Headlines, April 21, 2016

The Oracle Report, Thursday, April 21, 2016 

Today we have a relatively rare combination of astrological influences with the Moon, Venus, the Black Moon and, by proxy, Eris.
Archetypally, these are all the “feminine” energies of the skies
. . .
All signs indicate a clear message, even on a day when murky shadows daunt: take a higher view of situations and see what can be made.  Could that be a bigger and better dream?

(Note:  Let’s ally and align ourselves consciously with Gaia Sophia today and tomorrow.  Today is Earth Day Eve — Earth Day being the day the Illuminati chose for “honoring” Sophia, which in their inverse reality is actually about dishonoring her.  Today is also queenie’s birthday.  With the combination of the Moon, the Black Moon, Venus, and the Eris Point, today is an Illuminati ritualistic heyday.  A false flag event is possible, but this energy plays better behind the shadows and behind the scenes, so what we are not seeing is really the crux of it.  It is not so hard to pull back the curtain, though.  The American Pharaoh himself  has been paying tribute to the King and then sets about to change the faces on US treasury notes.  Anything that the new world order players do today is a ritual performance.  We see beyond it.  We stand with Sophia and Second Renaissance.)

EarthQuake Watch/Incoming SOLAR CME, BP EarthWatch
, April 20, 2016

PressTV: Classified pages of 9/11 report will just quiet rumors: Top Dem

Flores and Dawson discuss the 28 pages and the new found public interest

!!!!!!! Video [added below]: China’s new gold backed yuan, 911 and the death of the US dollar

!!!!!!! Zerohedge: In “Unprecedented Snub”, Saudi Arabia Demands “Recalibration Of Relationship” With U.S.

!!! RT: Obama’s UK visit: The hostile reception for US president over Brexit vote ‘meddling’

Soros: China Heading for Debt Crisis Similar to 2007 US Mortgage Crash . . . ? ???

PressTV: China seeks strong Afghan military ties

!!!!!! Netanyahu’s remarks spark Arab League emergency meeting

PressTV: Israeli nukes main regional threat: Iran

!!!!! Washington’s fake war on ISIS now gets relocated back to Libya, by Ulson Gunnar

‘Russia, China and India Building Multipolar World’ That Neo-Cons Don’t Get

“If the US threw aside its Cold War views, it would realize that Moscow, New Delhi and China are pursuing their cooperation in accordance to the call of the new epoch. This is quite a positive and healthy relationship that is beneficial for the development of the whole world,” Yusheng said.

“If all these neo-cons are so concerned about the happiness of mankind, why don’t they try and join the ranks themselves,” the diplomat concluded.

!!!!! US-EU: NATO partnership may be shattering

!!!!! Fear and Loathing in the Arabian Nights

Yet the true story, according to a financial source with very close links to the House of Saud, is that “the United States threatened the Prince that night with the most dire consequences if he did not back down on the oil price freeze.”

Kremlin: Russia to Be Happy If Ukraine’s Association With EU Yields Success

€100bn laundered in Germany every year – report

RT: Turkish court overturns 275 verdicts in alleged Ergenekon ‘coup plot’ trial

According to the court’s ruling, “There is no incidence of admission of ‘Ergenekon terror organization’ by the local court, it remains unclear who formed it [the alleged terror group], when [was it formed], failure of revealing its crimes and hierarchical structure, and its leader is also unknown.”

Russian stock market hits all-time high on rising crude, foreign investment

!!!!! Now Russia Makes an Organic Revolution, by F. Wiliam Engdahl

. . . on the other hand, here in the US . . .

“I wouldn’t feed this stuff to a dying animal” – terminal Hospice patient exposes truth about Ensure nutrition drinks

 * * * 

PressTV: Team Clinton to Sanders: No path toward victory now

Zerohedge: Additional Evidence Of Mind-Boggling Fraud Emerges from The New York Primary

Is Hillary Clinton the Democrats’ Richard Nixon? by Eric Zuesse

[3] The 2016 Election WILL Be Stolen – Here’s How (with Greg Palast) [video below]

Militarization of the U.S, by Vladimir Platov

WSJ runs massive ad denying Armenian genocide

!!!!! Billionaire Koch brothers allegedly fund pro-uranium mining plans in Grand Canyon – report

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