A Reader [justifiably] RANTS. . . Black Hills resource harvesting and the rape of sacred Lakota lands is just ‘Business as Usual’

Sorry for the rant, Jean…both US and Canada have serious problems of their own but it seem our leaders are experts at selective listening, and seeing only what is without our borders.

Black Hills resource harvesting and the rape of sacred Lakota lands is just ‘Business as Usual’

The Black Hills are are beautiful. Although some people would look at this scene and see a wilderness, that is just how The Creator made this vast stretch of forest and mountain landscape. Natural resource harvesting in the Black Hills by fracking, mining, pipeline installation and drilling has plagued this large landmass for far too long now and some leading Lakota who sit on treaty councils want this to end. Besides, according to treaty laws set in place long ago, the Black Hills are not for sale and have never, ever been for sale.

“Without any disrespect, the White Man makes all these laws and he breaks them as soon as he makes them,” said Fred Sitting Up, a full-blooded Oglala Lakota who sits on the original Ocha-te-sakowin, Seven Council Fires Treaty Council. “It’s a tough issue to talk about today. The first thing we’re going to say is that we don’t agree with it, and that we oppose any type of mining, fracking, or natural resource and mineral harvesting. And we don’t want pipelines here, either.”

“They want to destroy it,” Sitting Up complained to this writer during a telephone interview on Thursday, April 14. “It’s hard talking to a landlord who wants to wreck your house. This is the message we want to get to President Obama. He said he’d work with those of us who are involved with these treaties. He promised that he’d make things right but he never has.”

Meantime, the Big Oil and Gas corporations, along with mining companies — even those involved with mining radioactive elements like Uranium, are harvesting the earth of the Black Hills. “They are going right along” with things in a business-as-usual fashion, Sitting Up said sadly, with a wavering voice. And these large, powerful, bullying corporate monsters are doing so with seeming impunity, and even arrogance.  They harvest oil, gas, all types of ores, even those breaking down into radioactive half-lives, and when these big companies have sapped the land of all its value, they leave a scarred and polluted landmass, Sitting Up told me.

“I’m trying to get all our people who know how to work with computers to send the President a message. We know his wife gets him to do things.  I think if we could get her attention by sending her emails, social media messages, maybe even voice mails, perhaps (Michelle Obama) will have the President do something about this mess in the Black Hills. We want the President to talk to the real Lakota who don’t want to see the ruination of our Black Hills and other sacred lands up here. I think he’s been influenced too much by all these assimilated Indians ,” Sitting Up said to me.

 “The time President Obama came here he went to North Dakota, and not to our area. And he didn’t talk to any real Lakota Indians. He talked to French Canadian Natives.

[OH YES?? Our leaders are so obliging and caring WHENEVER they are out of their country (Obama and Trudeau) what about the problems at home???]

“He needs to listen to the real Lakota, not these Bureau of Indian Affairs artificial Indians.  If you could put that in bold letters in your newspaper, that would be good. Believe me, since 2004, I’ve been trying to get the media to report on this mess. I’ve talked to the leaders of the Rapid City Journal and the Sioux Falls Argus, these are the biggest newspapers in South Dakota, but they didn’t do a thing about reporting on the rape of the Black Hills and our other sacred lands in South Dakota,” Sitting Up said.


CANADA (5 youngsters (age 9-13 committed suicide in the last few days)  PLUS WHAT IS IN THIS ARTICLE  –  Today is 17 April: 6 days after the suicide story came out in the media.

[JEAN, all they have done so far is sending people with posters discouraging suicide…the only way to reach that reserve is by plane…they have no electricity, no water, and no health clinic. A nurse flies in a couple times a week.


[THIS IS NOT A NEW PROBLEM at all…all being done is what Obama does plenty of sincere promises that amount to nothing.

[But we have money to support the nazis in Ukraine, money for climate change, money for Syria. We also have this wonderful program for vaccination of children and young mothers in third world (that’s Harper’s idea of support)  clean water…what is that???

[The sad part, Jean, is that in general a minimum of 70% of Canadians feel that the natives are simply lazy good for nothing people. They do not think that it is our system that created the conditions for this outcome. They should be treated as equals and they ARE NOT. ]

Canadian Attawapiskat First Nation suicide emergency     11 April 2016

An indigenous community in northern Canada has declared a state of emergency after 11 people attempted to take their own lives in one day.

The Attawapiskat First Nation in Ontario saw 28 suicide attempts in March and more than 100 since last September, Canadian media said, with one person reported to have died.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the news “heartbreaking”.

Canada’s 1.4 million indigenous people have high levels of poverty.

Their life expectancy is also below the Canadian average.

Bruce Shisheesh, the chief of the Attawapiskat First Nation community, said 11 people attempted to take their own lives on Saturday, prompting him to declare a state of emergency.

He tweeted that the regional Weeneebayko Health Authority was flying in a crisis team, mental health nurses and social workers, and that he was waiting for Ontario’s minister of health to deliver more emergency workers to the area.

The First Nations government was sending a crisis response unit to the community following the declaration on Saturday, Canadian media said.

Attawapiskat First Nation

  • isolated First Nation tribe in Kenora District, northern Ontario, Canada
  • population around 2,000 on the reserve
  • former chief Theresa Spence had a hunger strike in 2013 to protest over the Canadian government not providing enough money, education and health care for the tribe
  • had a state of emergency in 2011, the third in three years, due to low temperatures and insufficient housing
  • in 2013 accused Stephen Harper’s Conservative government of being right-wing and racist

The Health Canada federal agency said in a statement it had sent two mental health counsellors as part of that unit.

Charlie Angus, the local MP, said: “This is a systemic crisis affecting the communities.”

“There’s just not been a serious response from any level of government until now,” he said.

“We’ll continue to work to improve living conditions for all Indigenous peoples,” Prime Minister Trudeau said.

Another Canadian aboriginal community in the western province of Manitoba appealed for federal aid last month, citing six suicides in two months and 140 suicide attempts in two weeks.

Suicide and self-inflicted injuries are among the top causes of death for First Nations, Métis and Inuit people, according to studies from Health Canada.

National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations Perry Bellegarde called for a national strategy to combat indigenous suicide last month.

“Immediate support to communities is essential & a #FirstNations driven national strategy on mental health,” he tweeted on Monday.

More from BBC Magazine

BBC reporter Joanna Jolly went on the trail of the murdered and missing to find out why so many of Winnipeg’s Aboriginal women and girls have been killed. Read full article

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