Cosmic Awareness Speaks to ‘Humanity’s Critical Space and Time’, April 17, 2016

As we have been learning, it is possible the financial collapse is on its way, and a possible date for this event is given to us by Cosmic Awareness.

We are invited to prepare and then stay in a peaceful, neutral place, realizing that what is a ‘rotten corpse’ must be reduced to nothing so that humanity may rebuild from the ashes its own rightful world. 

pdf: Humanity’s Critical Space and Time

Click Here to listen to mp3

I have updated the mp3 address, and it should work now . . . so sorry! ~J

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4 Responses to Cosmic Awareness Speaks to ‘Humanity’s Critical Space and Time’, April 17, 2016

  1. Rance says:

    Hi Jean.

    Heavy message, for sure. But no surprise really, right. These cards have been on the table for all with eyes to see for some time now.

    But it may be the only way to dissolve this mess so we can start fresh, without centralized money, centralized government, corporations, centralized banks, blah, blah, blah. Of course, this is the opposite of what they would like to achieve. I believe it was set up to happen this way from the beginning. But the outcome may not work out the way they expected if we refuse to be victims and begin to take charge of our own fates.

    My own position is that we need to focus now on how to thrive as local communities.

    I would strongly urge those who grow gardens to grow more than they need this year in order to provide for those who may need it. Barter, share, support, plan, think. And don’t wait for help to come from government. And don’t let them dictate what you can or can’t do to provide for yourselves. At the local level, we may be able to enlist their real help in the provision of necessary equipment, etc.

    We have to remember that all of the resources and human talent still remains with which to provide for everything we need. Money is an artificial construct. How can the lack of something that is not real prevent us from sharing all that is (All-That-Is)?

  2. Johanna says:

    Having trouble accessing the MP3?pkease send a valid address, that works is safari.

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