Headlines, Monday, April 11, 2016

The Oracle Report, Monday, April 11, 2016

What does today herald?

By day’s end, we may find that a transition from something from a “lower,” “base,” or “old paradigm” method, belief, feelings, or experience comes to a “higher,” “evolved,” or “Second Renaissance” way.

Today we see all types of transformations, in our own lives and in the world at large.

Yesterday, we had an angry statement from cliven Bundy’s wife, 

Sen. Harry Reid posturing to make move, take Bundy Ranch, says Carol Bundy (Video)

. . . today we have this from Levoy Finicum’s daughter

This Has Got to Stop

Active Duty Soldier Says Military Suicides “All About the Money”

Think the man is crazy? Still think our Veterans are respected and cared for?

US soldiers burned their waste in the Mideast wars — and now it’s killing them

Pentagon hooked Vietnam War soldiers on amphetamines, painkillers, and steroids

Dahboo: ALERT! Military “Spy Towers” Being Quietly Moved by Contractors In Arizona . . . I wouldn’t look the other way on this. Not too many years ago, this never, ever happened!

!!!!!!! Hillary Camp Freaking Out Over This Viral Video!

Judge Jeanine Reveals Another Hillary Scandal – It’s Even Bigger Than Her Email Scandal (Video)

* * *

Chairman McCain letter to Secretary Carter, by John McCain

. . . the next article is not the same sort as John McCain’s, but I see quite a difference in quality . . . do you?

Second Russian intelligence report on Turkey’s current assistance to Daesh

RT – Op-ED: Kerry’s praise of Afghan govt security efforts is blatant propaganda’, by Gareth Porter

John Kerry’s latest statements about Kabul’s successful attempts to ensure the country’s security are not reflective of the reality on the ground, Gareth Porter, investigative historian and journalist on US national security policy, has told RT.

* * *

There is so much more news today — and I will be back with it, but I think the following three articles are absolutely foundational to our understanding of the future. I hope you will take the time to ‘settle down’ and read them. If not now, please put them at the top of your reading list. 

Soros’ Open Society: New World Lebensraum Idealism Underway, by Phil Butler This article is worth every second you can find to spend on it. The complexity of the tentacles of George Soros’ efforts to enslave humanity is explained in excruciating detail through the example of one small county, Latvia, which was apparently used as a template, just as California is being used in the USA. These efforts were then multiplied throughout much of the planet, including the United States.

When you’ve read this article, please stop and think for a moment: How difficult will it be for people who have been living in a fake reality with tentacles that run so very deep to come to their senses!

 * * * 

Trains Against Terrorism: The New Silk Road Crosses Afghanistan, by Caleb Maupin

Recent developments around the world concerning the seemingly unrelated topics of railways, heroin production, and international terrorism point toward emerging realities about the global economy.

In this article the links between Amtrak train derailments . . . 

. . . every day, Amtrak train passengers in the United States are transported over a 106-year-old bridge in Hackensack, New Jersey. It’s widely acknowledged that the decaying railway bridge needs to be repaired, but the funds simply cannot be put together. The plan to replace the bridge was abandoned in 2014 when the funds raised for the project came up $900 million short.

. . . and heroin addiction become apparent . . . 

Every day 78, people in the United States die from heroin overdoses. Heroin use gradually increased in the first decade of the 21st century. By 2012, the rate of heroin-related deaths was four times what it was in 2002. Between 2012 and 2013, the number of deaths skyrocketed by 39% . . .  Currently, just over fifty percent of US heroin originates in Mexico. The rest of the heroin can be traced to the country where 90% of the world’s heroin is produced: Afghanistan.

. . .  a small bit  of the detailed history of heroin from the article  . . .

The Taliban government that came to power in Afghanistan during the 1990s saw the drug as a violation of Islamic teachings and thus worked to wipe out heroin production. According to the United Nations, the crackdown on heroin in Afghanistan had decreased production “from 3,300 tons in 2000 to 185 tons in 2001.”

After the US invasion following the September 11 attacks, heroin production in Afghanistan dramatically increased. Since 2001, heroin production in Afghanistan has risen to astoundingly high levels. No country in history has ever produced as much heroin as Afghanistan currently does, accounting for 90% of all world production.

. . . surprised?  So why would China want to create . . . 

Stability for Central Asia: Why [would China] Invest in Afghanistan?

. . . read the rest of what I see as an absolutely  brilliant article to discover the essential difference between what the US/NATO killing machine is trying to establish on this planet and the multi-polar world order that Russia/China/Iran and others are in the process of establishing . . . to understand why more and more countries are joining with the East’s vision of multi-polarity.

 * * * 

The following article links to the one above in what I find to be a most interesting way:

About Lancang-Mekong Cooperation Meeting, by Vladimir Terekhov

In March 2016, China got a chance to make its move in the complex geopolitical game played by the three leading Asia-Pacific Region powers (the USA, China and Japan) in the Southeast Asia. This move can be classified as a preventive measure taken to counter propagandistic attack that US and Japan are likely to launch during the Japan-hosted G7 Summit scheduled for the end of the coming May.

. . . the article continues helping us to understand the region better as we note the positive efforts China is making to reach these “Big Mekong” countries located along the Lancang-Mekong River (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar).

The big problem is described, however, as the fact that the People’s Republic of China is unwilling to abandon its claim to 80% of the South China Sea area and almost all of located there archipelagos — and no reason is given.

My question to readers who venture into this very interesting article is, “Why will China not relinquish its claim?” What or who is the problem? If China were to let go of control of this  area, what might be the result? Is China perhaps waiting for these smaller countries along the Lancang-Mekong River to awaken and see who their real enemy is?

. . . and now some sad commentary on our President, by our President . . . 

RT: Worst mistake as president’: Obama admits he had no plan after Libya regime change

PressTV-Defeating Daesh ‘my No. 1 job’: Obama

. . . and finally a little lighter humor , , .

If Putin’s not in it, he’s behind it: Western media’s new spin on Panama Papers

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