Headlines, Friday, April 15, 2016

The Oracle Report, Friday, April 15, 2016

The astrological aspects highlighted in yesterday’s report remain posted below.  It is probably a good idea to re-read that report, to refresh yourself with the knowledge.  Today is all about doing just that – refreshing things, bringing new life to them.  This is the Black Moon’s specialty.

Today transforms things from one way or state of being into another.  It goes beyond the bounds to restore balance and alignment.  It empowers.

Cosmic Awareness: Maintain the Sacred Neutral . . .in pdf  form or mp3 format. Things are truly insane today, and I’m taking the advice given.

 * * * 

Example of Insanity: FREE FALLIN’ starring BUILDING 7

* * * 

Who really threatens us?, by Manlio Dinucci

How can we justify war if there is no enemy that threatens us? Simple: it’s enough to invent one or fabricate one. This is what General Phillip Breedlove, head of the US European Commandment teaches us. He is going to pass to another USA General the baton of the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe.

US Nuclear Rearmament Under Guise of World Peace, by Finian Cunningham . . . It is simply impossible for our ‘rulers’ to do anything in a straightforward, open way!

Allow me to repeat myself again: China and Russia DO NOT want to conquer the USA.  In a multi-polar world, they have no interest in control such a massive, broken population. What they do hope to achieve IF we become a sadder and wiser population who will bring this country back is the ability to trade with us in a healthy way. We will be a powerhouse! Can you see this?

Pentagon chief to sail aircraft carrier through disputed South China Sea

PressTV-Ryan opposes giving Iran access to dollar

Why are thousands of rich people leaving Chicago and other major cities around the world?

Innocent woman repeatedly raped and sodomized by doctors, nurses, and police in search of pot – Society’s Child, Sott.net  I usually don’t publish this kind of story, but, dear God, is there any better example right now of the insanity that has taken over the United States?

154 people stuck on train in underwater tunnel to DC . . . another perfect example of the different value system of the US government that chooses force in order to control and other governments that choose security for their people in order to create a peaceful word. See HERE and HERE for examples of a multi-polar world.

 * * *

A couple of ‘business’ headlines from RT

Leading investor calls Russia ‘the bargain of the century’

Cost of rebuilding Syria may reach $180bn – World Bank

BRICS join forces on IMF quota formula reform

 * * * 

President Killary: Would The World Survive President Hillary? by Paul Craig Roberts

PressTV: Clinton ‘heart aches’ for Nigerian girls

RT – Op-Edge: Clinton vow to tackle ‘systemic racism’ must be a joke

Zerohedge: Trump Asks “How Has The ‘System’ Worked Out For You?”

Authored by Donald Trump, Op-Ed via The Wall Street Journal

‘It is un-American’: Nearly 6 million US citizens with felony convictions can’t vote

Zerohedge: The Weirdest Possible Outcomes For The Strangest Election In U.S. History

The American Dictatorship, by Eric Zuesse

. . . In other words: the National Republican Committee says that all of the delegates to the Republican National Convention are allowed to “tweak the template, changing the game in any way that they want.” . . . What about the Democratic side?

 * * *

Syrian Army Starts Battle for Aleppo, ISIS Cuts Turkey-Backed Rebels in Half

RT: Stop shooting at Syrian civilians fleeing ISIS-controlled zones, HRW tells Turkey

Erdogan announces Istanbul-based anti-terror ‘Islamic Interpol’

RT – Op-Edge: ‘Erdogan busily turning Turkey into police state’

Germany grants Turkish request to allow for possible prosecution of comedian who joked about Erdogan

 * * *

9 killed, over 850 injured in deadliest Japan quake since Fukushima (PHOTOS, VIDEOS) . . .

. . . I remember reading at the time of Fukushima and the Gulf of Mexico that as we approached the endgame these tragedies would be revisited and enlarged.

RT: Strongest since Fukushima: Shocking aftermath of deadly quake in Japan (PHOTOS)

Dutchsinse: 4/13/2016 — Earthquake Forecast Hit — Large M7.2 (M6.9) strikes Burma in warned location

Over 60 million Japanese irradiated by Fukushima, BPEarthWatch

Scientists fear ‘the Big One/FOUR major quakes/48 hours

Laura at the Oracle Report says today:
(Note: Yesterday’s earthquake in Japan provides more evidence of the Electric Universe theory, forwarded by Jim McCanney. When the Sun and a planet are conjunct or in opposition, a line or “current” is activated. This is happening with the Sun and the Black Moon (or Black Sun) in opposition. Other geologic events could spark today.)

Funniest Quotes From Putin’s Annual Call-In Q&A

RT – Op-Edge: Putin’s Q&A: Around the world in 80 questions

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