Headlines (late day), Monday, April 11, 2016

RT: Op-Edge: The dirty secret of Utopia, by John Pilger  I put this article FIRST, because it is a heartbreaking story of the indigenous in Australia. It might, however, be the story of the indigenous anywhere. As children, we were taught to think of these people as less than human, savages, without culture. This was done on purpose to prevent us from realizing their great wisdom and connection to the planet, all of which undertanding we desperately need in order to make it through this paradigm change. 

We need to get past the influence of ‘things’ like the cars, homes, the degrees, the fashion styles, the money – the Cult of the Expert 🙂 , etc., before we can get close to understanding that what these people value is so far beyond these things that we are still little more than self-centered children. ~J

 * * * 

 !!!!!!! RT – BREAKING: 100+ arrested at ‘Democracy Spring’ sit-in at US Capitol (VIDEO) – Follow RT’s Caleb Maupin (@calebmaupin), who is at the demonstrations – GREAT COVERAGE by RT!!!

(Caleb wrote what I think is a brilliant article about the multi-polar world that I published this morning and really urged everyone to read: Trains Against Terrorism: The New Silk Road Crosses Afghanistan, by Caleb Maupin  GO CALEB!!!)

 * * * 

Former US Senator Insists 9/11 Report Implicating US Ally Be Declassified

Finger in Every Pie: How CIA Became Involved in Entertainment Business

False flag nuclear attack on Chicago?

Predictive programming and 3,000 millionaires fleeing demand attention; .01% crimes in war and money demand arrests BEFORE more false flags

Evidence of US war crimes in Iraq recorded by 100s of organizations

Panama papers: The real target is the UK, not Russia – ‘move your offshoring to U.S. or else’

‘It Was Victor’s Justice’: Iraqi Judge and Doctor on Saddam Hussein’s Trial

“The United States’ role has been instrumental to create and finance the trial,” Amin explained. “They also provided it with everything necessary to operate. Even trial-related expenses have been adopted by the Iraqi Governing Council.”

The trial was largely viewed as a show trial, with Amnesty International calling it “unfair” and Human Rights Watch referring to the proceedings as “flawed.”

Austerity for the masses while the elites hide $21 to $32 trillion in tax havens – conservative estimate

 * * * 

 !!!!!!! RT: 10,000 Al-Nusra militants surrounding Aleppo, plan to blockade the city – Russian military  (I’m checking, but so far no new input from Zaid Fadel.)

VIDEO, Ceasefire Violations Ordered by Saudi Arabia, Turkey: Syrian FM  

. . .  the war news begin . . . 

Rockets from Syria hit Turkish town Kilis, at least 4 injured

. . . and now . . . 

‘Time to build new Syria’: Russian deputy defense minister speaks of op & peace in RT exclusive

 * * * 

RT: Saudi Arabia preventing Iranian oil tankers from entering its waters – report

PressTV: Iran says Saudi cannot ban oil tankers

PressTV-Yemen ceasefire to begin at midnight

PressTV-Saudi jets run wild in Yemen before truce

 * * * 

United They Stand: ‘Majority of Kurds in Syria Against Splitting Country’

EU-Turkey refugee deal: Legal problems & Erdogan’s threats may ruin entire plan 😉 😉 😉

Western powers install new puppet, press ahead with plans for another war in Libya (I hope you have also had a look at this article that I published this morning, RT: Worst mistake as president’: Obama admits he had no plan after Libya regime change) Callous? Beyond belief! 

 * * * 

Ukraine PM resigns 2 months after narrowly dodging no-confidence vote

Strategically important Transcarpathia demands autonomy from Ukraine

The Hague Refuses to Adjudicate Ukraine for Crimes Against Donbass

Kiev Junta is Preparing to Shoot Down Planes Over Crimea

 * * * 

PressTV-India to pay oil debts to Iran in euros . . . I’m sure the Fed/Central Banks aren’t happy with this  . . . 

Please, aso be sure to check Zerohedge.com. It is full of the latest collapse info! 

Also: Hedge funds betting on Russian ruble

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