Headlines (late afternoon), April 19, 2016

Vincent (Starry Starry Night) Don McLean

!!!!! InsideOut.com: Barbara Hand Clow: A Time-Free Transparent World,  from Alfred Webre (I’ve just downloaded the ‘free sample’ of the book to the kindle app on my computer to see if I like it. You might want to do this, as well.)

!!!!!!! 2016-04-17 Simon_Parkes Q&A . . . Pub. on April 19th
Announcement at the beginning of the audio

* * * 

PressTV: ‘US sacrifices basic principle of justice for political expediency’
Zerohedge: Damn It Janet! Dow Loses 18k, S&P Back Under 2,100

Zerohedge: Stocks Soar As Corporations Are Defaulting On Their Debts Like It’s 2008 All Over Again

Zerohedge: Goldman Earnings Plunge 55% In Worst Quarter Since 2011; Average Compensation Crashes

Zerohedge: Days After Wells Fargo Admits Defrauding The Government, NY Fed Rewards It With Primary Dealer Status

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