Quick note from ~Jean . . .

I’ve been on the phone almost all day so far — able to do nothing else, completely tied up — trying to cancel a bill with Adobe – with the help of my credit card company. I’m sure you know the frustration of such circumstances . . . I’ll be up and running shortly!

As I looked at the news today, all I could think was that I really want/need to remind you that the entire fake planetary system is going to collapse, before we see change. Because we know this, I think it’s time for us to sit back and become true, very calm observers.

Give me a chance to get my head on straight, and I’ll be back shortly with some posts.


Maybe this article explains what I mean . . .  🙂 when I say the entire fake planetary system is going to collapse . . . and with good reason  . . 

Zerohedge: The Entire Status Quo Is A Fraud 

Fraud as a way of life caters an extravagant banquet of consequences.

This can’t be said politely: the entire status quo in America is a fraud.

The financial system is a fraud.

The political system is a fraud.

National Defense is a fraud.

The healthcare system is a fraud.

Higher education is a fraud.

The mainstream corporate media is a fraud.

Culture–from high to pop–is a fraud.

Need I go on?

We have come to accept fraud as standard operating practice in America, to the detriment of everything that was once worthy. Why is this so?   . . . 


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2 Responses to Quick note from ~Jean . . .

  1. Nancy Vinal (Watcher says:

    On 4/14/2016 10:48 AM, Nancy Vinal wrote:
    I am watching this video…. and I am writing my comments as I move through the dialogue – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sxeu7Rb-hHE

    The good doctor is absolutely correct in her assessment of the “system” and how it is interlocked in control……. the medical mafia and the federal mafia.. The entire system (justice = JUST-us – medicine kills not preserves life – democracy is mob psychology – death of the body and soul comes from “submission” and FEAR – “divide and conquor” is the mantra of all governments)…. and she stresses that the REAL POWER lies with the individual human being, but we all “consent”, we hand over our infinite power to posturer whores who work for the reptiles (Illuminati/banksters) whose central core of control is what we call “government(s)”).

    Take note that she says that it too 11 years for the tax system to “catch up with her failure to file”.. (so “the passing of years of time” does not/should not give anybody a sense of security).

    She is addressing the artificial all caps person… asked the judge who that person was and of course there was no answer forthcoming. That ended in her being sent to jail… the trial was eventually postponed. She is not saying whether or not she put her objections to being the straw-man in writing .. or if she only stated all of this verbally. (I have to assume that all of this was served on the court via recorded certified documents, otherwise it would not have been taken note of by the court.)

    She is correct, that the presumption of law is that the artificial “person” and the flesh and blood man are considered by the system to be ONE entity. (Until that presumption is properly rebutted.) The artificial “person” is purely a SLAVE~!!! Each person has to make the decision to extradite THEMSELVES from slavery, the zombie state, unconsciousness, the dumb animal state of a plodding condition of continual consent. Each of us has to make the decision to ‘kick the sheep-herder into the ditch… and have the courage to go it alone!

    Mafia… is correct. They are “selling protection”.. you get the “protection/benefits” provided by governments in return for agreeing/CONSENTING to be a “taxpayer”.. meaning you PAY for the protection and bennies. Perfect description, Irwin Schiff understood a good part of this. His book was titled “The Federal Mafia”.

    The psychological inner recognition that the man or woman IS the “creator” of both the entities… one by natural birth and the other by consent. Withdraw the “consent” and the artificial person is erased leaving only the flesh and blood man over whom the “state” has NO jurisdiction. Each man was given unlimited POWER.. and sadly he has “gifted” his power to evil reptiles who suck his energy… the instant that the man wakes up and withdraws his consent… he IS free.. he is powerful again. He might go to jail if he hasn’t set up his escape correctly… but he still has taken back his power. Just saying “no” is power.

    Notice that she highlights the FACT that “freedom” can ONLY be accomplished one by one, individually… in other words there can be no “mass exodus” of citizen slaves based on an consensual agreement between the slaves… the process must be done one man / woman at a time. (They took our freedom through mis-dis information, lies, coerce-ment, words & phrases of art, but they did it ONE human at a time. The only method of de-linking must be done ONE person cum man, at a time!)

    “What do I say to the judge”.. asks the moderator.

    Ms. Gishlaine answers: “Let them do what they want, and you do what you want”. (???) And then uses examples: Stop buying things made in China – buy locally – (in other words starve the beast) – stop borrowing money – stop giving them money – stop paying usury/interest on anything – do not have a bank account – exercise your “free will” –

    So, no bank account. sounds good right? But that means no SS money for you.. you paid for the SS for 30+ years, you are entitled to the proceeds of the insurance you paid for, but if you have no bank account employing direct deposit, then you are effectively barred from getting your money to buy food to eat….
    Stop giving them your money… Sounds good, but if you have employment (aka a JOB), the ’employer’ withholds the money/taxes before you ever get your hands on it … so bottom line is NO JOB.. no income.. no food. (again).
    Stop paying property tax it is a scam.. Great! Except in about three years the sheriff sets your personal belongings on the street and puts new locks on the doors… now you are “homeless”…

    So you can go out into the wilderness and find a cave?.. Grow your own veggies? Might work for a little while, but short of a miracle the governments have already put “laws” in place that prohibit anyone from collecting rain water, growing vegetables, giving away vegetables…..

    I can see a LOT of “glitches” in trying to execute this lady’s plan…. go ahead ‘transfer the power from the body to the soul – from the outside to the inside – that is a good thing. BUT… we need a better “plan” to follow the transition of power… otherwise the lowly body will be incarcerated, or locked up in a hospital with a guard at the door, or wandering the streets, sleeping in alleys, eating out of dumpsters…..or isolated inside a foreign embassy for years…. or or or or….. the possible outcomes are myriad when you decide to “take back your power”.

    This lady (Ms. Gishlaine) has written a book which will generate some “income” for her to survive for a while, and clearly she still has a roof over her head, but I fear that the “game” has only begun. The government enforcers will very likely take her off as soon as they get their paperwork organized, and she will end her days just like poor old Irwin Schiff did… she lacks a PLAN…… somehow she has convinced herself that gaining the courage to step forward with soul courage is going to provide protection from the enemy. It won’t… time is on their side always.

    She understands perfectly what is WRONG… but she has not put together a PLAN to cut the multitude of silk threads that tie the man to the artificial entity / SLAVE and allow the continued blood sucking to go on.
    Wed, 13 Apr 2016 23:10:57 -0600 (MDT)

    I made contact with Gishlaine by e-mail, hoping to speak with her in the next few days. Watch video of her story below

    Gishlaine Lanctot A lovely intelligent woman, a Canadian doctor for 25 years who hasn’t paid any taxes to the CRA for years

    1 hour video by the author of “The Medical Mafia”, who has renounced both her Canadian citizenship and sent back her license to practice medicine in Canada.

    • Jean says:

      Nancy, I will release this, but truly, I think it is past time for this effort. It’s time to get rid of the cabal, not jump through their hoops, don’t you think? Apparently, even the lady you mention is aware of this . . . Hugs, ~Jean

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