Headlines, Monday (night), April 11, 2016 . . . as I see it, all these articles are related . . . ~J

RT: 400+ arrested as Democracy Spring calls for fairer elections, no more money in politics  . . . what looks to be a totally new article, again, with great coverage by RT!

 * * *

Zeohedge: White House Issues Following Statement After Meeting Between Obama And Yellen  . . . more gobbledygook! 

Please note, there are rumors that Martial Law was also discussed. It’s nice to know about this, but is it real or a bit of news meant to put us in fear? 

Zerohedge: “The Problems Are Unfixable” by Howard Kunstler 🙂 🙂 🙂 MUST READ

Fury at GOP after Cruz handed ‘voterless victory’ in Colorado
. . and the fact is that Cruz is NOT even eligible to be President. I simply cannot find KrisAnne’s video on this topic (did they pull it?), which had an accompanying explanation/video from someone who had clearly studied the matter very carefully of Cruz’ eligibility, and even named him. I’ll state it as best I can remember: While Cruz’ mother American, Cruz’ father is Canadian, and in those days because women had so few legal rights, it was the father who determined the eligibility. Thus, Cruz is ineligible!

For those who are a bit older, remember how our mothers always went by ‘Mrs. John Smith’? It was a hangover from when these women had no legal rights – and that is where we were when the Constitution was written. It still has not been changed, and I don’t think it is possible to change it now.

* * *

Some other interesting facts to note:

On April 19th, The Chinese Swift Bank goes online, completely bypassing the dollar for all international trade.

1) Satanic Calendar

2) Moloch Feast Days

Moloch Feast “event” starts on 19th April “apparently” and continues for more than a week.

16th April also appears to be significant to th Satanists



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