  Mercury and Moon in Taurus bring in the new focus as a stronger efficiency begins to set the stage for new plans to be unveiled to bring situations into the lineup of inner and outer value.

Saturday, Sun connects with Uranus, which blows in the winds of change for those who have taken the cosmic hint to see that the winds are shifting directions, blowing in from a different direction to take situations into a new environment.  Sun shines the light on the changes that are emerging as 20 Aries becomes the point of change.  With 30 degrees in each sign, Uranus has now reached the entrance to the last 10 degrees of change.  The points of change become key to this time as the focus of Uranus is about change, breakthrough and freedom.

The focus can no longer be of the old way and expression, but must bring in new ways of operating, shifting out of the last nine year cycle and preparing to shift into a new nine-year cycle.  Sun emphasizes the true Aries approach, which is to move into new directions, setting a new pace to move beyond the old ways of operating.  Setting a new pace is the requirement as Mercury in Taurus emphasizes value, the inner and outer values become aligned with “right action” of the True Self.

Read More:  April Celestial Trends

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As I’ve worked here, I’ve been listening to the Frontline story of Putin that I suggested to you. The propaganda is absolutely amazing. A typical American hasn’t got a chance against it. Not a Chance. No wonder we are reading that there is zero opportunity to save the entire planetary system. We will simply watch it collapse . . . but how many will be able to abosrb the ‘real; truth? I’m sorry, but at this point in time I cannot conceive this of happening. As always, in such a situation I hope I am wrong, but even if I am wrong, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to live with what happens . . . I hope the shift occurs and we all move forward to a better place. ~j

If you are curious enough, you might try to view the program here:
 http://www.pbs.org/video/2365401766/ I’m being told I can’t view it.

Robert De Niro, Alt-Media Hero for Successful Launch of VAXXED Documentary

IRS building closed for the rest of the week after basement fire . . . In view of the Panama revelations, did they need to eliminate incriminating material??

 Zerohege: US among world leaders in death penalty, surpassed only by Saudi, Iran & Pakistan – Amnesty
What Trump Has Wrought, by Pat Buchanan

. . . But this city of self-delusion should realize there is no going back for America. For, whatever his stumbles of the last two weeks, Trump has helped to unleash the mightiest force of the 21st century: nationalism.

Transnationalism and globalism are moribund.

The Eurogroup Made Simple, by Yanis Varoufakis – as the collapse continues this simply information becomes important to us all. ~J

Putin orders creation of National Guard to fight terrorism, organized crime

What’s Behind the Creation of Russia’s New National Guard

Raytheon Gets $8Mln to ‘Redesign The Internet’  

National Science Foundation will sink millions into an effort to enhance the design [control?] of the World Wide Web.

Tehran: US Violating Nuke Deal, Urging Companies to Not Invest in Iran

Syria Mufti: Terrorists Offered Peace in Return for Concessions to Israel

Why Hillary Clinton’s Paid Speeches Are Relevant, by Eric Zuesse

Western states block Kurdish participation in Syria peace talks proposed by Russia

Syria: IS attacks government forces with poison gas Syrian jet shot down in Aleppo, pilot reportedly captured by Al-Qaeda affiliate

Zerohedge Shots Fired: – Wikileaks Accuses Panama Papers’ Leaker Of Being “Soros-Funded, Soft-Power Tax Dodge”

Geopolitics of Corruption: George Soros and the ‘Panama Leaks’

Private matter? That’s rich! Edward Snowden deals Cameron a Twitter takedown

RT: Western states block Kurdish participation in Syria peace talks proposed by Russia

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2 Responses to Headlines, Wednesday, April 6, 2016

  1. Deborah says:

    George Soros’ Anti-Kremlin Info Laundering Backfires on Clinton, Cameron

    Read more: http://sputniknews.com/world/20160406/1037543197/soros-putin-clinton-cameron-panama.html#ixzz455c3M3Gl

  2. Deborah says:

    What I Learned From the Panama Papers

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